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It was October of last year, yes 2016, when I last graced you with a book haul. I was just starting my first year of university and I was realising how little money I would have, so books became a very special treat for myself, only buying a few every couple of months. As I have spent most of the year cutting down my book buying when my birthday rolled around in June, Tom treated me to a trip to Foyles. Therefore about half of this haul is thanks to him. I do love him for allowing me to indulge in the wonder that is books and reading.

All Potterheads and book lovers alike know that recently the new Harry Potter books in the house colours came out to celebrate 20 years since the release of the first book. So without even thinking, the hardback Hufflepuff edition when straight into my basket.


I was only going to allow myself the hardback Hufflepuff edition as getting all four books, either in hardback or paperback and in some peoples cases, both, is very expensive. But when I saw the paperback edition in Tescos for £3.75, AND it was the last Hufflepuff edition, it was a sign, I HAD to pick it up.


Back in November, I read Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne as an eBook. I rated 5 stars, I absolutely adored it, therefore I knew I had to have it on my bookshelf. The only issue when you are on a budget though, is that it’s harder to justify buying books you’ve already read, so I’ve only recently got around to getting my hands on a physical copy. (Thanks TOM!)


Shortly after binge reading the Spinster Girl trilogy, I saw a novella for the series in Waterstones. It was around £10-12.00 for a hundred page book but it’s so beautiful I didn’t even care. I also rated the novella 5 stars.


I already own Winter by Marissa Meyer, the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles but I couldn’t progress past Cress until I had read Fairest, so I decided to pick up both novellas in the series to complete my collection. I enjoyed Fairest and I’m eager to progress to Winter.


If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much of a contemporary lover I am. Therefore I just had to pick up all of these hyped reads, especially The Hate You Give and Always and Forever, Lara Jean, along with Simon Vs The Homo Sepians Agenda.


I can’t believe how little books I have accumulated over the past year, it’s not good…I NEED MORE!!! Have you read any books I’ve mentioned in this post? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,
xoxo, rachel 


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Mini Library Haul | Sitting In The Clouds

The last time I stepped inside my local library was three years ago in 2014. Why? Because I personally prefer to buy my books brand new. I’m not a fan of secondhand books, the feeling and the smell sometimes aren’t that appealing to me. Also my library doesn’t have the best selection of books that I’m interested in…aka YA. However, as I keep repeating on my blog at the minute, my student budget doesn’t really have much room for buying books brand new so when I found my long lost library card last week I made it a mission to go over the weekend and see what they had.

Although their selection was still limited, I did manage to check out two books that intrigued me, Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel and Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.


I’ve recently heard about Faceless as I redesigned the cover of Faceless for one of my university projects and the synopsis really intrigued me. I’m not going to lie as soon as I saw this book in my library I literally snatched it up. I couldn’t believe they had something that I had recently added to my TBR and a book I wanted to own and read as soon as possible.

I recognised Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore when I saw it, I think I heard Katrina from Little Book Owl on Youtube discuss it quite a while ago. I picked it up and read the first page and it seemed interesting. One thing I do like about the library is that you can pick up books and if they end up not being your cup of tea you haven’t wasted your hard earned cash on them.

I only picked up two books this trip as one disadvantage about libraries are the limited time you have to read them. I have until May 2nd to read them both which isn’t too bad but with the books I want to get read from my own personal library and these, it’s going to be a push for my April reading as on average I tend to only read around four books a month.

Having said all that I’m really excited for Faceless and intrigued by Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. Do you use your library often? What do you currently have checked out? Have you read either book I’ve mentioned? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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July Book Haul | Sitting In The Clouds

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Welcome Back!!! When you’re a reader, a book lover and book hoarder like I am you can’t resist popping into your local bookstores or typing in “book depository” in your web browser….other sites are available, to find the latest titles to add to your collection. This month saw me grow my book collection quite a lot as I’m officially back into reading and doing rather well in the BOOKTUBE-A-THON….if I d0 say so myself, so I was in the mood to buy a lot of books, so guess what?!….thats what I did.

The eBooks I Brought:

I only buy eBooks when they are on sale. I don’t see the point in spending like £10 on a eBook when I could buy the paperback or even the hardback version of the same book for the same price, which I could then add to my collection. I rarely buy ebooks that are more than £5. All the books mentioned below were brought in the “Best Sellers for £1.99 or less” sale on iBooks.

  • The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh
  • A Three Girls Christmas by Rachel Schurig
  • Just One Night by Gayle Foreman (read)
  • An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
  • Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne
  • Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I stocked up on some light-hearted contemporaries while this sale was on as I don’t want to take any physical books with me to America at the end of August. These books, especially Anna and the French Kiss, Maybe Someday and The Lemon Grove, will be great pool side reads.

Physical Books I Brought: 

  • Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (read) – Zoellas WHSmith Exclusive Book Club cover. I love this book, it’s one of my favourite contemporaries so when I saw this beautiful revamped edition, I had to get it.
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson 

I’m currently coming to the end of BOOKTUBE-A-THON and during every BOOKTUBE-A-THON,  Book Depository have a discount code you can use to get a discount on a collection of books. The books mentioned below, I have yet to receive as I only ordered them last night but I brought them with the BOOKTUBE-A-THON  discount code.

  • Cress by Marissa Meyer 
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer 
  • Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
  • More Than This by Patrick Ness

I’m currently reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and I’m loving it so I’m super stoked to receive the rest of The Luna Chronicles in the mail. I also recently finished my first Patrick Ness book so when I saw the only book by him, More Than This, that I don’t own by him discounted on Book Depository I had to pick it up. 

I haven’t brought that many books in one month in ages but I’m loving it. My reading obsession is officially back and I’m so happy. I can’t wait to get to all these books. I’m going to sign off now as I have less than 48hrs left of the BOOKTUBE-A-THON so I’m going to go back to reading. If you are participating in BOOKTUBE-A-THON, I hope its going well for you. 

Keep up to date with me on my social media platforms, linked below. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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