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Welcome Back!!! If you didn’t know..and if you didn’t, you’ve been living under a rock, I went to Walt Disney World with my family and my boyfriend (check out my blog post all about it here)at the end of August and I had the most amazing time. But without collecting multiple ‘Disney Park” bags on your trip have you really used your time in Disney wisely? The answer is no. Part of the Disney experience is shopping, whether that’s in the parks waiting for thunderstorms to pass by or down in Disney Springs for a chill out evening. So that’s exactly what I did. 

(This haul won’t be including any of the clothes I brought because I thought…why don’t drag out the Disney blog posts for longer and make a haul dedicated to the clothes I got)


The first night we headed to World of Disney and this giant Stitch caught my eye instantly and I knew it was coming home with me. Tom very kindly got the giant Stitch plush for me as you actually can’t get this size of Stitch toy in the UK. And the question I always get when I show him to people is “how did you get it home?”… I took it on the plane of course. No, but seriously there was no issue with carrying it onboard, I just stored him in the overhead locker for the flight. 

The stitch in front of the giant one I already owned and took with me but because I have the old design of Stitch, it actually fits into costumes that are meant for Duffy. I have a Sully costume for him so why not get a Pluto one for him too? Tom also very kindly got this one for me as well. I’m one lucky lady. 


Walt Disney is my inspiration so it wasn’t a hard decision to pick up this beautiful poster of him from Art of Disney with one of my favourite quotes of his. 

“I hope we don’t loose sight of one thing, it all started with a mouse”


I used to love Pin Trading, collecting the cheaper ones and trading with Cast Members. But now I’m older I just love collecting ones I like and having them as keep sakes. I was on a mission this trip to find pins of my favourite characters (Stitch, if you couldn’t tell and Baymax). The castle one actually opens up and inside is a photo of Walt Disney with his quote: 

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

And the last one I got was a 2016 one just to remember the year I went for the first time with my boyfriend.



I saw this mug the very first day in our hotel gift shop and fell in love. During the holiday, every time I saw it, I picked it up and stared at it’s beauty. On the very last day, Tom treated me once again and brought it for me.

Oh, just a side note…I collect mugs, I love them! 


We were heading out of Epcot one evening and to shelter from the rain for a bit, we of course went into “World Traveler’s”. I spotted this necklace and brought it instantly. I didn’t really think about it at the time, it just caught my eye so I got it. I’m so happy I did buy it, I love it and I’ve worn it every single day since getting it. 

Now onto the things I got in Universal and more specifically Harry Potter World. 


Of course I had to get a wand. I already have Luna Lovegood’s, my favourite female character, from the Harry Potter studios so I knew I wanted my favourite male characters wand from Harry Potter World. So that’s what I did, I got Lupins. Well, Tom got it for me. He’s truly amazing and spoilt me so much this trip. 

I also got a Gringotts bank note because why not?! 



The final non-clothing item I got…well Tom got me, I see a recurring pattern, was these beautiful Hufflepuff magnetic bookmarks. Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff. 

Bonus points if you can tell what books are modelling the bookmarks…haha!!


Just thought I’d throw these purchases in this haul. I got these two beautiful hardback Moleskin notebooks in Gatwick airport. The black one was originally just black (squared) but I customised it when I got home and it’s now my new bullet journal. The Toy Story one (lined) was limited edition so I had to pick it up. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for yet. 

So that’s it. I would say my bank account took a real hit but it looks like Tom did more damage. I’m so grateful for Tom getting me all these amazing souvenirs, he’s truly amazing. I’m also so immensely grateful to my parents for paying for a once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel  

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August Flip Through | My Bullet Journal | Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!!! Today I thought I’d share with you how I planned out the month of August in my bullet journal. I’ve been bullet journalling on and off since the end of 2015 so I still see myself as a newbie to this whole system, therefore I’m still finding a perfect layout for me. However, this is why I love bullet journaling so much. It’s so experimental that if something doesn’t work out for you one month, you can scrap it or try something new the next month.

My Bullet Journal 

In May, I realised that I never flipped back to view my monthly spread and I always forgot to fill in my dailies so I scraped both of them realising there was no point in wasting those pages. Therefore, in June I started doing weekly spreads and since then haven’t looked back. I love them!


However, realising that I liked weekly spreads best was only half the battle. It was now about deciding how best to lay it out and what I wanted on the spread and how best to optimise the space. Only this past week have I finally decided  how I want all my weekly spreads to be like (see above) after much experimenting. 

Weekly Spread: 

  • Enables me to see my week at a glance. 
  • Enables me to future plan but not so far ahead that I get stressed. 
  • Enables me to track my water intake which vital for me and my health. 
  • Enables me to insert a weekly quote that I like to keep me motivated through-out the week. 


Having a weekly spread is great but I still wanted some sort of overview for the month. This is the first month that I have tried this particular layout (see above) and although I like it, I still don’t flip to it often enough for my liking. It’s still another bit of wasted space in my opinion so I need to adapt it or think of a new way to utilise this space for next month as I really like having my habit tracker on the same double spread.

I have used a monthly habit tracker since I first started bullet journalling and each month it is my favourite thing to come back to and see my progress. Although the habits I want to track each month sometimes vary, I will never get rid of my habit tracker. 


The final double page spread I have for the month of August is my “blog tracker” and “spending log”. I have been using a blog tracker for the past two months and I really find it helps me see what kind of posts I’m uploading, which category they come under and how often I’m posting them, allowing me to keep my blog content varied. 

However, the spending log is new to me this month. I wanted to give it a go because I’m really trying to save money ready for my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World as well as university. I’m intrigued to how well it will work for me. 

So those are the spreads I keep roughly the same each month. I like how they all fit into 2 double page spreads. After those 4 pages, I just repeat my weekly spread layout each week. I tend to draw each week out on the Friday before the new week. 

I love my bullet journal and I’m so happy I’ve finally found a planner that I actually want to use and keep up with. Most previous planners I would be addicted to them for about a week and then go off them because I realised they weren’t working for me. Bullet journalling works amazing for me and I love how it also allows me to be so creative.

How do you plan? Do you have a bullet journal? 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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