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I was so excited to use my bullet journal in April due to all my new creative spreads I had incorporated and they didn’t let me down. Bullet journalling is all about experimenting and not always the spreads you creative you enjoy and use to it’s full potential but I LOVED all my spreads in April, especially my Doodle A Day and the mood tracker.



One of my favourite doodles I did in April was my Beauty and Beast inspired picture that I did when Tom and I went to go see the new live action film, which we both adored.


I LOVE my mood tracker spread has it’s just so colourful but it was also a lot of fun to fill out during the month, constantly playing a game of Tetris. I love looking at it and seeing quickly how I was feeling over the month, as you can tell April was a really good month for me, I was pretty much always happy with a few stressed and sad days thrown in.


I’ve been really enjoying my new weekly spreads as they give me more space to write down my to-do lists but at the same time still enabling me to track my water for the week as well as keeping my overall notes, university and next week boxes at the bottom.

I’ve also been trying to do some blank space journal, I think that’s what it’s called anyway. Where if you have any space left over in your day, you journal about that day in that space. I, however, tend to stick to quotes/song lyrics relating to that days activities or feelings as I already have my One Line A Day.

Because I loved all my spreads in April, I repeated them all again for May. I regret using the colour orange as my overall theme for the month as now I think about it, it’s very halloweeney.


I also really enjoyed reusing an old monthly layout in April, inspired by Boho Berry so I kept it for May. My month always look so free at the beginning but by the end it gets really hectic and full up.



I pretty much kept all the same moods to track, I replaced sad with cried and made it a light green rather than a dark green.


I much preferred having my spending log landscape in April so used the same layout in May but removed the “Fun” category as I found that “Me” and “Fun” were pretty much the same thing. I also realised that ALL my money goes on food, who knew ahah!!

My habit tracker has stayed the same as well. I just enjoyed my bullet journal in April so much I literally copy and pasted it into May. So much so I traced all my headers as I loved them a lot as well.

However, if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll notice one major change, I no longer have a blog tracker. Although I want to use it, I haven’t paid much attention to it for the past couple of months so I got rid of it for May. If I can’t live without it, I can always reintroduce it in June.

Do you have a bullet journal? What are you favourite spreads to create each month? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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April Plan With Me | My Bujo | Sitting In The Clouds

How are we four months into 2017 already? I remember clear as day setting up my bullet journal for the new year, creating my goals and drinking way too much to welcome in 2017. However, I finally feel grounded and really happy with how my bullet journal is working for me. I think I’ve found the things that do and don’t work for me and I’m so excited to explore April in my bujo.

March: Plan With Me | March In Review


For April I decided to switch up my monthly overview. I used to do this layout, inspired by Boho Berry, when I first started bullet journalling at the very end of 2015, beginning of 2016. This layout worked for me back then but I wanted to try it out again as I’m now much more confident in what I want my bullet journal to be for me.

I simply have a line per day while each day is spilt into three categories; all day, morning and evening. I’m still using my trusty colour coding system as the seperate colours for the different things (purple: social, pink: uni, green: work, blue: hospital) and they really help me stay organised and see from a glance how my day is going to be occupied. The column on the right hand side just houses some more generic to-do lists; monthly TBR (books I want to read in April), a monthly to-do list (tasks I want to get within the month but doesn’t have a set day), events that are coming up next month and a uni box for me to write any uni tasks or deadlines for the month.


Flipping the page I have another “One Line A Day” collection as I loved doing this spread in March. However, I wanted another, different way in documenting each day of the month so I opted for a “Doodle A Day” spread as well. Having both on the same double page spread will allow me to see written and visually how my month was.


Moving onto the next double page spread is where my monthly tracking starts. Here I have my “Monthly Habit Tracker”, I used to do these weekly but at the end of March wanted to switch back to the monthly overview and really enjoyed it so carried it into April.

Opposite is my “Monthly Sleeping Tracker”. March was the first month I tried this out and I actually saw some correlation in the hours I slept and how good I felt when waking up so I’m really excited to continue on in April and see if the same patterns occur. The mini table at the bottom is to track if I read before sleeping, if I snuggled with Tom and if I used my phone before sleeping. I feel like I get a better nights sleep either if I read beforehand or if I slept with Tom so I just like ticking the relevant each day to see if a pattern occurs.


Next is my trusty “Blog Tracker”. In this bullet journal I have never gone a month without creating one of these spreads, it’s just such a useful way for me to track my blog posts each month. However, I have noticed that I write in the blog posts for certain days and then end up changing my mind. Therefore next month I may use sticky notes to write in the blog posts, enabling me to easily move around the ideas if I want to switch up posts.


Next is my “Spending Log”. If you saw my “March In Review” post you may notice some differences between my two spending trackers. In March, I did it portrait and I had A LOT more categories. I realised that I barely used many of the different categories I created so in April I shorten the list to only the key ones; Food, Uni, Car, Fun and Me. Also having it landscape and in a more bar chart style will really help me see my spends more clearly.


My final monthly spread for April is my “Mood Tracker”. April is my first official month of trying a spread like this as in March I kind of did one as a spare of a moment thing as I had some room under my habit tracker, and enjoyed the idea so carried it through to April, expanding it to a whole page and developing the idea.

I got this particular Tetris idea off a fellow blogger, unfortunately I can’t remember who which sucks…I really need to start writing peoples names down that I take inspiration from. I have basically dedicated a mood to each of the classic Tetris pieces. Each day I will pick a overall mood for the day and draw the shape into the “Tetris Playing Area”. Over the course of the month I will have to start actually playing the game, trying to fit each of the pieces together. I think it will be a fun way to track my mood as well as having some fun at the same time.

I really love how April turned out for me in my bullet journal and I can’t wait to use every spread. I’m writing this on April 1st and I have already done my doodle of the day, and I can already tell I’m going to love this spread. Fingers crossed I keep it up.

Do you use a bullet journal? What spreads have you included in April? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Plan With Me: March Set Up | My Bujo | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I’ve always loved my bullet journal but since Kara from Boho Berry has been uploading her “month in my bujo” videos each day in February, I have become really inspired to experiment and utilised my bullet journal more so when planning out March I decided to add more monthly spreads to try and stay even more organised and really track and keep on top of things. At the end of March, I will review how well the new monthly spreads worked for me but I’m excited to start using my new spreads to see if they actually work.


However, before any of my new spreads come into play, I have my regular month at a glance double page spread as I love starting the new month off with an overview so I can plan ahead easily. I don’t have much planned for March at the moment but I’m hoping by the end of the month it will be filled up.


The next spread is a new one for me, however I have tried a similar style in the past but I didn’t end up using it. I decided to try it out again after getting inspiration from Kelly from Kelly Rambles here on WordPress, but of course adapting the spread to my own personal needs. I think the “uni” box will come in super handy, along with my monthly TBR and To-Do list. I’m apprehensive about how useful the others one will be but the bujo system is all about experimenting so I’m interested in if they will work and if I could adapt them for the following month if I end up really liking the overall system.


Opposite, I have a “one line a day” spread. I actually have a “one line a day” book that spans over five years and when I fill it out, I love looking back over it. However, recently I keep forgetting and so I thought I’d transition the idea over into my bullet journal to see if because it’s in something I look at everyday it will help me remember to fill it out.

This spread is simply an adaption of the “gratitude log” a lot of people have. However, I personally prefer calling it “one line a day” so it can be negative or positive or even a quote. Really just one line about anything that I did or came to mind that particular day.


My monthly blog tracker has been part of my bullet journal for a while now but only the since the beginning of the new year has it become a double page spread. I like having the check boxes of “pictures taken”, “written”, “edited” and “posted”. It really helps keep me stay on top of everything blog related. The “notes” section is very big and I haven’t yet filled it up all the way but I like putting anything blog related there. For example, I hit 600 followers on the 1st of February so I did a little decorative area to celebrate this in the “notes” section in my February blog tracker spread.


The Time Log spread is something completely new to me but I was so inspired by Kara from Boho Berry, I really wanted to try it out for myself. Basically, each square equals one hour and I’ve colour coded the tasks I want to track. For example if on March 1st, I spend 2 hours on my blog, I will colour in two boxes in yellow, if I spent 1 hour reading, one box will be coloured in green. If this spread goes according to plan, it will be really interesting at the end of the month to see how I spend my time and what I prioritise. I have a feeling a lot of it will be pink and blue ahah!!

Similarly, I also now have a spending log, using the same idea of colouring in boxes according to how much I spend on certain things, such as my car, traveling, entertainment and food. However, each box will represent £1. I have tried to do this sort of spread in the past but the idea flopped because I was spending so much, I didn’t have enough boxes on the page and I felt so guilty spending so much. However, as I am a student now, I’m working less but still spending money on my car and traveling into London for lectures I really feel like this spread will really open my eyes into where exactly my money is going each month.


Right at the bottom of the spread, I have included a start and an end box. This is simply for me to place where my bank balance was at the start of the month and where it is at the end of the month, allowing me to see actually how much I’ve spent in the entire month.

Turning the page will start my normal weekly spreads.

I’m super excited to try all my new spreads out in March as I’m hoping they will really help me out, especially the time and spending log. To be honest, I just want February to end and March to begin so I can start using them all.

Do you use any of the same or similar spreads? Do they work for you? What are your favourite spreads I’ve mentioned or do you have a favourite spread in your bujo that works really well for you? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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Welcoming 2017 in my Bullet Journal | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I had hardly made a dent in my bullet journal for 2016 as I only started my new one in September so I thought it would be pointless to move into a new journal for the new year despite how much I wanted to. However, I’m really pleased at how I divided the years and started a fresh for 2017 but in the same bullet journal.


To divide the two years I decided to take a double page spread and list all my year goals on one page and create a nice decorative page with one of the quotes I love and I want to try and focus more on in the new year on the other. I absolutely love this double page spread and it’s now one of my favourite spreads in my bullet journal.

The quote reads…”we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”.


The following double page spread is my January monthly view. I’ve been using this exact monthly view layout since starting university in October and I really like it and how it works for me. It enables me to plan for the entire month and let’s me easily see how my month is going to plan out. And it’s just so simple and easy to use that I didn’t not want to include it for the new year as it really helps me stay on track.


I’ve been using a blog tracker of some sort since I started my bullet journal. However, for the new year I thought I’d revamp it a bit. It used to only take up one page but for 2017, I decided to take two pages and on the other page create a check list with tick boxes for “photos taken”, “written”, “edited” and “posted”. So far this is working really well and helping me stay more organised with my blog. I also created a nice big “notes” box where I can write down any blog posts I want to make sure to post in that month as well as anything else blog related that comes to mind.


If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know that I LOVED my cinema movie spread from 2016 and I loved it so much I had to bring it into 2017. However, since the cinema spread only took up one page, I thought of what I could include on the other single page before my first weekly spread started on the flip side. I finally decided to create a 2017 reading tracker. My goal for 2017 is to read 50 books so I created 50 boxes and each time I complete a book I can colour in a box. I know this method works really well for me and helps me stay motivated as I love colouring in boxes, it makes me feel very satsified. However, I decided to colour code the boxes.


Depending on the rating I give the book depends on what colour I colour in the box. As you can see above, I created a little key to help myself remember. And following the key you can see that the first book I read in 2017 was a 5 star. At the end of the year, if I complete 50 books, it will be awesome to look back on and compare what ratings I gave all the books I read and just see the entire page coloured in.


And finally it’s my weekly spread. You are probably sick of seeing the same weekly spread by now but I’m scared to change it or even rearrange it slightly as it works so well for me at the moment so I doubt I’ll be adjusting this layout any time soon. The only real difference is the headers for my weekly spreads. I’ve started working on my handwriting and love the added touch of colour around the font.

So although I didn’t change my bullet journal for the new year, I’m really pleased on how I decorated it and created some new spreads ready to help me conquer the new year ahead. Did you start a new bullet journal for the new year? Or did you stick with your one from 2016? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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The Bullet Journal Tag | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! This tag was created by Caitlin’s Corner and I recently watched her video and it looked like a lot of fun to do and seeing as I’m really into my bullet journal at the moment, it seemed like the perfect time to answer these questions. I love doing bullet journal types of posts so let me know if you like them and if you have any suggestions of what types of ones you would like to see from me in the future. 


  • How long have you been bullet journaling?

I’ve been bullet journaling on and off for about a year now. However, since about June this year I’ve been hardcore bullet journaling, making sure I update my bullet journal everyday. I started my new bullet journal (the one above) at the start of September ready for university.

  • What makes the bullet journal system right for you?

Just the fact it’s so versatile and you can truly put your stamp on the system. I had no clue what I was doing at the beginning but I gradually figured out what worked best for me. It took me up until late September, early October to really figure out a way that the system worked best for me. When I first started I didn’t even do weekly spreads and now they are the only thing, along with a monthly glance, that I religiously make sure I do each week.


  • What notebook do you use to bullet journal and why?

I use a Moleskin dotted a5 notebook. I started off with a turquoise softcover Moleskin which I loved but starting university and knowing I was going to be traveling with my bullet journal a lot more I decided to buy a black hardcover so it was more durable and less likely to show dirt. Although I use Moleskin and think they are great notebooks for creating a bullet journal, I would love to have a Leuchtturm 1917 because that notebook is loved by the bullet journalling community. It’s actually on my Christmas wish list.


  • What’s your go-to pen?

It’s definitely the Staedtler fineliner range. I have the 20 pack of colours which I use to colour code and decorate my bullet journal but the pen I use most often with my bullet journal and any other time I’m writing in fact is the black Staedtler fineliner. I recently got a pack of 6 black Staedtler fineliners just so I knew I wouldn’t run out for a while. Sometime I will use my Papermate InkJoy fine point pens but I will always veer towards my Staedtlers more.


  • What’s your bullet journal style? (i.e. fancy? minimalist? etc?)

I would say it’s rather simple but with the use of decorative elements and colours to make the bullet journal system my own. I love using colours and colour coding each day of the week, it just makes seeing my weekly spread more fun. And personally, colour coding helps me keep more organised. 

  • What’s your favourite page to set up each month?

The only page I set up each month is my monthly view at a glance page and the first weekly spread of the month. Apart from that, I don’t preplan my weekly spreads in advance. I tend to create my weekly page spreads the Friday/the weekend before the next week is about to commence. I find this way works for me best so I don’t stress out about future events too much and focus more the current week and the tasks and deadlines I have for the week that’s happening. The only way I can roughly pre-plan is my monthly glance, which is enough for me. 


  • Where do you get inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from Instagram mainly. I follow a lot of bullet journaling and planning accounts which have amazing ideas and designs. However, I always make my collections and spreads my own, adapting them to my own needs. For example, my current weekly spread lay-out was inspired by a Instagram account, unfortunately I can’t remember which account, but I only took the idea of the boxes, each box holds different things, i.e. my water tracker, my uni notes box etc, according to my needs. 

  • What’s your bullet journal routine? (i.e. where do you plan and at what time of the day?)

On weekdays I will get home from work/uni and sit at my desk, put some Youtube videos on and make sure my bullet journal is up to date, especially with my weekly habit and water tracker. I will add any events I found out about during the day, I will add any assignments I got from university and just make sure everything I need to remember has been added either to my current week or my monthly glance. However, at the weekend, I will get up at 8am and by 9am, after I’ve read for a bit, I will get up and plan in my bullet journal and make sure next weeks spread is ready to go. I love my weekend routine of bullet journaling in the morning as it sets my day up to be great because I’ve looked in my bullet journal and know exactly what needs to be done during the day.

  • Page you’re most proud of?

I absolutely love my “movies” collection. It’s just so decorative and colourful. It’s also been a great way to track what movies I’ve seen in the cinema this year. To be honest, this double page spread is just super fun to look at. On the right is my uni timetable.


  • Number one tip for beginners?

Don’t expect to figure out the bullet journalling system and the way it works best for you straight away. Like I said above, I’ve been bullet journalling for about a year now and only very recently have I truly figured out how the system works best for me. It takes time but once you get the hang of it, it truly an amazing way to plan and keep organised. I don’t think I will ever not use a bullet journal is some way or another.

  • Who do you tag? 

YOU!! I tag anyone who wants to do this tag and I’m not sure who I follow and who follows me that uses a bullet journal. But if you do this tag be sure to leave a link in the comments. I would love to read your answers.

I really enjoyed doing that tag so I hope you enjoyed it as well and feel free to do it if you want. Do you have a bullet journal? How do you make the system work for you. Leave comments, I would love to know. 

I upload every Monday, Friday and Sunday with a few extra posts thrown in. If you liked what you read, please me sure to follow so you are notified every time I upload. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

P.S I just looked through all my old bullet journal posts and it’s crazy how much my bullet journal has changed over time and how much I’ve adapted to suit my needs at the specific time and that’s exactly why I love the bullet journal system so much. 

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August Flip Through | My Bullet Journal | Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!!! Today I thought I’d share with you how I planned out the month of August in my bullet journal. I’ve been bullet journalling on and off since the end of 2015 so I still see myself as a newbie to this whole system, therefore I’m still finding a perfect layout for me. However, this is why I love bullet journaling so much. It’s so experimental that if something doesn’t work out for you one month, you can scrap it or try something new the next month.

My Bullet Journal 

In May, I realised that I never flipped back to view my monthly spread and I always forgot to fill in my dailies so I scraped both of them realising there was no point in wasting those pages. Therefore, in June I started doing weekly spreads and since then haven’t looked back. I love them!


However, realising that I liked weekly spreads best was only half the battle. It was now about deciding how best to lay it out and what I wanted on the spread and how best to optimise the space. Only this past week have I finally decided  how I want all my weekly spreads to be like (see above) after much experimenting. 

Weekly Spread: 

  • Enables me to see my week at a glance. 
  • Enables me to future plan but not so far ahead that I get stressed. 
  • Enables me to track my water intake which vital for me and my health. 
  • Enables me to insert a weekly quote that I like to keep me motivated through-out the week. 


Having a weekly spread is great but I still wanted some sort of overview for the month. This is the first month that I have tried this particular layout (see above) and although I like it, I still don’t flip to it often enough for my liking. It’s still another bit of wasted space in my opinion so I need to adapt it or think of a new way to utilise this space for next month as I really like having my habit tracker on the same double spread.

I have used a monthly habit tracker since I first started bullet journalling and each month it is my favourite thing to come back to and see my progress. Although the habits I want to track each month sometimes vary, I will never get rid of my habit tracker. 


The final double page spread I have for the month of August is my “blog tracker” and “spending log”. I have been using a blog tracker for the past two months and I really find it helps me see what kind of posts I’m uploading, which category they come under and how often I’m posting them, allowing me to keep my blog content varied. 

However, the spending log is new to me this month. I wanted to give it a go because I’m really trying to save money ready for my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World as well as university. I’m intrigued to how well it will work for me. 

So those are the spreads I keep roughly the same each month. I like how they all fit into 2 double page spreads. After those 4 pages, I just repeat my weekly spread layout each week. I tend to draw each week out on the Friday before the new week. 

I love my bullet journal and I’m so happy I’ve finally found a planner that I actually want to use and keep up with. Most previous planners I would be addicted to them for about a week and then go off them because I realised they weren’t working for me. Bullet journalling works amazing for me and I love how it also allows me to be so creative.

How do you plan? Do you have a bullet journal? 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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My Bullet Journal| Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!!! I’ve been using a bullet journal for about six months now and only recently have I been able to find the exact way I want to use it and how it works best for me. Bullet journals are so diverse, they give you so much freedom to create the planner you’ve been searching long and hard for, that you won’t find a layout and system you love and that works for you straight away. Bullet journals are all about experimenting and after six months of experimenting with my bullet journal, I have finally system I love and that works for me. 

I started using a bullet journal with the generic layouts; the monthly views, the dailies, the habit trackers…all the basics. I found I instantly fell in love with the habit trackers and I still use them to this day. I used to love monthly and dailies but soon realised I would forget to write a daily to-do list each day and realised I liked to plan ahead. I also never turned back to the monthly and when I did saw how empty and unused it was. 

This past month I found great inspiration on Instagram and the planning community for a great weekly spread. This enables me to plan ahead but not so far ahead that it starts to stress me out. I can plan for the next week the Sunday before and see a weekly overview. I now no longer do monthly or dailies because they just don’t benefit the way I like to plan anymore. 


You can see from the image above exactly how I lay out each weekly spread. I keep it consistent each week so I don’t get confused. 

I love to colour code my days so in my “next week” section (bottom left), or my spends box I can see which day I spent that money or what day next week I have things planned on. Colour coding is a great way of keeping track of your tasks and adding colour to your bullet journal. 


Over this past month, I have switched up the boxes to figure our exactly where I wanted to place everything on my weekly spread. The image above is how I currently like having my bullet journal. I realised I didn’t need two separate boxes for my “budget”  and “spends” so I combined the two and this enabled me to have a “next week” box which has come in more handy than I first thought. 

Each column, specific for each day of the week, allows me to write a mini to-do list of things I need to complete on a specific day. The notes section allows me to write to-dos I have but don’t need to be done on a certain day or things I know I can’t forget. 

At the top of each column I have my work schedule, which doesn’t change but I still like to note it down as I do have days off due to hospital appointments sometimes. At the bottom of the column I keep Tom’s work schedule as this does change weekly, as well as a section for when I need to post on my blog and on what days. 

I love keeping track of my water intake. I feel like I tend to drink more if after each glass I get to colour in a box…it’s a lot more satisfying and makes you, in my opinion, drink more. 


I don’t tend to keep many collections in my bullet journal as I prefer to use it just to keep track of my to-do lists and weekly events and activities. However in June, I’ve got really into my bullet journal after a couple months of not being fussed and I’ve found some collections that I love to keep up to date with. 

Of course one of them is my habit tracker, but two other ones I’ve been absolutely loving filling in this month as been my “Movies” collection and my “Blog Ideas” page. They are pretty self-explanatory. My movies spread allows me to keep track of all the films I’ve seen in the cinema this year. I’m thinking of starting another one where I keep a note of all the films I’ve seen at home, I just love the film strip aspect of this page so much. The blog ideas page just enables me to jot down ideas quickly and once I’ve written a post on them, I can cross it off, easily keeping track on blog posts I upload. It’s also a place I can come when I’m stumped on what to upload. 

I really don’t know where I’d be without my bullet journal especially after such a hectic month of my internship, seeing friends and sorting out college applications. My newly ‘worked out” bullet journal has been a life saviour. 

I love bullet journaling and I don’t think I’ll be on the hunt for another planner any time soon. If you would like to see more posts on my bullet journal or bullet journaling in general, please let me know as I would love to share my tips and tricks with you all. 

Do you bullet journal? How do you use yours? 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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