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It was October of last year, yes 2016, when I last graced you with a book haul. I was just starting my first year of university and I was realising how little money I would have, so books became a very special treat for myself, only buying a few every couple of months. As I have spent most of the year cutting down my book buying when my birthday rolled around in June, Tom treated me to a trip to Foyles. Therefore about half of this haul is thanks to him. I do love him for allowing me to indulge in the wonder that is books and reading.

All Potterheads and book lovers alike know that recently the new Harry Potter books in the house colours came out to celebrate 20 years since the release of the first book. So without even thinking, the hardback Hufflepuff edition when straight into my basket.


I was only going to allow myself the hardback Hufflepuff edition as getting all four books, either in hardback or paperback and in some peoples cases, both, is very expensive. But when I saw the paperback edition in Tescos for £3.75, AND it was the last Hufflepuff edition, it was a sign, I HAD to pick it up.


Back in November, I read Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne as an eBook. I rated 5 stars, I absolutely adored it, therefore I knew I had to have it on my bookshelf. The only issue when you are on a budget though, is that it’s harder to justify buying books you’ve already read, so I’ve only recently got around to getting my hands on a physical copy. (Thanks TOM!)


Shortly after binge reading the Spinster Girl trilogy, I saw a novella for the series in Waterstones. It was around £10-12.00 for a hundred page book but it’s so beautiful I didn’t even care. I also rated the novella 5 stars.


I already own Winter by Marissa Meyer, the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles but I couldn’t progress past Cress until I had read Fairest, so I decided to pick up both novellas in the series to complete my collection. I enjoyed Fairest and I’m eager to progress to Winter.


If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much of a contemporary lover I am. Therefore I just had to pick up all of these hyped reads, especially The Hate You Give and Always and Forever, Lara Jean, along with Simon Vs The Homo Sepians Agenda.


I can’t believe how little books I have accumulated over the past year, it’s not good…I NEED MORE!!! Have you read any books I’ve mentioned in this post? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,
xoxo, rachel 


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My Favourite Reads…of all time | Sitting In The Clouds

Although I’m currently suffering a major reading slump, I’ve been an avid reader since the summer of 69 2014. 3 years of reading, averaging around 40 books each year, is a3446f639343b08986fe6c5a802c7fcca lot of stories to compete in my mind to be remembered. But without a doubt, as every reader does, you will connect with some books more than others. Therefore today I’m bringing you the books I remember reading and loving and knew instantly they were making my favourite books of all time list.

I will always be drawn towards YA contemporaries more than any other genre so the majority of this list just made my heart flutter due to the swoon worthy characters and the relationships and moments they shared. However, if a non-contemporary made this list, then you know it’s special as it means a book out of my comfort zone hit me hard. However, even the non-contemporary seem to have some sort of romance in them…opsie!


All eight of these books touched me in completely different ways and no list is complete without Harry Potter right?! It’s crazy how over the past 3 years my tastes have changed and therefore so have my favourite books. Except a few firm favourites, this type of list will forever be growing and changing as you find new favourites to add or realise that a certain book was good before but after reading books of similar content, realise they were better.

Some of my old “all time” favourite books included The Maze Runner series by James Dashner and although this series brings back good memories of when I first started reading it and I still love it because of that reason and still technically class it as a favourite, it doesn’t have that connection to me anymore, therefore didn’t make this list.  Another “used to be favourite” is the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. I adored this series when I first read it, falling head over heels for Jack. But as the series progressed, having to wait over a year for the fourth book, I was loosing interest. I actually reread the series up to that point to prepare myself for the new book and just felt differently about it. It just wasn’t as good as I remember and that’s the one downside to rereading book.

Do we have any of the same favourites? Let’s chat in the comments.

xoxo, rachel


What I Got For Christmas | 2016 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! It’s officially 2017, who can believe it? I hope you all had a fun and safe New Years Eve and aren’t feeling the effects too much today. I was sensible and down 12 glasses of water before I went to bed so no hangover for me, thank god! Anyway, let’s go back a week or so and remember Christmas. I was spoilt rotten this year by my family and boyfriend and even his family got me a few goodies. I can’t believe some of the things I received this year, I’m feeling very lucky. However, now Christmas is over and all the presents are unwrapped, I just now have the horrible task of finding a home for all my new gifts. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it…

Where to start? I’ll start with the things I couldn’t photography for this blog post because I was lucky enough to receive some fantastic tickets this year. My parents got me Strictly Come Dancing Tour tickets, Cinderella Panto tickets as well as Aladdin tickets. I’m super excited to see all these shows and what’s great is they are all in January and February so I don’t have to wait long. However, my main gift from my parents this year was a brand new pair of Uggs…grey minis, the exact ones on my Christmas Wish List (have a peek here) but I couldn’t photograph them because we’ve had to exchange them for a smaller size. I can’t wait to start wearing them though because if I could wear Uggs every minute of every hour I would. They are my favourite type of shoes to wear, especially in the winter.



  • Vikor&Ralph Flowerbomb Perfume – This perfume is my all time favourite so when I opened this stunning box I was so happy. It comes with a 50ml bottle, perfect for my dressing table and a 7.5ml travel spray, perfect for my handbag.
  • Real Techniques Brow Set – I’ve been eyeing up this RT set for ages now so I’m so happy to finally have my hands on it. And yes, it lives up to my expectation of the Real Technique brushes. I’ve been using them since Christmas Day and they really make my eyebrows look “on fleet”…even if I do say so myself.



  • Tweezermen Tweezers – Ever since my sister got a pair of these, I’ve been “borrowing” hers. They are just amazing tweezers that get every stray hair plucked without it hurting. I love them and now I have my own pair my sister won’t need to hide hers from me anymore.
  • Brush Techniques Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray – I’ve never tried an actual product marketed for cleaning your brushes, I’ve just always used Johnson’s baby shampoo so I’m excited to see how it compares.
  • Vaseline Original (in fancy packaging for Christmas) – because you can never have enough lip balms and the packaging is so cute, no wonder my mum couldn’t resist picking them up.
  • The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel – I think it’s becoming a little tradition for my mum to put a giant Body Shop shower gel in my stocking each year. I love them so I’m not complaining and this scent is gorgeous. When I unwrapped it and saw “honey” I wasn’t sure I was going to be a fan of the scent but it’s not sweet at all and it smells divine. I also received The Body Shop bath melt in the same scent.





  • Quotes – My mum knows how much I love quotes and these two are just gorgeous. The quotes themselves are lovely but I love how they are displayed as well and I can’t wait to put them up on my wall.
  • Onesie & Slippers – I love a good onesie, I think I own a total of six now, ranging from Disney ones, to teddy bear ones and now this one. I pretty much live in them who I’m just chilling at home. This one is from Boohoo. I was also in desperate need of some slippers and I love slipper boots and with the onesie and slippers matching, my life is complete.



  • DVDs – For Christmas I specifically asked for my three favourite Disney films with the new artwork DVD sleeves as I want to one day collect them all and be able to display them all with all of them matching. I was super happy when I unwrapped all three. My collection has started.




Seeing as I had quite a few books on my wish list this year, when I unwrapped these four, I was so excited. These four were my top priorities so to now own them all is amazing.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Illustrated Edition) by JK Rowling
  • Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay by JK Rowling

I got other little pieces like a two pack of the Real Technique Miracle Complexion sponges as these are my go to tools to apply my foundation and concealer. I also received a tube of Maybelline Falsies mascara and some chocolate.

Now moving onto what Tom got me. I still can’t wrap my head around some of the gifts he got me. But before that, his mum and stepdad kindly brought me a couple of pieces.


  • Disney 2017 Calendar – the artwork is just stunning and I haven’t actually owned a calendar like this for years so I’m excited to use it.
  • The Disney Book – I can’t wait to read this book from front to back as I think it’s going to have some amazing facts inside. It also comes with an original film strip from the movie Brave, which is just AWESOME!!!


So what did Tom get me?


  • The Walking Dead frames – He gave me a Michonne one at the beginning of the month as a “congrats on uni” present and said it was a clue to my Christmas present. I now own the entire collection all signed by the artist. They must have cost a fortune. I literally can’t stop staring at them, they are stunning. And yes, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and actually got Tom into it when we first started going out.



I’m 19 yet I love a good cuddly toy. Tom treated me to a medium sized Baymax as I’ve been lusting over a Baymax plush since seeing it it when we went to Walt Disney World. He also got me the Limited Edition Christmas Minnie for this year and my favourite little bear…Winnie The Pooh. But the most amazing part about this Winnie The Pooh is that they don’t display him. You have to know about him to be able to buy him. He’s the 90th anniversary edition and really rare. He’s my favourite toy Tom has ever and probably will ever get me. He’s just so cute…Winnie the Pooh not Tom, haha!!


Tom also got me the most stunning pair of Swarovski earrings which I’m going to be saving for special occasions and also Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay. Now you may be wondering, you got this from your family? And yes I did and I told Tom this as I opened it. But he simply replied, “yes, but you don’t have this one”. I was so confused until he opened it up…


Yes that’s right, he got it signed by the two graphic designers who worked on the film. Don’t ask me how but I nearly cried when I found this out. This present is so incredibly thoughtful because if you didn’t know my dream job is to be a graphic designer. I will forever cherish this copy and I’m keeping both copies I got so I can read one and keep one as a keepsake.

I told you I got spoilt rotten this year. Tom also got me a few bit and bobs, some Harry Potter stickers, a tote bag from when he went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and some good old fluffy socks from Primark.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you managed to get to the end I congratulate you as it was quite a long one.

What did you get for Christmas? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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Thank You For The Memories | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! And welcome to a very special edition of monthly moments. I know that it’s a bit clique to say but 2016 has truly been the best year of my life to date and I know I’ve been documenting my best moments each month for you guys…and for myself but I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see why 2016 has been my best year yet. So grab yourself a drink, alcoholic if you prefer and a big a** bowl of popcorn because this is going to be one hell of a long blog post.

The only place to start is at the very beginning and I know I say 2016 has been my best year and it really has but as some say, you can only have the highs once you’ve experienced the lows. At the very end of 2015, my four year long relationship broke up, I had a massive fight with my best friend where we haven’t spoken since, my kidney transplant (read all about it here) had happened in October so therefore the beginning of 2016 meant hospital check ups once a week and even meant cancelled plans on New Years Eve due to my white bloods cells dropping so much and my immune system being so low I couldn’t be around anyone incase I caught anything and ended up back in hospital. But at the end of January, January 25th to be exact, I met Tom and that’s where 2016 gets good and mine and Tom’s adventures start.

One of the goals I set myself at the beginning of 2016 was to take more pictures as previously  I always did things with family and friends and forgot to capture it to look back on in the future. I recently came across a quote which I’m now trying to live my life by as I think taking pictures is so important. Of course, you don’t want to be snapping pictures so often that you aren’t living in the moment but you need photos to look back on and remember how awesome and amazing you felt right then and there.

“Taking pictures is like a return ticket to moments otherwise gone”

So without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane…


  • Tom and I started going out. February 12th to be exact and I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already.
  • My mum and I went to go see Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour
  • My friend Becca and I went to see End of Longing starring Matthew Perry and seeing as we are both MASSIVE F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans we waited at the stage door to meet him and we did!!!!


  • I went to see Leona Lewis live in London with my parents as a treat for my dads birthday.
  • Tom and I went to go and see War Horse one final time because its’ one of my favourite West End show and it was coming to a close. Tom hadn’t seen it before so I wanted to take him so he could see it before it left the West End.
  • It was mine and Toms first road trip. We went to Ashdown Forest where A.A.Milne got the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood.
  • Tom and I also went to see Wicked in the West End in March as well. One of my favourite things to do is go to the theatre so I’m forever grateful I’m only a train away from London where all the best shows are.
  • I started my internship at the most amazing company. I’m still there nine months on and I’m still as happy as I was went I started. My intern gave me my love of graphic design and I can’t thank them enough for all they have taught me and the opportunities they have given me.


April was the quietest month of 2016 for me but one super exciting thing happened that unfortunately I didn’t photograph but April was the month Tom officially agreed to come to Disneyworld in the summer with my family and I.

May: (May’s Monthly Moments, more in depth blog post about what I did in May)

  • May 22nd 2016 was the day I posted my first ever blog post here on Sitting In The Clouds (click here to read it)
  • May is also the end of Spring and beginning of Summer which meant we had our first BBQ of the year.
  • Tom and I saw our favourite band in concert together…The Summer Set. It was hands down one of my favourite days of 2016 for me. It was the best concert I’ve ever seen, the weather was perfect, I think it hit 30+ degrees. We had a whole day in London, riding pedalos, eating ice-cream and going to our favourite cocktail bar.
  • Tom and I also went to see Magic of the Musicals. As I mentioned previously, I love a good musical so when I heard about Magic of Musicals, I had to get Tom and I tickets. It was a night full of the best London musicals performed with a live orchestra.

June: (June Monthly Moments)

  • I celebrated my 19th birthday. It was just a lovely day in the garden, laughing and spending quality time with my loved ones.

July: (July Monthly Moments)

  • The biggest and probably most scariest thing I did this year was get my first ever tattoo. I’m so happy Tom was by my side the entire time as I couldn’t of done it without him.
  • The UK had a massive heatwave.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released and Tom and I went to go pick up our preordered copies.


  • In August I had the best two weeks of my life so far…I went to Walt Disney World (full blog post here). I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life and part of my life has meant lots of amazing trips to Disney. Each one as been wonderful but to experience the Disney magic with Tom was amazing and this trip was the best one I’ve ever been on.

September: (September’s Monthly Moments)

  • Tom and I went to FriendsFest. We are both massive fans of the show so when they announced FriendsFest was coming back for another year but bigger and better than last year, I couldn’t not get tickets. It was an amazing day visiting all the different Friends sets and a perfect way to cope with the Disney withdrawal symptoms. (Full blog post here)

October:(October’s Monthly Moments)

  • I celebrated a year since my kidney transplant (read about it here). It was a whole weekend of celebrating and I felt so grateful for all the love and support that weekend. My family, friends and Tom have supported me through this first year where anything could have gone wrong, nothing did but it was lovely to know everyone was there for me if anything did happen. Here’s to another fantastic year with a working kidney.
  • I started uni. Another scary yet exciting event to happen this year but writing this with so much uni work to do, it’s just stressful at the moment however, I know it will be worth it but it’s SO much work.
  • The Walking Dead came back into my life as Season 7 premiered. Tom and I stayed up until 2am to watch it with America and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. It was an amazing start to the new season.
  • I went on a Chelsea FC Stadium Tour with my dad. I got him tickets for Fathers Day and it was lovely spending time with just my dad.

November: (November Monthly Moments)

  • Tom and I went to see King Lear at the Barbican Theatre performed by The Royal Shakespeare Company. Tom is an aspiring actor and wants to one day to perform on the West End. He’s currently auditioning for drama school and one of his monologues is from King Lear so I got him tickets so he could see it performed by the pros.
  • Tom in return got us tickets to Hogwarts in the Snow which is basically the Warner Bros. Studio Tour all Christmassy and it was a perfect way to get into the festive spirit. We are both major Harry Potter fans so although we have both done the tour before, we had never done it together, so it was lovely getting to experience it with each other.
  • I went to my first ever work Christmas party and it was INCREDIBLE!! I’m so blessed to work at such an amazing company, full of amazing people.


  • CHRISTMAS!!!!! My favourite time of year.

And that folks wraps up 2016 all in one post. I congratulate you if you got this far.

2016 has given me some amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. However, with each moment this year they have enabled me to learn lots of different valuable lessons. Here are just a few:

Lessons Learnt:

  • Don’t give a f*** about what anyone else thinks about you
  • As long as it feels right, just go for it
  • You can always earn more money, have fun!!
  • You can never have too many cuddly toys, even if you are 19 years old.

2016 will go down in history as one of the best years of my life and I’m so sad to see it end. Politics, death and other things may have dampened the year for others but I have created memories I will never forget and for me that it more important than leaving the EU or anything else that’s happened this year. I’ve been happy and healthy for the first year in my life for a long time and I will forever be grateful for my dad for giving me a second chance at life and donating his kidney. He is the reason this year has been so fantastic for me and I’m incredibly sad to see this year end. But I know 2017 will be just as good or even better because Tom’s entered my life. Here’s to another amazing year.

Thank you for all your support this year, it means the world.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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Beauty, Books And Bits & Bobs | Christmas Wish List| Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I know I can’t be the only one that wants so much through-out the year but when someone asks you what you want for Christmas nothing comes to mind? It happens every single year but when the dreaded question got asked this year, I actually sat down for a while to think of some things I’ve needed and have wanted for a while. I came up with quite a few things that I’ve actually been eyeing up for ages. I think it’s good to sit down and write a list, or even better, keep a list through-out the year, so heres’ mine. 

(banner pictures:

Beauty wish list.jpg


  • Real Techniques Brow Set – This is fairly new to the UK and ever since I saw it get released in the US, I knew I wanted it. All my makeup tools are RT, apart from 2 Elf brushes so I would love the Brow Set to add to my collection.
  • Vikor&Ralph Flowerbomb Original – This is my holy grail perfume for everyday and I’ve sadly just emptied my second bottle of it (November Empties). I love this perfume so much so I knew when I was spraying the last drops of it I had to add it to my wish list.
  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer – I received this, I think around 2 years ago for Christmas and fell in love with it. It was the first face primer I have ever used and I really tried to saviour it. It lasted me a while but I ran out ages ago. Since I’m on a student budget, I found a great alternative but there’s nothing quite like the Porefessional so I would love to have this product back in my makeup bag.
  • Tweezerman Tweezers – My sister has a pair of these tweezers and I keep stealing them because they are so good. They are seriously the best tweezers I have ever used and since I pluck my own eyebrows, some good tweezers are a  must in my makeup bag and so I thought it was about time to get a pair of my own. Even if  I don’t receive them for Christmas, I will defiantly be picking up a pair soon.
  • Morphe 12NB Palette – Since buying and LOVING my Morphe 35T palette, I knew instantly I wanted to grow my Morphe collection. I adore the shades in my 35T, however 35 shades makes for a very big palette which isn’t very convenient for traveling so when the 12NB palette caught my eye I knew I needed it. 12 gorgeous shades, a mixture of shimmers and mattes. A perfect mini palette for throwing in your makeup bag for traveling. (First Impressions: Morphe 35T Palette)

Of course being an avid reader and massive book collector, I want so many more books than the nine listed below but these nine are the ones that have been catching my eye recently and the Harry Potter books are to add to my ever-growing Harry Potter collection because who doesn’t have one of those? 

  • Username Evie and Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg – I have only read one graphic novel series and that’s the The Walking Dead ones and I think it’s about time I branch out.
  • Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo -…Because who hasn’t read this duloagy and raved about it? I need to get on this band wagon.
  • Illumine and Gemina by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff – Once again, who hasn’t read these books and not loved them? I’m just so intrigued about why everyone loves them so much and think the multimedia layout is so unique.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Orginal Screenplay by J.K.Rowling – LOVED the film and I want to see how reading the screenplay compares. Plus, who wouldn’t just by this book for the cover?
  • Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling – I received The Philosophers  Stone: Illustrated Edition last Christmas and I have a feeling for the next five years the Harry Potter illustrated editions will be on my Christmas list.
  • The Walking Dead v.12-onwards – I have up to volume 11 on my bookshelves…I haven’t even read all of the ones I own yet but I LOVE the TV show and just want to collect all the graphic novels because my obsession with this franchise is crazy!

random wish list.jpg

Bits & Bobs:

  • Instax Mini 90 – I love cameras. I already own the Instax mini 8 polaroid but I’ thinking of giving it to my sister who is about to go traveling for 3 months…without me! How dare, haha! but I would love to get a fancier one (Instax Mini 90) that looks more retro and is able to do more things.
  • Lumee phone case – Because who doesn’t want to always get the perfect selfie?
  • Monopoly: The Walking Dead edition – Who would have guessed? My favourite TV Show + my favourite board game rolled into one? I NEED THIS!
  • Lilo & Stitch (Classic 41) DVD – I also have Big Hero 6 (Classic 53) and Aladdin (Classic 31) all in the same edition on my Christmas list. Being a HUGE Disney fan, I would love to one day have the entire DVD collection in the newly released artwork. They are just gorgeous.
  • Leuchttrum 1917 – If you didn’t know I love bullet journalling and the bullet journal community seems to love the Leuchttrum and although I’ve stuck by Moleskin I would love to see what the hype is about.
  • Classic Mini Ugg, Grey – I’ve been wanting another pair of mini Uggs since receiving my brown ones. They are just perfect to throw on with any outfit and I wear my brown ones pretty much every single day in the Winter season, just never when it snows as I don’t want to ruin them.
  • Bethany Uggs, Black – These are like Uggs version of Timberlands and I personally think they are much nicer as they re a lot more feminine and I would love to add these shoes to my collection.

Now I know that is one BIG list and I will never expect to receive this all for Christmas, just one thing from this will make me very happy. I can’t believe there’s only 16 days left until the big day!!

What’s on your Christmas Wish List? Do we have any of the same items? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

P.S. I edited the two flat lay images using Photoshop. The background image is from Unsplash and the items are all from Google Images. None of the images in this blog post are my own. 

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