Empties #6 | December | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I was really worried I was going to break my streak of doing empties post this month as for nearly the entire month I had only finished one product but this past week I used up some of my favourite products so once again, for the sixth time, I’m back with another empties post.


  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner: My new favourite haircare duo. This is the second lot of bottles I’ve up and I’m currently working through my third set, I just can’t get enough of these. They make my hair so soft and shiny and they smell amazing. (Full review here)

Repurchase? 100%! They do wonders of my hair and they seem to always be on sale as well so I only pay £1.50 per bottle which always make me want to pick them up compared to trying other brands.

  • Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Nose Strips: I haven’t been using nose strips for too long and I don’t use them often but when I do use them I love the results. A while back I decided to try Superdrugs own and for the price I’m really pleased on how they worked. They get the majority of all the dirt clogged in my pores, they miss a few but I’m not too bothered for the price I paid. They are quick and simple and no hassle to use.

Repurchase? Most likely. Nose strips are never really a priority on my shopping list compared to other beauty items but if one day I feel the need to pick some more up and I’m shopping in Superdrug, I will defiantly gravitate towards these as I know they work well.

  • L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation: My new holy grail foundation. Before this one emptied completely I made sure I picked up a back up. This is the first tube I’ve finished and I don’t see my favourite foundation switching any time soon. This one is just amazing. (Full review here)

Repurchase? YES!!!!

So that’s another blog post done and dusted. I love writing empties post because they are like a bunch of mini product reviews in one post. Have you tried any of the products I mentioned today?

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog and…

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

P.S. If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been posting so often this week and not sticking to my usual blogging schedule (Monday, Friday and Sunday) it’s because 1) I’m still off uni and it’s my last full week off so I thought I’d concentrate on my blog before uni takes over my life again and 2) it’s Toms birthday weekend starting tonight and I’m treating him to a whole weekend in London, which you’ll hear all about next week so there will be no blog posts up this weekend so I thought I’d treat you guys to more posts to compensate for the lack of blog posts over the weekend.

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I Needed It All | Drugstore Haul | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! The beginning of November hasn’t been great for me purely because each day it seemed like another one of my favourite, go-to products ran out on me. Therefore the only solution was to pop into my local Superdrug to replenish my stock. What I didn’t realise was the amount of things that I actually needed to buy and my purse wasn’t happy about it to say the least, but I justified it with the fact that I needed it all…hence the title of this blog post.



  • Maybellines Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara – my holy grail mascara and I can’t live without it. I prefer the luscious one to the original…full thoughts in review here
  • Rimmels Stay Matte Powder – I’ve used this in the past but not for a while and seeing as this was half the price of my go-to Bourjois Healthy Balance powder, I decided to pick the Stay Matte up again to see if I still love it as much as I did.
  • Maybellines Fit Me Concealer (15) – I adore this concealer, this is the third time of repurchasing. I rave about it more in my October Favourites.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama – This is the third tube of Brow Drama I have purchased and its now one of my go-to products. It sets my brows in place all day, adding colour and structure without my eyebrows looking fake. And for the price, it’s a win win!




  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner – I’m literally in love with these products and this line in general. They do amazing things to my hair and they are so affordable. [review here]
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil – Out of this whole haul, this is the only product I haven’t tried before, but it was on sale at over half price (original price £9.99) and knowing how much I love the shampoo and conditioner, I just had to try this hair oil out.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo – I ran out of the Herbal Essences dry shampoo in October [October Empties] and just knew when repurchasing a dry shampoo I had to go back to my holy grail Batiste Divine Dark. 



I think skincare is the worst thing to run out of as I hate not knowing my face has has a full clean at the beginning and end of the day. 


  • Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash – I’ve used this face wash before but a couple of years back but I remember really liking it and loving the scent so I decided to pick it up and try it again.
  • Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub – I also decided to pick up the face scrub in the same line to see how it performs against the face wash. I plan to use the face wash in the morning, as a gentle cleanse and then the face scrub in the evening to allow my skin a deeper clean after wearing makeup all day. I’ll let you guys know how I think of them and maybe even do my first ever skincare routine.


I went into Superdrug telling myself only to pick up what I really needed and I’m glad I stuck to to guns because I needed quiet a lot of stuff in the end and I spent way too much. However, I’m super happy with everything I got though and so glad to have some of my essentials back in my makeup bag. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Are any of them your holy grails? 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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Empties #3 | September | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! It’s coming to the end of September so that means showing you guys what products I’ve finished up…once again. I didn’t do one in August as I was away in Disney so technically these products I’ve finished over 2 months but you get the idea. 

June Empties | July Empties


  • LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: I have lost count the amount of times I’ve repurchased this product. I love it so much that I never worry about running out because I always make sure I have at least 1 back up of it. I should really get round to writing a review for this product. 

Repurchase: Without a doubt, yes!

  • Benefits Porefessional Face Primer: This was the first time I’ve tried this product and I truly see why everyone loves it so much. It applies onto my skins super smoothly, leaving my skin all prepped for foundation with a great base. And of course my makeup looks incredible when I use it and it keeps my makeup on all day. It’s the perfect all in one primer. 

Repurchase: Yes…but when I have the money. £18.50 for a student isn’t a purse friendly price. 

  • Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser: I liked this product. It wasn’t at all harsh on my skin and it left it feeling nice, clean and refreshed. It was a good morning face wash as I didn’t really have to think about it because it was just a foam. However, I didn’t see anything “WOW” about it. 

Repurchase: Meh. I’m not to bothered if my bathroom cupboard is without it but if it was on sale and my favourite face wash wasn’t in stock, I would pick it up again as a back up until I could get my hands on my favourite. 

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo & Conditioner: Now if you haven’t seen my rave about these two beauties, you’ve been living under a rock. I absolutely adore these two products and especially as combo. I’m not going to go on about how amazing they are as I have a full review here

Repurchase: YES YES YES!!!! And I suggest you try them out if you haven’t, your haircare routine will change for the better, I promise! 

For 2 months worth of empty products, I haven’t really finish that many but some that I have finished are some of my all time favourite products that I need to buy more of. 

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned above? Let me know your thoughts.

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel  

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Review: Garnier Ultimate Blends | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! Do you struggle with dry, frizzy hair? Are you on a budget, looking for an affordable yet amazing product to help you out of your misery? If the answer is YES, then I’ve got the product for you….

(WOW! totally sounded like an advert voice over then, haha)


The Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner in the Sleek Restorer line promises super sleek smoothness and for frizzy hair to finally be under control. Do I agree?


I’ve been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner combination since July, having a break when I went on holiday and they are just coming to the end of their lives. Since using both the shampoo and the conditioner together, I’ve noticed…

  • They do defiantly reduce your frizz. I’ve especially noticed my hair being less frizzy when I leave it to dry naturally. I could never before leave my hair to dry naturally because it would just be so frizzy and out of control once it had dried but not when I use these beauties. I also like putting my hair up into a pony without straightening it nowadays which I never used to like doing as my hair just looked too frizzy on bunched up together.  
  • My hair is a lot easier to brush through now. Since using the shampoo and conditioner duo, I’ve noticed a sufficient decrease in hair tangles, especially after the shower with wet hair. My hair after a shower used to be a tangled mess but since using the Garnier Ultimate Blends conditioner, I’ve noticed how little tangles I have now. 
  • Just as the packaging states, I defiantly do have super sleek smoothness. I find myself fiddling with my hair way more often than a 19 year old girl should, but it’s just super soft. 
  • It smells incredible…coconut and chocolate, yes please. It’s quite a sweet scent, which I love. It reminds me of a tropical, beach scent which is just perfect for summer…although summer is now ending in the UK. Most shampoos and conditioners have amazing scents, yet they don’t actually last well once you’ve gotten out of the shower. This scent lingers around for hours, and on multiple occasions I’ve been complimented on my hair scent. 


And why wouldn’t you want to use a product that’s won the BEST SHAMPOO award…



For £3.89that’s less than £10.00 for both, this shampoo and conditioner duo are amazing. You get 400ml in each bottle for less than £4.00. They don’t break the bank and they last you an excellent amount of time, even with my crazy thick hair and using more product each wash that most other humans.

I would highly highly recommend you check out these products. And I can’t quite believe I’m admitting this but I truly feel this combination of shampoo and conditioner have taken top spot against LUSH’s American Cream Conditioner. Just for what they achieve and the price you buy, you can’t beat it. 

Would I Repurchase? 100% YES!! 

Have you tried these products before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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LUSH Haul (ft.The Body Shop) | Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!!! A trip to London always ends up in shopping even if you don’t plan on it. Therefore my purse went to London fully loaded and left well and truly empty.

(I also brought a whole load of clothes ready for my trip to Disney, so if you want to see a “holiday haul”, let me know)


First Stop….LUSH!!! 

  • American Cream (hair conditioner) – Although I have recently purchased some shampoo and conditioner (see here) but I couldn’t go to Disney without some American Cream. It does wonders with moisturising my hair and with the Florida heat and humidity, I knew I needed to take some with me.
  • Dirty Springwash (shower gel) – Another purchase for Disney. This is my favourite shower gel….like ever!!! It smells incredible and lathers up so well. I have tried many shower gels over the years and I have yet to find one that beats Dirty Springwash in the “lather” category.
  • Mask of Magnaminty (face mask) – Once again another favourite of mine from Lush, but to be honest if I could only use three LUSH products for the rest of my life, they would be the three I’ve mentioned today. This is the 4th pot I’ve purchased and I’m not going to stop buying it and will cry if they ever discontinue it. It just works wonders for my skin, I use it if I’m feeling spots coming to minimise/prevent or if spots appear this mask is great for reducing them. 

(If you want reviews on any of these products, let me know)


Next Stop….The Body Shop!

The whole reason I popped into The Body Shop was to get a few things for my mum for her birthday. They were having a 30% sale if you were a member, even if you signed up that day, so of course I signed up…who wouldn’t miss a deal. But as well as the 30% off, they had a free gift if you spent over (I think) £25.

  • Shea Hand Cream – This landed my total over £25 so I got the free gift. I’ve never been a fan of hand cream, I’ve just never liked my hands being really greasy. However I decided to pick this up for £4 and see how I get on with it. So far I’m loving it, it smells great and it doesn’t take long to soak into my skin and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy.
  • Coconut Body Butter (free gift) – This product was the main reason I spent that extra £4 to get the free gift, I just love The Body Shop body butters.
  • Coconut Shower Cream (free gift) – Not much to say about this other than it’s a free shower cream so I can’t really complain. I have tried their shower gels in the past and I really like them, I have yet to try their shower creams.

(If you would like to see reviews on any of the products mentioned, let me know)


I’m super excited to try these new products or reuse some of my favourites. It’s going to take some willpower to not use my LUSH conditioner and shower gel before heading to Disney but I will try my very best. 

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned? What are your thoughts on them? Leave them in the comments. 

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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