About Me

about me

Rachel | 20 | UK

Disney obsessed, bullet journal freak, book lover and rambling expert. Put those four things together and add this blog, you get Sitting In The Clouds. Welcome! 

On this blog you will find pretty much anything. I mainly focus on lifestyle posts, which to be honest can BE ANYTHING. But I particularly love writing my Tea Talks posts, along with sharing my bullet journal spreads and fan-girling over my love of books.

I’m an aspiring graphic designer and currently study Graphic Design and Visual Communication in the heart of London so hopefully one can I can pursue my hobby full time.

If you are a WordPress user you can follow me directly on here. If not, I do have an email list which you can sign up for to be notified every time I upload. (found in the side bar)

I try and post once a week but blogging, for now, is only a hobby, so my life can get pretty hectic with being a student, working a full time job, and trying to pursue other hobbies and dreams of mine so please bare with.

If I’m not active on here I will always be seen over on my other social media platforms. All links can be found here.

Finally, thank you for stopping by. Have a peek around, I’ve been blogging since May 2016 so there’s a lot to look at. Enjoy & welcome to the Sitting In The Clouds family.


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