What Happens When Your Dreams Shatter Around You? |I Do Disney #3 | Sitting In The Clouds

For some people, life gets handed to them on a nice silver plate and sometimes even by a butler. For others, we have to work our butts off just to get by. But what happens when your dream, that used to feel exactly that, a dream, starts becoming a possible reality? You may get ahead of yourself, already imagining yourself living that dream, whatever it may be. You might get so caught up in your dream, you feel like it’s already happening. For me that dream was Disney, more precisely, working at Walt Disney World on their Cultural Exchange Program. It’s been my dream to work for “the mouse” as they say since I was a little girl. I’ve been lucky enough to be brought up with a Disney filled childhood and as I grew up that love blossomed into a dream to work there.


For me, that dream was always possible if I took that step into the unknown. Disney has a program where university students, from all around the world, have the opportunity to work in the most magical place on earth during their summer break. This year I applied. In August, I received an email, I had been invited to a pre-screen interview. I was over the moon, my dream was slowly but surely becoming a reality. But like most people, or it may just be me, but I got ahead of myself. Getting that interview felt like I had reached my dream, in my head, I was going. I got too excited, my mum even started looking for hotels when I would be there next summer for god’s sake. My whole family had faith in me, my boyfriend even got me a custom t-shirt with “cast member in training” on it. Everyone who surrounded me only made those feelings grow and I even started saving, preparing myself for all the fees, making jokes that I would miss my yearly dentist checkup.


Last week, that dream came shattering around me. They had decided to not move me on in the application. I think my heart physically broke and so did my tear ducts, I cried and then cried some more as I told people and they hugged me with their apologises. My dad was the only person throughout this whole process that kept my feet firmly on the ground every time I spoke to him about it. Even when I told him that I didn’t get past the first interview stage he still said: “it’s not the end of the world”. It’s not what you want to hear when your own little bubble has popped and for you, your world has ended for the time being. But my dad was right. It’s not the end of the world, even if I didn’t want to hear it at the time.


It’s been just over a week since I found out that my summer will not consist of making memories and magic for others next year, and it’s still sore to talk about and I end the conversation if anyone brings it up, but I’m okay. Walt’s dreams did not get handed to him on a plate. He didn’t randomly draw Mickey Mouse one day and overnight build Disneyland. He had his own struggles in the world, he was poor, he couldn’t afford to pay his rent and ended up homeless for a while. If it’s your dream, you have to work hard to achieve it, end of.

A wise man once said, “all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”. Courage is being able to show strength in a time of pain. I have to be thankful that I even got invited to a face-to-face to interview. Thousands apply and only a few hundred get interviews. This is not my only chance to achieve my dreams. I will be applying next year, and the year after if that’s what it takes. I will not give up on my dream after failing to achieve it once. Life is all about knockbacks, and after them, you only come up stronger.

The result of my interview hit me like a tidal wave, I ate my weight in chocolate that night. But it’s okay to cry sometimes as long as you come back fighting harder than ever.

What are your dreams, are you chasing them? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,
xoxo, rachel

P.S. It feels good to be back…haha!

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Motivation, No Regrets & Taking Chances | Tea Talk #6 | Sitting In the Clouds

Welcome Back!!! A while ago now, but something that has resinated with me since is that you shouldn’t look back on your life with any regrets. I truly believe that you should be able to look back on your life and say “I can’t believe I did that” rather than “I wish I had done that”. That “something” may be sh!t scary and way out of your comfort zone but all you have to do is take that first step. The reason I’m saying all this is because recently during another plain and simple day at uni, our class had to sit through a “jobs & CV” seminar. I have a great internship at the moment and knew this class wasn’t going to be super helpful to me but I was feeling super motivated that day so I thought I might as well take the most out of it that I can. That’s when my point of view on life shifted. Now that may be a massive statement to say but since that day, I have never been so motivated to work hard to achieve what I want. That lecturer simply said….

“All you have to do is take that first step”

Of course she was talking about reaching out to companies and businesses yourself rather than just relying on the internet and job search websites but for me, it hit a completely different part of my heart.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a HUGE Disney fan. My first trip to Disneyland Paris was when I was three months old, my first trip to Walt Disney World was in 2000, when I was three. Since then I have been to WDW 13 times and Paris around eight. I’ve pretty much been to one or the other at least once a year since I was born. I’m forever grateful for my parents for giving me a Disney filled childhood and for allowing my Disney heart to grow and grow. But something my parents never knew would become of this was wanting to work for The Mouse himself and not just visit him on holiday.

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Since about the age of ten when on one of my many trips to the most magical place on earth I saw an english girl working at Disney. I wondered how? why? So many thoughts were going through my mind but the main thought was “a girl from where I’m from is here working. That’s going to me someday.”

Of course I was only around ten years old at the time so I didn’t think much about it but over the years since, I’ve been researching and learning all about the Disney College Program or the Disney International Program for students outside of the USA ever since. A chance for students who are studying at university level to have the summer of their lives. From June to August they have the chance to work for The Mouse, earning, learning and playing all at the same time. This is my dream!!!! To be able to work for The Mouse, to thrive, learn and grow in my happy place, to go to a place where the sun is always shining. The Disney International Program is a chance for my dream to become a reality. And that lecturer resparked that idea and love I always had simmering in my blood to come to the surface.


This is the first year I am able to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity but around two years ago I had a massive passion for it and was researching it day in, day out. Two things made me feel like this dream of mine wasn’t possible and never would be, something so out of my reach there wasn’t even any point trying; a controlling and manipulative ex-boyfriend and my chronic illness. Since then, a new man, a supportive, caring, amazing man has stepped into my life and my dad gave me one of his kidneys so I could live a better life. So with the combination of an amazing man who only wants the best for me, a working kidney allowing me to live a normal life and a lecturer who I don’t even think she knows how much she has impacted me life, this summer I’m applying for the Disney International Program for the summer of 2018.

I’m going to achieve my dreams. I’m taking that first step in making my dreams possible. I’m going to work in my happy place, I’m going to say I worked at Disney when I’m 80 years old in my rocking chair, flipping through the scrapbook with my grand kids because bet you not, they will be just as obsessed with Disney as I am. I’m not going to let life pass me by and I will not be sitting in that rocking chair regretting not having taken that first step and applied.


I know how incredibly hard it is to apply and even get accepted onto the program because I’m not the only one out there who also wants this dream as much as me. Thousands apply, only hundreds get accepted. But I’m going to take that first step and apply because you never know what might happen because I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and follow my dreams.

I ask you, are you doing things to make your dreams become a reality? Are you already chasing your dreams? Never have an regrets in life!

Abi over at abisays.co.uk…ages ago, asked me to write a blog post about my dream job. Working at Disney, even if it is only for three months is my dream job. A lot of people believe the Disney College Program is only stepping stones in working full-time at Disney as people extend their programs so you never know where things in life can take you. All I know that is my dream job is to work for The Mouse and be a cast member who makes magical moments for guests, just like a whole load of cast memories have created magical moments for me and my family in the past.

This is my dream and I’m not going to let anybody stop me from achieving them!

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Say YES To Life | Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!! We all have those dreams that we make in our heads about how we want to travel the world, ride elephants, drive fast cars, jump from planes but how many of us actually go out of our daily routines of getting up, going to school/work, getting home and sleeping to actually make those dreams a reality? Because at the end of the day a goal without a plan is just a wish. You need to make things happen for yourself in this world, nothing comes to people who sit around waiting for their moments to come to them…go out and grab them yourself. You only have one life, make the most of it. Say yes to opportunities, say yes to adventure….say yes to life!! 

Shannon from Captivated By Fantasy tagged me in the Bucket List tag, where you share 10 things that are on your bucket list. 10 things you want to achieve in your life. 10 things you didn’t say “oh I wish I did that” but 10 things you said “yeah I did that and it was f***ing awesome”. 

So what 10 things do I want to say yes to? 

  • I want to say yes to….working at Walt Disney Walt. 
  • I want to say yes to…to venturing to New Zealand and Australia. 
  • I want to say yes to…volunteering at Rays of Sunshine. 
  • I want to say yes to…getting married in Walt Disney World. 
  • I want to say yes to…owning a German Shepard. 
  • I want to say yes to…meeting all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cast (I met Matthew Perry in February of this year…1 down, 5 to go)
  • I want to say yes to…meeting Shay Carl…and the rest of the Shaytards if the opportunity arises. 
  • I want to say yes to…being spontaneous and going to Disneyland Paris for a day. 
  • I want to say yes to…sleeping under the stars. 
  • I want to say yes to….LIFE!!!! 

I’m only 18 years old but I know and understand how precious life is and how easily things can change. In October of 2015 my dad so very kindly gave me a kidney as for all my life I have been suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease and by October…it quickly turned to kidney failure meaning I needed a transplant. My dad not only gave me a gift of a working kidney but a gift of a second chance at life and I’m not going to let him down. I’m now going to go out there and chase my dreams and make everything on my never ending bucket list come true. So when I’m 80+ looking back on life…I smile because it happened, and I’m not upset because I regret not doing things I could have so easily done if I had just SAID YES!! 

So there we have it, another blog post done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did don’t be shy by saying yes to liking this post, it would mean the world.

What things do you want to say yes to? Leave them in the comments, I would love to hear them and maybe add some to my own bucket list. 

And finally before I forget…I tag, 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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