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Weekends are for relaxing, eating and watching netflix and although I haven’t binged watched netflix in a while, I did have a lovely weekend spent relaxing and eating, along with kicking my a** back in action for my blog (oh how I love my new blog design). On Sunday I went for a pub lunch with my family and met up with my dad’s sister and her family, so my auntie, uncle and cousins. You can’t say no to free food can you? And since the UK is having another mini heatwave, it was definitely not the weather for jeans, even though they have been my go-to recently, in other words I have been super lazy. Throw on a t-shirt and jeans and I’m out the door.

Pinafore | Primark
T-Shirt | Monki

Choker | Forever 21
Shoes | Vans

This outfit is so simple, yet because the pinafore is a pink corduroy material, it just adds something different to the look. Primark have some really good stuff in stock at the minute but I find that if you don’t pick it up as soon as you see it, it’s gone forever. It’s happened to me a couple of times and it’s so disappointing when you can never find the item you have been pining over for so long. Therefore I picked up this pinafore as soon as I saw it, having no idea how to style it. I’m so pleased with how this outfit came out.

The pub lunch was lovely, especially their twist on the Knickerbocker glory desert, and it was lovely catching up with family. We even had a few cocktails in the pub garden afterwards as it was such a lovely evening. However, I was the designated driver so only one Archers and lemonade for me, my go-to mixer.

I really hope this weather lasts through-out the summer as it’s turning out to be a great uni break at the minute. How did you spend your weekend? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,
xoxo, rachel


Primark Haul | Spring | Sitting In The Clouds

I could make up a ton of reasons why I haven’t blogged in two weeks and bore you with all the same excuses everyone makes but instead I will jump straight into why you clicked on this post in the first place….to see what amazing items Primark has in store for the Spring/Summer seasons.

It’s no secret now that for the past couple of years Primark has increased it’s pricing but with a price increase meant the items were that much better and you now no longer just go to Primark for the basics, you go there to get the “in” pieces for half and maybe three quarters of the price.

IMG_4995 copy.jpgJumper: Primark
Sunglasses: Primark
Jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans

[The picture above is how I would imagine styling the Primark jumper, not all items are from Primark.]

In the UK we had one gorgeous weekend where the weather hit the high 20s and everyone layered on sunscreen, threw spontaneous BBQs for their neighbours and enjoyed the sunshine because us brits know to never take the sun for granted and as expected, the following day the clouds rolled in, the rain came and only a couple of days ago it felt like we were back in winter. So although it says Spring Haul in the title, it consists of more winter related items.

The first item I picked up was this gorgeous salmon pink jumper. I wanted it to be oversized and baggy, allowing me to roll up the sleeves and style it with jeans and a denim jacket, comfy, casual and cute so I got it in a size 14 and it’s the perfect fit for how I want to style it. [Inspiration from Zoellas latest clothing haul.]

I also picked up these cute mirrored sunglasses for £2, maybe they will bring some luck in the sun returning.

IMG_4999.jpgJumper: Primark
Jeans: Primark

I got this amazingly bright turquoise cropped jumper for only £5. It immediately caught my attention and when I felt how soft it was, I just had to own it. I think this is officially the brightest thing I now own in my wardrobe.

These pale pink high waisted jeans were also a bargain, only £10 I believe. They have little rip on the knees which I love and I think the turquoise jumper and these jeans would be a perfect spring outfit when the sun finally decides to show it’s face again for us. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Primark jeans so I’m excited to see how they compare to my beloved Toyshop Joni jeans as they look exactly the same.

IMG_5004.jpgPinafore: Primark
Jumper: Forever 21

The final item I picked up in Primark was this adorable corduroy pastel pink pinafore. I can tell pink is really in this season as it’s everywhere in shops and now apparently it’s appearing a lot in my wardrobe.

I’ve never owned a pinafore until now but always wanted to but was never sure if they would suit my body or my style. However, when I saw this I couldn’t not buy it. I imagine wearing it [like shown above] with a grey cropped jumper, knitted tights and Uggs. That outfit seems very wintery but if you saw the weather in the UK right now, you would understand why.


I only picked up 5 items on this trip to Primark but I saw a lot of other pieces that looked amazing as well. Primark is definitely one of my favourite shops for clothes and accessories, not only for the basics but for some really fashionable pieces as well. Primark is upping it’s game for sure.

I will definitely be featuring all these pieces in OOTDs in the future as I can’t wait to wear them all and have already worn both jumpers to uni this week, so keep your eyes peeled for more OOTDs from me.

Thank you so much for sticking with me while I went MIA for a bit but I finish my first year of uni in May so it’s really hectic with a final push of work and blogging has had to take a back seat. I’m actually meant to be doing uni work now but one blog post can’t hurt can it?

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Day Trip To Kew Gardens (+OOTD) | Tea Talk #7 | Sitting In The Clouds

It hit 23 degrees today in London…aka flipping boiling for the UK. The sunglasses came out, as well as the suncream. Ice cream vans music played and it truly felt like summer. My mum and I took advantage of this lovely weather as living in the UK you never know when the glorious weather will go into hiding and winter will be upon us once again, by visiting Kew Gardens.

For university I have to create a poster advertising Kew Gardens so the main focus of the trip was to get inspiration for my design. However, I’m also taking a photography class this semester so it was a great location to practice my photography. Even though this trip was primarily for university, it turned into a lovely mother, daughter day. We had a lovely lunch, sitting back and enjoying the sun. We of course stopped off in Starbucks and picked up some refreshing drinks to combat the heat and just had a lovely bonding session.

Please bare in mind I’m still learning the basics of photography and I have a long way to go.




Out of over 100 photos taken those are my three favourites. I just love doing depth of field photos.


While having a nice stroll and not following the map we came across this bear that had been carved out of an old tree stump and I think I’m going to be basing my poster off this as it’s so unique.


WARNING! Today wasn’t the day for skinny jeans but nevertheless I really liked the outfit I chose, it had a very summery vibe. I chose my really comfy shoes, my Ugg Treadlites as I knew today was a day of walking and of course a pair of sunglasses.

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans
Shoes: Uggs
Sunglasses: Primark

I did bring a leather jacket as we headed out of the house at around 9:30 in the morning but I took it off as soon as we got to the gardens and didn’t wear it once after.

Today was so much fun and the weather was just fantastic. If you enjoyed this type of blog post let me know by liking and commenting so I know whether to do similar in the future. I would also love your opinion on whether you would want me to include more of my graphic design and photography projects on my blog? Let’s chat in the comments.

If you are based in the UK, I hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine and making the most of it.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Spring and Simple | OOTD | Sitting In The Clouds

I’m not the most knowledgable person on this planet about fashion, the trends or what’s hot right now. I’d rather spend my money on makeup, books and video games than clothes. Most of the time I throw on a pair of jeans, a graphic tee, my go-to pair of uggs and head out the door. But on occasion I do like the spend some time going through my wardrobe and carefully pick out an outfit for the day.

However, I find it more difficult than usual if we are in those transition months, it’s not warm enough yet to go out without a coat but it is warm enough to wear some lighter pieces. So it’s a struggle for us girls to know exactly what to wear in spring season, especially if you’re like me and based in the UK.

Yesterday the sun was shining, which for me is very deceiving most of the time as you believe it’s going to be warm but most of the time it’s not. However it is spring so I wanted to start pulling some of my more spring/summer pieces out. I adore this jumpsuit but it’s definitely more suited for the summer months. However with some layering I made it more Spring appropriate.


IMG_4597.jpgBlack Tee –
Romper –

Pairing the jumpsuit with some black tights and a simple black tee underneath allows an extra layer for when it’s a little more chilly outside than you expected. Throwing on a leather jacket, which aren’t the warmest coats in the world, also adds a different texture to the outfit…not necessarily a piece of clothing I would choose to keep me warm but it’s an iconic style piece that everyone should own. It in particular makes this outfit more “edgy”.


IMG_4617.JPGLeather Jacket – TKMaxx (TJMaxx in America)
Necklace – Walt Disney World

I wore this outfit yesterday to see my boyfriend. We ended up having a mini spontaneous day date to Nandos and then to the pub for some drinks to watch Man City V Arsenal. It was the perfect outfit as I didn’t feel too overdressed but also looked like I put in some effort when all I did was put a one piece on and add a few accessories.

I really liked how this outfit came together in the end and I’m excited to try more outfits similar in the future. I just need some spare cash in my purse to buy some new wardrobe pieces…student life.

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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p.s thank you to my mum for taking these pictures for me. Also sorry for the contrast in photos, the sun was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. 

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One Lovely Blogger Award | Sitting In The Clouds

Welcome Back!!! I was nominated by the lovely Natalie from Natty Vinh for this award which was so kind of her so go check out her blog for travel, beauty and lifestyle posts.


  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post ☑️
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image ☑️
  • Must add 7 facts about them ☑️
  • Then nominate 15 people

7 facts:

  • I’m a very organised and planner based person. I can’t do electronic calendars or planning apps, everything has to be written down on paper, hence the love of my bullet journal.
  • Creme Eggs are my weak spot. Every time Easter comes around, my fridge is always filled with boxes upon boxes of them. They become like my fruit supplement, I only allow myself one a day but if I could, I would live off them.
  • I’ve recently realised that my past has effected me more than I thought. Some people say that past relationships help you grow but all mine has done is drag me down. I never used to be this insecure (not sure that’s the right word) about myself.
  • My idol has and will always be the man that invented the mouse…Mr Walt Disney. What I would do to meet him and thank him.
  • Ed Sheeran has become one of my new favourite artists and you all probably know why. My favourite songs from him are, Drunk, Gold Rush, Gallaway Girl, Barcelona, Nancy Mulligan and Bibia Be Ye Ye.
  • I can’t wait for the day that I have my own home and get to paint and decorate it as I please.
  • Another one about the future, I really want two dogs when I’m older, a french bulldog and an Australian (or German, both equally cute and gorgeous) Shepard.

My Nominees: (warning you now, I will never be able to nominate more than about five bloggers at one time, I don’t know what it is but I find it really. However, everyone I nominate is for a reason, I love their blogs, their content, their pictures, and they are just all so lovely)

Amelia from Rosetintedpics 
Abi from from
Natalie from The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak
Mercy from Mercyish
Jessica Riga
Sarah Wilde

I love these tag, award posts as they are a great way to recognise fellow bloggers so be sure to check out some of the girls I’ve mentioned, they all have amazing blogs with awesome content.

Thank you again to Natalie for nominating me and until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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The Mystery Blogger Award | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I hope you are all well and enjoyed Valentines Day whether spent with the better half, with the guys or the girlies, or with a big bowl of melted chocolate and Netflix, whatever you did, I hope you had a lovely time. In the spirit of Valentines and spreading the love, I thought I’d finally get round to doing my blog post for the Mystery Blogger Award after being nominated by Faded Rogue at the beginning of February.


The rules:
1. Put the award logo/image on your blog ☑️
2. List the rules. ☑️
3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog. ☑️
4. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. ☑️
5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself. ☑️
6. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people. ☑️
7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog. ☑️
8. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question ☑️
9. Share a link to your best post(s) ☑️

(This award was created by…Okoto Enigma and it was created for “amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates, it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion”)

3 facts about me:
1. My favourite TV shows, Eastenders, The Walking Dead, FRIENDS and Strictly Come Dancing.
2. My weird male crush…Jake Wood, Max Branning from Eastenders, he just won Heart’s Weirdest Crush for the third year in a row…haha!! 2015, 2016 and now 2017.
3. Girl crush…Lacey Turner, Stacey Branning from Eastenders. Eastenders just have the best people.

Questions I got asked:
1. Winter or Summer? A tough one and I don’t think I can choose between the two. I love both of them when I’m living them but I also miss whichever one I’m not in. Both are amazing in their own ways that I love them equally.
2. Hot Chocolate or Tea? If I’m in a cafe definitely hot chocolate as I love how coffee shops make them with the little extras, flakes, whipped cream and marshmallows. However, if I’m at home it will be tea and recently I’ve had a mini obsession with cranberry green tea…yum!!
3. Earphones or Headphones? Not going to lie, I had to research the proper difference between them and after that my answer is earphones. I have a pair of headphones and although I like being in my own little bubble when listening to music, I feel too disconnected from the world wearing my headphones and I don’t feel so aware of my surroundings…it kind of freaks me out.
4. 3 things you would take to a deserted island. Practical? a pan, for cooking and boiling food, a water filter and some sort of axe to cut down wood easily. Impractical/fun? my phone of course, my favourite book (not sure which one that is yet) and my giant Stitch plush.
5. Long or short hair? Long for sure. I just recently had my hair cut and I didn’t even have that much taken and my hair feels so short even though it’s a good couple of inches passed my shoulders. I don’t think I could ever do short hair.

My best posts: (my most viewed)
1. My Anticipated Releases of 2017
2. The Boyfriend Tag
3. Dear Tom

*you guys obviously like blog posts about my boyfriend haha!!

Questions for nominees:
1. Books or films?
2. Basket or trolley when shopping?
3. You’re weird/unusual crush?
4. Pen or Pencil for writing?
5. Minnie or Mickey?

Nominees: (if you have been following me a while, you’ll know I won’t be able to think of 10 people…let alone 20)

1. Amelia from RosetintedPics
2. Abi from Abim0ss
3. Ella May Garrett from Tessarosa

*and apparently I can only think of three hah!!

And that’s it. I congratulate you if you got this far as it was quite a long one. Thanks again to Faded Rogue for tagging me, it was a fun one to do and I hope my nominees enjoy writing theirs.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog and until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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Theatre Show Overload | Monthly Moments | January 2017 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! Did you miss me? I bet you did…haha!! I’m so sorry it’s been ten days since I last posted and it feels like so much longer but OMG uni is just so busy. I hand in my first portfolio for semester 1 on Friday and I’m s***ing myself about it. I have worked so hard, meaning my blog and social life has suffered, but I can’t wait for it to be over. Although uni has brought a whole load of unneeded and unwanted stress this month, I have had some amazing moments in the mix. I can’t believe it’s almost February, I’ve had an amazing start to the new year, so let’s get on with my first “monthly moments” of 2017.

As you may know by now I am a massive West End fan and always have an on going list of shows I want to see. My mum of course knows me very well and so for Christmas got me a few tickets to see a couple of ones I’ve been wanting to see for ages. On the 2nd of January, my whole family, my mum, sister, dad and I all headed into London to see the Cinderella Panto at the London Palladium.  It had an amazing cast and was so funny. It was defiantly for the older folk, lots of adult humour. I was also lucky enough to get Aladdin tickets for Christmas as well which my mum, my sister and I went to see. I LOVE Disney, which you probably know, so I was so excited to see Aladdin as it’s one of my favourite Disney films. However, it let me down. It was very slow to begin with and it only got good when the original songs were performed. I wouldn’t see it again but I’m glad I’ve ticked it off my “go and see” list.

The final show I saw in January was Jersey Boys to celebrate Tom’s 21st Birthday. If you didn’t know, I spoilt Tom rotten this year and organised a whole weekend in London, including Jersey Boys, a hotel, a spa day and dinner at my dad’s restaurant. It was an amazing weekend and so worth the money I spent on him. (read all about it here)

From theatre shows to cinema showings. Tom and I went to see Rogue One in a very fancy cinema. It has sofas, blankets, cushions, drinks were in glasses, hot food was delivered to you. Neither of had gone to an Every Man Cinema before and it was an awesome experience. A bit pricey than your regular cinema but worth it. A perfect date night location. And if you didn’t know, we have a tradition where we take a selfie in the cinema before every show we see.


From seeing Star Wars, Aladdin and Cinderella to see my own boyfriend performing in Spamalot at the end of the month. Tom’s drama club put on a week long run of Monty Python’s Spamalot. Tom was the lead and played King Arthur and I honestly, not being biased, thought his show was better than Aladdin. Tom was born to be on stage and seeing him up there filled my little heart with so much love and pride.

So to sum up January….too many theatre trips. Some left me disappointed, while others left me smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you so much for reading and sticking by me during my little hiatus while university took full priority. I felt so weird but so good to be back writing this post for you, I’ve missed you guys. I also want to thank you for the support. I hit 500 followers on January 12th and right now I’m nearing 600, that’s 100 followers in about 2 weeks which is crazy for me. So for those who are new…welcome and those who have been around since the beginning, thank you for sticking with me.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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