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Welcome Back!!! Yesterday I used up the last of my Love Lettuce face mask from LUSH which totalled to five empty pots I can now exchange for a free face mask. This is a great enticement for people to bring back empty containers which will then be recycled. I’ve done this giving back, recycling scheme a couple of times now and I love it. It’s especially great at the moment now I’m a student with very little money because when is a free product not a good idea?

Also, if this you like this post, let me know as I’m thinking of it becoming a series. Every time I empty five pots, doing a post, reviewing them, letting you guys know which ones I liked and disliked and what face mask I am thinking of picking up as my next free one.

My sister and I combine our empty pots so we get a free face mask quicker and usually decide and share which free one we get. However, she is currently traveling (Hey Frances, if you’re reading this on a beach somewhere), so although she’s put two pots out of the five I have, I’ll probably have the entire free face mask for myself (sorry Frances).


The first empty pot is Bouncy Bunny, which is my sisters so I can’t really say much about it except I think it’s an exclusive to the Easter range, which is coming out, or is already out in stores? I’m not too sure but I know that Easter isn’t far away as Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs and walls of Easter Eggs are already lined our stores. But I don’t actually think this empty pot will count as it doesn’t have the specific logo on it, so let me know if I’ll still be able to exchange this one for a free face mask?


This is another one of my sister’s tubs but I know she raves and loves this product and I’m pretty sure she isn’t the only one who loves this product. I think it’s loved by a lot of Lush lovers. I personally however, hate the smell of this product so I would never pick it up to use.


Now onto the three pots that I’ve finished up. I swear by Mask of Magnaminty and have repurchased this face mask multiple times. I still love it and do truly believe it helps out my skin in times of need, however I think I’ve discovered a new favourite….


LOVE LETTUCE!! This is actually a free face mask I decided to try after finishing my previous five pots and I love it! It’s a really creamy, smooth consistently which helps application to be really gentle on your skin. Usually I don’t like their “keep in the fridge” face masks because I end up forgetting about them and not using them by their use by date but I love the fact Love Lettuce is a fridge face mask. It makes me skin feel that much more refreshed because the mask is cool when applying it. I’m actually really surprised I love this face mask so much because I’m not a huge fan of the Lavender scent but this face mask has a subtle scent of Lavender that just enhances how refreshing this face mask is. I love it!

I will now be keeping a Love Lettuce in my fridge and a Mask of Magnaminty in my bathroom cupboard because I love both and they both help my skin in different ways. Mask of Magnaminty helps keep my skin clean from spots and helps get rid of them, whereas Love Lettuce just freshens my skin up and helps it feel more hydrated and smooth.


The final empty pot is the Don’t Look At Me face mask. This face mask is meant to really moisturise your skin and although it did that, I think other LUSH face masks do this as well as have other benefits as I feel all Lush face masks moisturise your skin to some extent. And as this is a fridge face mask and I wasn’t a huge fan of it anyway, I completely forgot to use it all. Overall, this is my least favourite LUSH face mask I have tried.

If the Bouncy Bunny pot from my sister does equal my fifth empty tub and I am allowed a free face mask I really want to try LUSH’s Cupcake face mask after Mostly Megan on Youtube raved about it not too long ago.

I’m really hoping Bouncy Bunny does contribute to my five as I really like having at least one LUSH face mask in my collection if I ever feel my skin needs a lift and at the minute I have zero. Help!

Have you used any of these LUSH products I have mentioned? What are your thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments. Also let me know how you liked this type of blog post and if you would like to see more of them in the future.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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LUSH Review & Demo | Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I haven’t had a relaxing bath in a while so over the weekend I thought I’d treat myself and use up my last remaining bath bomb. However, my LUSH collection is looking very bare now with only a backup of my go-to shower gel, Dirty Springwash and the Comforter bubble bar, but did my final LUSH bath bomb let me down or did it live up to all the LUSH hype?

I personally prefer LUSH’s bubble bars as I prefer a bath with bubbles to one without so therefore every time I use a bath bomb I always place in some sort of bubble bath mixture as well. This time I went with Zoella’s Bath Latte Bath and Shower Milk that produces some luscious smelling bubbles, however I personally feel it doesn’t produce enough but that’s down to personal preference. Of course you can add as much Bath Latte into your water as you wish but for £6.00, I try and save the product and use it sparingly, otherwise its get’s used up too quickly for my likely. Anyway enough about Zoella beauty and let’s focus our attention back on the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb from LUSH.


I’m a sucker for anything citrus scented so when I smelt this bath bomb in store I knew it was coming home with me. It was the first time I had ever used Dragon Egg and if it wasn’t for the scent I wouldn’t have picked it up because it really doesn’t look that interesting and to be honest the performance when placed into the bath wasn’t the best I’ve seen after using some other LUSH bath bombs like Intergalactic and the Yoga bath bomb.


It took quite a while to fully dissolve and because of this I didn’t actually photograph the end result of the bath bomb. But it turned the water a gorgeous deep orange colour which I really enjoyed and the scent lingered for a while after the bath bomb had finished exploding so it was definitely a great bath bomb to scent wise, I just wasn’t too impressed with the performance.




With lemon and bergamot oil to cleanse and uplift the user and jasmine to add a hint of floral to the mix, this bath bomb doesn’t have many skin benefits either but I can’t get over how incredible it smells and purely for this reason, I will be picking this bath bomb up again. But overall, it’s not my all time favourite LUSH bath bomb and if it wasn’t for the scent, I really don’t think this particular bath bomb is anything special.

A short and sweet, or shall I saw citrusy blog post today. Have you used LUSH’s Dragon Egg bath bomb? What did you think of it in action? Let’s chat in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog and until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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MOTD: Christmas Day | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I know I said in my last blog post (here) that I wasn’t going to be posting a lot between Christmas and New Year but when I created this makeup look to wear on Christmas Day I knew I had to share it with you.

I’ve been gravitating towards my Morphe 35T palette ever since receiving it. I just love the variety of shades that this palette has, making it so versatile that it can create any look you desire, from everyday to night outs.


(Don’t mind all the cuddly toys in the background…yes I’m 19 but I love a good soft toy, especially Disney ones. And plus Tom contributed to a lot of my toys…and brought me three more for Christmas so my collection will forever be growing as long as he’s in my life, haha!)


  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Palette (review)
  • Freedom Promade/Maybelline Brow Drama (Eyebrows)




  • Morphe 35T Palette (review)
  • Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara (review)

Untitled design.jpg

(triangle – all over lid & crease | star – crease and deepening | heart – lid)

I incorporated a deep cranberry and purple shade into my crease as it is Christmas. However, I don’t know why, but after about an hour of application those shades just look like brown, I don’t know if it’s just me or my skin or it’s the eyeshadow but it’s rather annoying. Let me know if you’ve had this issue.


(No I’m not asleep, Christmas hasn’t bored me although I am shattered)


  • Mac Velvet Teddy



(Simba says hi)

I’ve never really ventured out of my comfort zone when it comes to eye looks, I much prefer the neutrals, browns in particular but I thought adding the deep reds and purples, even though you can’t tell, really added something christmassy to the look.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. If you would like to see similar blog posts in the future, give this one a like. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are officially stuffed full of alcohol, turkey and Christmas pudding.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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Christmas LUSH Haul | 2016 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve Eve…where has the time gone? My sister and I did a mad rush of Christmas shopping this morning and who can resist popping into Lush to smell all the goodies. The cashier at the till even said to me “so who are these for?”, I replied “myself”, he chuckled and said “It’s always good to treat yourself this time of year”. And he’s so right so here’s what I treated myself to while picking up the last few bits and bobs for Christmas.


  • Dirty Springwash Shower Gel – This is one of my all time favourite LUSH products so I couldn’t not pick one up as a little Christmas treat for myself. It’s so minty and fresh which I think is a perfect scent for a shower gel.
  • Dragon Egg Bath Bomb – I’ve never had this bath bomb and although it isn’t from the LUSH Christmas range as soon as I smelt it I couldn’t not buy one. It just smells of sherbet and that’s one of my favourite scents EVER!!! I can’t wait to see how this one fizzes in my bath.
  • Reindeer Rock Soap – I brought this soap for the first time last year and ended up picking up a few more to last me when the Christmas range left stores. However, last year it was glittery and purple and I also feel that this year the scent is a bit different as it’s more florally which I don’t mind but I do still prefer last years version.
  • Shooting Star Soap – My sister pointed out this soap to me so I decided to pick up a small slab of it to test out. It smells very similar to the Dragons Egg bath bomb  as it has extracts of bergamot, lemon and lime oils. Can you tell I love citrus scents?

A small but festive LUSH haul but I’m super excited to use all these products. Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

P.S. This will be my last blog post before Christmas so I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you all have an amazing day whether you celebrate it or not. Thank you for all your support, it means the world. I will be back after Christmas for a special blog post. Can you guess what it might be?

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October Favourites | 2016 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! October came and went and I’m bet you everything in the world that November will do the same meaning Christmas will be here in no time and I can not wait. 58 days and counting.


Beauty: October didn’t really see my discover many new products but instead rediscover some old classics. 

  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I tried this concealer way back when it first got released and I liked it but I got the wrong shade so never really grew to love it. However, when my go-to Collection Lasting Perfection concealer was out of stock, I decided to try this one out again and this time I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s such a gorgeous creamy consistency and blends out so nicely, leaving a beautiful high coverage. I tend to only use this under my eyes so I’m not sure how it performs on blemishes. This is actually my second tube since rediscovering it. 
  • LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub: This product is loved by the beauty community so I just had to try it. I didn’t really use it when I first purchased it but recently as I’ve been wearing lipstick, Macs Velvet Teddy to be more exact, I’ve fallen head over heels for this lip scrub. Because of all the natural ingredients you can’t help but lick your lips after using it, it tastes and smells divine.
  • Naked 1 Palette: If you saw my “go-to autumn make-up look” post you will know how loved this palette is. However with so many amazing and gorgeous eyeshadow palettes out there, I tend to have phases with different ones. This month I rediscovered my love for the Naked 1. Gorgeous shades which I think are perfect for the autumn months and amazing pigmentation. To be honest you don’t really need anything else in a eyeshadow palette.


  • Ripped Jeans: They just spice up my go-to outfit of jeans and graphic tee.
  • Bomber Jacket: The one above is from Primark. It just goes with everything and it’s easy just to throw on in the morning when my brain isn’t functioning yet. And for a Primark purchase it’s made so well and is actually really warm.


Random Favourites: 

  • Green Tea: I’ve always been a lover of a good cup of tea but it’s usually the classic English Breakfast. However this month I started drinking green tea, don’t ask me why, I just felt like it. I started drinking it everyday and soon my go-to Tetley Green Tea ran out so I had to find a new one. That’s when I discovered my love for Cranberry Green Tea, it’s heavenly.
  • My Dad Wrote A Porno Podcast: Now don’t be discouraged by the title, this podcast is laugh out loud funny. Three friends sit around together reading aloud an erotic novel called Belinda Blinked that one of the guys dad has written, it’s too funny and I’ve been loving listening to this, this month.
  • Allie and Tylan: I’ve been a fan of the Gardiner Sisters for years now so when Allie Gardiner started a vlog channel with her husband Tylan, I was instantly a subscriber. These two beautiful humans are so funny, so kind and amazing. They show the world how couples are meant to treat each other and they are just awesome. My favourite videos of theirs are their NaNights which they upload on Saturdays night. It’s now my Sunday morning routine to make myself a cup of Cranberry Green Tea and watch NaNight. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 09.50.31.png

Music Favourites: I’ve been loving a lot this month as commuting into London for uni is long and I need some entertainment…here are just a few I’ve been listening to the most. Although as I’m writing this I’m listening to Michael Buble’s new album and I’m really liking it. 

  • Fire In My Heart – Simple Plan
  • Grow Up – Olly Murs
  • I Ain’t Missing You – Aston Merrygold
  • Nobody But Me – Michael Buble
  • Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix
  • Strip No More – Lukas Graham (Spotify Session Version)

TV Favourites:

  • Once Upon A Time – Say no more, it’s just an incredible show with an immensely complex yet awesome storyline and it’s so addicting. I’m currently on season 2 and I’m so excited to see where it’s heading. 
  • The Walking Dead – I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning this show. That S7 Premiere was amazing, Andrew Lincoln deserves an Emmy. Some people didn’t like it and I understand why but if you’ve been watching The Walking Dead since the beginning, you clearly knew what they could do and what Negan would be like. It’s a TV show at the end of the day and I loved it.
  • The Big Bang Theory – Tom and I have started watching this from the beginning on Netflix and although I will always be a true FRIENDS fan, I’ve really enjoyed watching this in bed before sleeping snuggled next to Tom. It’s a great feel good show and a complete comparison to the other two I’ve been loving this month.

My beauty favourites may have been my smallest section this month but I’ve been loving so much other stuff that I just had to include them all. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know some of your favourites this month, I always love discovering new things.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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