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Welcome Back!!! It’s officially 2017, who can believe it? I hope you all had a fun and safe New Years Eve and aren’t feeling the effects too much today. I was sensible and down 12 glasses of water before I went to bed so no hangover for me, thank god! Anyway, let’s go back a week or so and remember Christmas. I was spoilt rotten this year by my family and boyfriend and even his family got me a few goodies. I can’t believe some of the things I received this year, I’m feeling very lucky. However, now Christmas is over and all the presents are unwrapped, I just now have the horrible task of finding a home for all my new gifts. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it…

Where to start? I’ll start with the things I couldn’t photography for this blog post because I was lucky enough to receive some fantastic tickets this year. My parents got me Strictly Come Dancing Tour tickets, Cinderella Panto tickets as well as Aladdin tickets. I’m super excited to see all these shows and what’s great is they are all in January and February so I don’t have to wait long. However, my main gift from my parents this year was a brand new pair of Uggs…grey minis, the exact ones on my Christmas Wish List (have a peek here) but I couldn’t photograph them because we’ve had to exchange them for a smaller size. I can’t wait to start wearing them though because if I could wear Uggs every minute of every hour I would. They are my favourite type of shoes to wear, especially in the winter.



  • Vikor&Ralph Flowerbomb Perfume – This perfume is my all time favourite so when I opened this stunning box I was so happy. It comes with a 50ml bottle, perfect for my dressing table and a 7.5ml travel spray, perfect for my handbag.
  • Real Techniques Brow Set – I’ve been eyeing up this RT set for ages now so I’m so happy to finally have my hands on it. And yes, it lives up to my expectation of the Real Technique brushes. I’ve been using them since Christmas Day and they really make my eyebrows look “on fleet”…even if I do say so myself.



  • Tweezermen Tweezers – Ever since my sister got a pair of these, I’ve been “borrowing” hers. They are just amazing tweezers that get every stray hair plucked without it hurting. I love them and now I have my own pair my sister won’t need to hide hers from me anymore.
  • Brush Techniques Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray – I’ve never tried an actual product marketed for cleaning your brushes, I’ve just always used Johnson’s baby shampoo so I’m excited to see how it compares.
  • Vaseline Original (in fancy packaging for Christmas) – because you can never have enough lip balms and the packaging is so cute, no wonder my mum couldn’t resist picking them up.
  • The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel – I think it’s becoming a little tradition for my mum to put a giant Body Shop shower gel in my stocking each year. I love them so I’m not complaining and this scent is gorgeous. When I unwrapped it and saw “honey” I wasn’t sure I was going to be a fan of the scent but it’s not sweet at all and it smells divine. I also received The Body Shop bath melt in the same scent.





  • Quotes – My mum knows how much I love quotes and these two are just gorgeous. The quotes themselves are lovely but I love how they are displayed as well and I can’t wait to put them up on my wall.
  • Onesie & Slippers – I love a good onesie, I think I own a total of six now, ranging from Disney ones, to teddy bear ones and now this one. I pretty much live in them who I’m just chilling at home. This one is from Boohoo. I was also in desperate need of some slippers and I love slipper boots and with the onesie and slippers matching, my life is complete.



  • DVDs – For Christmas I specifically asked for my three favourite Disney films with the new artwork DVD sleeves as I want to one day collect them all and be able to display them all with all of them matching. I was super happy when I unwrapped all three. My collection has started.




Seeing as I had quite a few books on my wish list this year, when I unwrapped these four, I was so excited. These four were my top priorities so to now own them all is amazing.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Illustrated Edition) by JK Rowling
  • Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay by JK Rowling

I got other little pieces like a two pack of the Real Technique Miracle Complexion sponges as these are my go to tools to apply my foundation and concealer. I also received a tube of Maybelline Falsies mascara and some chocolate.

Now moving onto what Tom got me. I still can’t wrap my head around some of the gifts he got me. But before that, his mum and stepdad kindly brought me a couple of pieces.


  • Disney 2017 Calendar – the artwork is just stunning and I haven’t actually owned a calendar like this for years so I’m excited to use it.
  • The Disney Book – I can’t wait to read this book from front to back as I think it’s going to have some amazing facts inside. It also comes with an original film strip from the movie Brave, which is just AWESOME!!!


So what did Tom get me?


  • The Walking Dead frames – He gave me a Michonne one at the beginning of the month as a “congrats on uni” present and said it was a clue to my Christmas present. I now own the entire collection all signed by the artist. They must have cost a fortune. I literally can’t stop staring at them, they are stunning. And yes, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and actually got Tom into it when we first started going out.



I’m 19 yet I love a good cuddly toy. Tom treated me to a medium sized Baymax as I’ve been lusting over a Baymax plush since seeing it it when we went to Walt Disney World. He also got me the Limited Edition Christmas Minnie for this year and my favourite little bear…Winnie The Pooh. But the most amazing part about this Winnie The Pooh is that they don’t display him. You have to know about him to be able to buy him. He’s the 90th anniversary edition and really rare. He’s my favourite toy Tom has ever and probably will ever get me. He’s just so cute…Winnie the Pooh not Tom, haha!!


Tom also got me the most stunning pair of Swarovski earrings which I’m going to be saving for special occasions and also Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay. Now you may be wondering, you got this from your family? And yes I did and I told Tom this as I opened it. But he simply replied, “yes, but you don’t have this one”. I was so confused until he opened it up…


Yes that’s right, he got it signed by the two graphic designers who worked on the film. Don’t ask me how but I nearly cried when I found this out. This present is so incredibly thoughtful because if you didn’t know my dream job is to be a graphic designer. I will forever cherish this copy and I’m keeping both copies I got so I can read one and keep one as a keepsake.

I told you I got spoilt rotten this year. Tom also got me a few bit and bobs, some Harry Potter stickers, a tote bag from when he went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and some good old fluffy socks from Primark.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you managed to get to the end I congratulate you as it was quite a long one.

What did you get for Christmas? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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My Go-To Autumn Makeup Look | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! When autumn comes around, us beauty lovers like to change up our makeup to the more bronzy eyeshadows, the matte complexions and the darker lips. But I’ve got to admit, I’ve always tended to stay towards the warm browns and the more neutral tones when doing my makeup anyway. However, I have seen a shift in what I’m applying lately so I thought I’d share with you my go-to look for this autumn season.


How I created the look….

I start by creating a nice smooth base for my foundation. I applied the Simple’s Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser which I love because it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling smooth ready for makeup application. Then I apply Maybellines Baby Skin Face Primer to ensure my makeup stays all day.


You’re either in the group that does their foundation before their eyebrows or you’re in the group who do their eyebrows first. Personally, I’m the latter. 

Next, I like to fill in my eyebrows using the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in Dark Brown with the Elf Small Angled Brush. I’ve been really enjoying a stronger brow at the moment and this product is perfect for creating a strong yet natural brow. I’ve had multiple compliments on my eyebrows when I use this product.



Just look at the difference


After my eyebrows are filled in, I like to set them in place using the Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown.



Now it’s time to get working on the base. I love so many drugstore foundations that I tend to switch up which one I use depending on the occasion. Today I went with L’Oreal’s Infalliable 24H-Matte foundation (review here) and applied it with a RT Complexion Sponge.




Time to get rid of those dark circles but due to the L’Oreal Infalliable 24H-Matte foundation giving me a pretty high coverage, I don’t need to apply too much concealer but I still never like skipping this step. I like using Maybellines Fit Me Concealer in 15 which I blend out using the RT Complexion Sponge.


Now it’s time to set all that in place using Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder with a big fluffy brush. I like using my RT Duo Fibre Powder Brush.


After applying the foundation and concealer, it’s time to get some life back into my skin. I use the Makeup Revolutions Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit for my contour, blush and highlight. This palette is perfect for me as I love all three shades which I think is rather rare when it comes to palettes like this.


First I contour my face using the RT Expert Face Brush


I then add colour back into my face by applying the blush with the Elf Blush Brush.


And finally to complete the face makeup, you can’t forget the highlight. The RT Setting Brush is perfect for this step.



that highlight though!! 

Now my face makeup is complete, it’s time to get working on the eyes. First I start off my priming my eyelids with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme De Nude. Although this product isn’t marketed as a eye primer, it certainly does the job as well as covering up any redness or veins I may have around my eye area, allowing the eye shadow I apply to really stand out.

[As you can tell this product is well loved]



The eyeshadow palette I’ve been leaning towards lately is my well loved Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. My sister gave me her old one when she went out to repurchase it, so well loved is an understatement.


I start off by applying the shade Naked into my crease as a transition shade with my RT Deluxe Crease brush. Doing this step before anything else allows all the other eyeshadows to blend more easily, creating a smoother and more professional look at the end.



Next I like to go in with Buck, which is a darker brown matte shade to define my crease. I use a more precise crease brush for this step.



Smog is probably my favourite shade out of this entire palette and it’s defiantly well loved as I’m now finding it hard to actually get any product onto the brush. I apply Smog all over my lid with my all time favourite eyeshadow brush. I don’t even know the name or make of this brush as I got it when I first started getting into makeup. I brought it from poundland and it’s hands down one of the best makeup brushes I have in my collection. Sometimes price doesn’t reflect the quality.


After Smog is applied, I like to go in with Dark Horse to darker up the look. I apply Dark Horse in my outer third for a more smokey look. Sometimes I skip this step if I’m going for a more daytime look but I decided to go all out today.



In life I haven’t been gifted with huge eyes and eyelids like the dolls you grew up playing with so create the illusion I have got bigger eyes than I actually do, I like to apply Half Baked right in the centre of my eyelid. Adding this step just makes my eyes pop and look bigger.



And the final step in this eye look is to take Dark Horse again and apply it to my lower lash line to smoke out the entire look. I use the RT Accent brush to apply this. [Can you tell I have a little obsession with RT brushes?]


Time to bring those eyelashes back to life. My all time favourite mascara for at least a couple of years now has been the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. But recently they came out with Lash Sensational Luscious and personally I prefer it. Therefore, I like to curl my eyelashes using Superdrug’s own eyelash curler, which are amazing by the way, followed by applying a few coats of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious [review here].



Just look at the difference….



And finally….I congratulate you if you have gotten this far, it’s time for the lips. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m not a massive lipstick wearer but on the occasion I do wear it, it’s always Mac’s Velvet Teddy.




And that my friend finishes my go-to autumn make-up look….




WOWAZ!!! That was a long one but I really hoped you enjoyed. If you’re wondering how I got all these pictures, I’ll let you in to a little secret. I actually filmed myself applying my makeup and held certain poses for me to screenshot in the editing process. It’s the first time I have ever done a blog post like this and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

What are some of your go-to products at the moment? I would love to add some to my never ending wish list and leave my purse empty.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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