Day Trip To Kew Gardens (+OOTD) | Tea Talk #7 | Sitting In The Clouds

It hit 23 degrees today in London…aka flipping boiling for the UK. The sunglasses came out, as well as the suncream. Ice cream vans music played and it truly felt like summer. My mum and I took advantage of this lovely weather as living in the UK you never know when the glorious weather will go into hiding and winter will be upon us once again, by visiting Kew Gardens.

For university I have to create a poster advertising Kew Gardens so the main focus of the trip was to get inspiration for my design. However, I’m also taking a photography class this semester so it was a great location to practice my photography. Even though this trip was primarily for university, it turned into a lovely mother, daughter day. We had a lovely lunch, sitting back and enjoying the sun. We of course stopped off in Starbucks and picked up some refreshing drinks to combat the heat and just had a lovely bonding session.

Please bare in mind I’m still learning the basics of photography and I have a long way to go.




Out of over 100 photos taken those are my three favourites. I just love doing depth of field photos.


While having a nice stroll and not following the map we came across this bear that had been carved out of an old tree stump and I think I’m going to be basing my poster off this as it’s so unique.


WARNING! Today wasn’t the day for skinny jeans but nevertheless I really liked the outfit I chose, it had a very summery vibe. I chose my really comfy shoes, my Ugg Treadlites as I knew today was a day of walking and of course a pair of sunglasses.

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans
Shoes: Uggs
Sunglasses: Primark

I did bring a leather jacket as we headed out of the house at around 9:30 in the morning but I took it off as soon as we got to the gardens and didn’t wear it once after.

Today was so much fun and the weather was just fantastic. If you enjoyed this type of blog post let me know by liking and commenting so I know whether to do similar in the future. I would also love your opinion on whether you would want me to include more of my graphic design and photography projects on my blog? Let’s chat in the comments.

If you are based in the UK, I hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine and making the most of it.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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2017 Goal Check In

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2017 Goals | Quarterly Check In | Sitting In The Clouds

Creating goals is one thing, sticking to them is hard enough but when life get’s in the way and the goals you created slip your mind it’s near to impossible to keep on track with them.  That’s why a check in on your progress through-out the year is the secret to success….I hope anyway. I set myself nine goals at the beginning of 2017 and before I even start I know I have a long way to go in completing any of them. Oh dear….let the shaming begin.


1- Reach 1,000 WordPress followersthanks to you guys each day I’m creeping closer and closer to this goal. At the beginning of the year I was at around 400, I’m now nearing 750. I haven’t been as active lately as I’ve kind of felt a bit meh about my blog, but we all have those times but you guys keep me going. Even with being a little less active, I still get the interaction from you which spurs me on. I would love to reach 1,000 followers by my birthday in June, but I think that’s pushing it a little.
2- 500 Instagram & Twitter followersI find it really hard to gain and keep a following on these two social media platforms. There are a lot of people out there who will just follow you to see if you follow back and if you don’t, it’s an immediate unfollow. I don’t get why but it’s annoying and means it’s really difficult to build a following. Unfortunately I haven’t been promoting my social media that well as I hate to be pushy. Each account currently stands at roughly 250 followers each. Pretty similar to the start of the year. However, if you would like to give my accounts a follow, my links are always at the end of each blog post. 
3- 100 Bloglovin’ followersIf I thought Instagram and Twitter were difficult platforms to gain followers, Bloglovin’ is near to impossible and plus now with the issue of them taking everyones content as their own many people have stopped using it and even deleted their accounts. I’m still unsure and unclear on this whole situation meaning I’m not so sure on this goal anymore.


1- Read 50 books. I’ve currently just finished my 14th book of the year and GoodReads says I’m on track so if I keep at the reading pace I’m currently at…roughly one book a week, this goal will be reachable.
2- Branch Out in Graphic NovelsI didn’t really think this one through, graphic novels are so expensive and I prefer buying my books brand new, therefore being a student I don’t really have the budget to buy graphic novels at this time. Maybe in the summer? Having said that, I did go to library today, first time in 3 years and they had a small graphic novel section. It wasn’t the best though so I didn’t pick any up. 
3- Step Out Of My Comfort ZoneI’m definitely doing this one. Out of the 14 books I’ve read so far this year only two have been romance/contemporary, usually my go to genre. I have actually been reading a TON of fantasy this year.


1- Finish my first year of uni, happy, still loving my course, the people and with a good grade- My first submission in February went well, my grades were good, not as good as I was hoping but I have a second chance to push my overall grades up with my next hand in. I’m still enjoying my course…as much as I can with all the stress and I LOVE the people. When I created this goal I had only been in uni like 2/3 months, as my first year is nearing a close, I can safely say I LOVE everyones company. I only have 8 people on my course and they are all so lovely.
2 – Use my Polaroid camera more – Um…kind of. It’s just hard being on a tight budget as I don’t want to use my polaroid film up too quickly as it’s fairly expensive. But I have been remembering to take it more places with me to capture some amazing memories. I’m using it as much as I would like and want so I’m happy with how this goal is progressing. 
3- Just be happyThis is a hard goal to evaluate but so far 2017 has been treating me well. Being on a student budget I’m surprised by the amount of things I have still be able to do. Tom is still in my life and that makes a whole load of difference to my happiness. My health is steady, memories are being created and life is good. 

Even though no goals are yet complete, it’s been great to refresh my memory of the goals I have set myself so I can get back on track with some of them. Most of my goals, however, are gradual and I am on the right path to get them complete, for example being happy is something I will have to evaluate at the end of the year.

Are you on track with your 2017 goals? Let me know some of your goals in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Spring and Simple | OOTD

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My Current NON-Beauty Favourites | Sitting In The Clouds

Welcome Back!!! I haven’t done a favourites post since the new year, I actually think my last one was my November Favourites. However, I’ve been sticking to the same makeup products for a while now so I don’t have any new ones to share with you, therefore I thought I’d share with you my non-beauty favourites as those do change often and I thought it would be a great way to get to know me on a more personal level.

(I want to make this a three part series, including my makeup favourites, one last time, and my current fashion favourites. Let me know if this is something you would enjoy)


I have so many different hobbies, reading and makeup are just two of them that I share with you all but I don’t think many of you know that I’m a massive Sims player. Sims first came out in like 2000 (yes, 17 years ago) and I’ve played every generation. Of course, I’m older now, nearing 20 so I don’t play as much as I used to but it’s still something I love. It’s time where I can escape from reality…a bit likes books, and just distract myself from the real world. I could get lost in this game for HOURS. I’ve been playing it a lot more recently when I have a spare hour or so. I’ve also been watching a lot more Sims videos on YouTube, Deligracy and The Sims Supply being the main two, as well as Steph0Sims but I also love watching Alfie and Zoe play Sims 4 as they are such newbs, however this can sometimes really irritate me.


You all know that I love to read as I talk about books a lot on my blog but a book I’ve recently read, and will be included in my March Wrap Up post is Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I was skeptical about going into this read as I really disliked The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and there had been a lot of comparisons but OMG this book is incredible!!!! An easy 5 star for me and my second 5 star book of the year. If you are a reader and haven’t read this book I highly highly recommend it! Plus, it has a gorgeous cover.


Tom got me a gorgeous pair of Swarovski earrings for Christmas (What I Got For Christmas) and I told myself I would save them for special occasions but I’ve been gravitating towards them for everyday wear as they are just too stunning to leave in a box for months on end. They add a something extra to a simple jumper and jeans outfit and I love them.


I never used to be a huge green tea fan and only drank it on occasion, however recently (the last couple of months) it’s become a staple in my morning routine, so much so I can no longer drink regular tea and enjoy it. BUT the only green tea I like, even normal green tea doesn’t do much for me these days, is the Twinings Cranberry Green Tea. It’s soo good!!! If you’re a tea drinker, definitely try this one out.
(I was thinking about doing a benefits of green tea blog post, let me know if you would be interested)IMG_4468.jpg

Another favourite of mine recently has been the Staedtler Pigment Liner pens. I originally got them for uni so I could focus on really designing my sketchbook for presentation purposes, however they have become a much loved accessory along side my bullet journal. I love them so much because they have six different nib sizes to choose from as well as an angled tip so I can really create a variety of headers. But the best thing is that there is no bleed through onto the next page at all.

On the same theme as the pens, my bullet journal, a constant favourite of mine, as been a huge love of mine in March because of all my new spreads thanks to the inspiration from Boho Berry. I’ve even added spreads through-out the month since my “March Plan With Me” that I can’t wait to share with you guys. Some of the spreads haven’t worked like I wanted to but that’s what great about the bullet journal system. One question: Is it bad to plan for April already?!


Now time for some music favourites

  • Ed Sheeran…of course!! Love his new album, favourite songs include Barcelona, Nancy Mulligan and Bibia Be Ye Ye.
  • Aston Merrygold, my boy in blue recently released a new single, Show Me. It’s one of my favourites from him.
  • Simple Plan, one of my favourite bands and although their most recent album is great, I’ve been going old school and listening to their “Get Your Heart On” album which was released in 2013.

I would love to share my Spotify playlists with you all so if you know how I can do that easily, let me know.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know by liking and commenting. Also, let me know if you would like to see this as part of a series, as I think a fashion favourites would be really fun.

Do we share any of the same favourites? Would love to know if you’ve played the Sims?

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tag

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The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tag | Sitting In The Clouds

Welcome Back!!! Two really exciting things have happened to me recently, I got tickets to FRIENDSFEST, a whole day dedicated to Friends and Friends fans where we get to wander around the sets, for the third year running and I also reached 700 followers on my blog, so to celebrate I thought I’d do the FRIENDS tag. I saw Kez from What Would Dory Do do this tag and seeing as I’m a crazy obsessed FRIENDS fan, I thought it was a perfect way to celebrate.


Favourite Episode? It would have to be “The One Where Ross Got High” purely for the bickering between Monica and Ross and them revealing all their childhood lies. But a classic that I just can’t forget about is “The One With The Prom Video”. Ross and Rachel are meant to be and it shows in that episode. But I also love “The One With The Football” because the amount of laughs that episode gets out of me is ridiculous. Basically, all the episodes are amazing and it’s stupidly hard to pick just one, but I’d say the ones I’ve mentioned are my top three. But if you want a top four, let’s include “The One With The Lottery”. Ah…I can’t stop listing episode, they are all fantastic.

Least Favourite Episode? I’m sorry but I refuse to answer this question. FRIENDS has been there for me when real life people weren’t and any episode I put on will bring a smile to my face. I don’t care which episode is playing on TV or how many times I’ve seen a certain one, none of them will ever get boring for me.


(Yes, that is Matthew Perry’s signature. It’s my dream to meet each friend and one has finally be ticked off my bucket list)

Who Is Your Favourite Friend? I feel like I have to say Rachel because she has the same name as me but to be honest, although I love her, she’s not my all time favourite. It changes per episode as I love them all but Phoebe and Joey, the two main side characters are the ones who make me crack up the most. But if I had to say one, it would be Joey. Even Matt Le Blanc nowadays still makes my heart flutter, he’s a gorgeous silver fox.

Least Favourite Friend? Do people have a least favourite? If I had to pick one it would be Ross as I don’t like how he acts when he’s with Emily but boy he makes some amazing jokes in some episodes….I’M FINE | MY SANDWICH | FAJITAS…are just a few. I only really don’t like him because he’s not with Rachel. For example, I really dislike him when he’s with Julie as well. Just be with Rachel forever and always please.

Which Friend Best Represents Yourself? I would have to say Monica purely for the fact she’s super organised and neat. But those are the only traits I see Monica and myself sharing.


Favourite Romantic Pairing? Who doesn’t say Ross and Rachel for this question?…”see, he’s her lobster”

Your Favourite Quote? “You fell ASLEEP?”…”It was 5.30 in the morning and you had rambled on for 18 pages…FRONT AND BACK”!! Love that scene so much and I always have to say it along with the episode as I just love the tones of the voices and the humour it brings. “I KNEW IT!!!”

Which of Phoebe’s Songs Is Your Favourite? Believe me I’m a HUGE FRIENDS fan but *hides face* I don’t know the names of all Phoebes songs. I love “Grandma” which is the song she plays to all the little kids at the library but I also love “Barnyard Animals” which is played within the same setting.
(I had to google all the names of Phoebe’s song…so much shame right now)


What Is Your Favourite Season? Every season where Rachel and Ross are a couple…they are relationship goals.

Which Is Your Favourite Episode(s) Not Set In New York? (love this question) Favourite episode not set in New York would have to be the ones set in Las Vegas where they all travel to go and visit Joey. Monica and Chandler almost get married and Rachel and Ross get so drunk (love the scenes with them drunk) that they DO get married. It’s a classic episode, I adore it.


Favourite Guest Star? It has to be Bruce Willis who played Ross’ girlfriend, Elizabeth’s dad. I LOVE the episode where Ross and Elizabeth go to the cabin but so does Paul (Bruce Willis) and Rachel and Ross has to hide under the bed and watches Paul pep talk himself. in the mirror…”I too am a neat guy”.

Favourite Secondary Character? It has to be Richard!!! Of course I love Monica and Chandler but you can’t deny the fact that Monica and Richard made an awesome couple as well. I love the fact he kept making appearances after his relationship with Monica ended. I also love Phoebe’s 10 year love interest, David.

Least Favourite Secondary Character? God, it has to be Emily. She’s an awful stereotype of British people in the first place, being British myself, we aren’t like that. Also, she just makes Ross make so many bad decisions and keeps him from Rachel. The show withOUT Emily would have been good in my opinion.

Favourite Wedding? It has to be Phoebe’s and Mike’s, I just loved the setting. It was so simple and impromptu, and the snow made it beautiful. I also loved the storyline that went along with that episode, the main part being about whether Chandler or Ross would be in it and in the end everyone is, just like the six of them should be.

Favourite Birth? It has to be Emma, Ross’ and Rachel’s daughter. Although they weren’t a couple, having a daughter together made their relationship from that point all that more amazing.


And that my FRIENDS is all the questions. Although Kez didn’t tag me, I let her know I was doing this tag so thank you to her for pointing this amazing tag out to me. It was so much fun to do.

Thank you for all for reading and supporting my blog and allowing for it to reach 700 followers, that’s just bonkers. Also, do we share any of the same answers to the questions? Are you a FRIENDs fan? Let’s chat in the comments.

I tag anyone and everyone who is a FRIEND fan to do this tag. Let me know if you did and link me to your post.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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One Lovely Blogger Award

One Lovely Blogger Award | Sitting In The Clouds

Welcome Back!!! I was nominated by the lovely Natalie from Natty Vinh for this award which was so kind of her so go check out her blog for travel, beauty and lifestyle posts.


  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post ☑️
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image ☑️
  • Must add 7 facts about them ☑️
  • Then nominate 15 people

7 facts:

  • I’m a very organised and planner based person. I can’t do electronic calendars or planning apps, everything has to be written down on paper, hence the love of my bullet journal.
  • Creme Eggs are my weak spot. Every time Easter comes around, my fridge is always filled with boxes upon boxes of them. They become like my fruit supplement, I only allow myself one a day but if I could, I would live off them.
  • I’ve recently realised that my past has effected me more than I thought. Some people say that past relationships help you grow but all mine has done is drag me down. I never used to be this insecure (not sure that’s the right word) about myself.
  • My idol has and will always be the man that invented the mouse…Mr Walt Disney. What I would do to meet him and thank him.
  • Ed Sheeran has become one of my new favourite artists and you all probably know why. My favourite songs from him are, Drunk, Gold Rush, Gallaway Girl, Barcelona, Nancy Mulligan and Bibia Be Ye Ye.
  • I can’t wait for the day that I have my own home and get to paint and decorate it as I please.
  • Another one about the future, I really want two dogs when I’m older, a french bulldog and an Australian (or German, both equally cute and gorgeous) Shepard.

My Nominees: (warning you now, I will never be able to nominate more than about five bloggers at one time, I don’t know what it is but I find it really. However, everyone I nominate is for a reason, I love their blogs, their content, their pictures, and they are just all so lovely)

Amelia from Rosetintedpics 
Abi from from
Natalie from The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak
Mercy from Mercyish
Jessica Riga
Sarah Wilde

I love these tag, award posts as they are a great way to recognise fellow bloggers so be sure to check out some of the girls I’ve mentioned, they all have amazing blogs with awesome content.

Thank you again to Natalie for nominating me and until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Drugstore Haul

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A-Z of Me

Motivation, No Regrets & Taking Chances | Tea Talk #6 | Sitting In the Clouds

Welcome Back!!! A while ago now, but something that has resinated with me since is that you shouldn’t look back on your life with any regrets. I truly believe that you should be able to look back on your life and say “I can’t believe I did that” rather than “I wish I had done that”. That “something” may be sh!t scary and way out of your comfort zone but all you have to do is take that first step. The reason I’m saying all this is because recently during another plain and simple day at uni, our class had to sit through a “jobs & CV” seminar. I have a great internship at the moment and knew this class wasn’t going to be super helpful to me but I was feeling super motivated that day so I thought I might as well take the most out of it that I can. That’s when my point of view on life shifted. Now that may be a massive statement to say but since that day, I have never been so motivated to work hard to achieve what I want. That lecturer simply said….

“All you have to do is take that first step”

Of course she was talking about reaching out to companies and businesses yourself rather than just relying on the internet and job search websites but for me, it hit a completely different part of my heart.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a HUGE Disney fan. My first trip to Disneyland Paris was when I was three months old, my first trip to Walt Disney World was in 2000, when I was three. Since then I have been to WDW 13 times and Paris around eight. I’ve pretty much been to one or the other at least once a year since I was born. I’m forever grateful for my parents for giving me a Disney filled childhood and for allowing my Disney heart to grow and grow. But something my parents never knew would become of this was wanting to work for The Mouse himself and not just visit him on holiday.

Scan 122110014

Since about the age of ten when on one of my many trips to the most magical place on earth I saw an english girl working at Disney. I wondered how? why? So many thoughts were going through my mind but the main thought was “a girl from where I’m from is here working. That’s going to me someday.”

Of course I was only around ten years old at the time so I didn’t think much about it but over the years since, I’ve been researching and learning all about the Disney College Program or the Disney International Program for students outside of the USA ever since. A chance for students who are studying at university level to have the summer of their lives. From June to August they have the chance to work for The Mouse, earning, learning and playing all at the same time. This is my dream!!!! To be able to work for The Mouse, to thrive, learn and grow in my happy place, to go to a place where the sun is always shining. The Disney International Program is a chance for my dream to become a reality. And that lecturer resparked that idea and love I always had simmering in my blood to come to the surface.


This is the first year I am able to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity but around two years ago I had a massive passion for it and was researching it day in, day out. Two things made me feel like this dream of mine wasn’t possible and never would be, something so out of my reach there wasn’t even any point trying; a controlling and manipulative ex-boyfriend and my chronic illness. Since then, a new man, a supportive, caring, amazing man has stepped into my life and my dad gave me one of his kidneys so I could live a better life. So with the combination of an amazing man who only wants the best for me, a working kidney allowing me to live a normal life and a lecturer who I don’t even think she knows how much she has impacted me life, this summer I’m applying for the Disney International Program for the summer of 2018.

I’m going to achieve my dreams. I’m taking that first step in making my dreams possible. I’m going to work in my happy place, I’m going to say I worked at Disney when I’m 80 years old in my rocking chair, flipping through the scrapbook with my grand kids because bet you not, they will be just as obsessed with Disney as I am. I’m not going to let life pass me by and I will not be sitting in that rocking chair regretting not having taken that first step and applied.


I know how incredibly hard it is to apply and even get accepted onto the program because I’m not the only one out there who also wants this dream as much as me. Thousands apply, only hundreds get accepted. But I’m going to take that first step and apply because you never know what might happen because I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone and follow my dreams.

I ask you, are you doing things to make your dreams become a reality? Are you already chasing your dreams? Never have an regrets in life!

Abi over at…ages ago, asked me to write a blog post about my dream job. Working at Disney, even if it is only for three months is my dream job. A lot of people believe the Disney College Program is only stepping stones in working full-time at Disney as people extend their programs so you never know where things in life can take you. All I know that is my dream job is to work for The Mouse and be a cast member who makes magical moments for guests, just like a whole load of cast memories have created magical moments for me and my family in the past.

This is my dream and I’m not going to let anybody stop me from achieving them!

until next time,

xoxo, rachel
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Lush Empties

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February Moments

Love Is In The Air | Monthly Moments | February 2017 | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I know it’s cliche to say and almost every blogger out there says it but I can’t ignore the fact that it’s March in pretty much three days?! Umm..where is 2017 going? It’s just evaporating before my eyes and before we know it, it WILL be Christmas…no joke!! Anyway, before Christmas and December and the month of festive activities comes knocking at our door again, we had someone else paying us a little visit this month. Cupid…of course, who can forget, February is the month that holds Valentines Day and being in a relationship, Tom and I surprisingly didn’t even do anything that extravagant  because two days prior we celebrated one WHOLE year together, so to say February was filled with love is a little understatement. However, before we get into all the lovey dovey, soppiness, I did some really exciting things this month.

January was all about going to the theatre (January Monthly Moments) because I received so many tickets for Christmas but February saw my mum and I hold on a little longer to Christmas as she got me Strictly Come Dancing Tour tickets which we saw this month. It was such a fun night and I’m so pleased that Danny won not only our tour night but won the Strictly Tour trophy overall. He should have always won in my opinion.

And of course during the interval, my mum and I had to play around with the snapchat filters to give us some entertainment.

In the mix of all the fun I had this month and love I got to give and receive, February also saw my sister and her boyfriend go off traveling for three months. We had a “good-bye” meal and cocktails, two days prior to their departure and it was lovely to spend one final evening, drinking and eating with my favourites. I’m going to miss my sister so much but it’s already been like two weeks so I’m sure three months will fly by. But then again, that will be May and I’ll be nearing the end of my first year at uni which is too scary to think about right now.


But not only did I have to say goodbye to my sister that night, I also got to celebrate one whole year with Tom (Dear Tom). I can’t believe it’s been now over a year since this amazing human being stepped into my life and truly allowed me to be myself. Forever grateful. That night was definitely bitter sweet.


Tom for some reason, asked me out at such an awkward time, only two days before Valentines day and because we had done all our celebrating on the Sunday, our actual anniversary, when Valentines Day came around, we literally just chilled. I went to his and we caught up on the latest Walking Dead and ate popcorn. To be honest, that’s our perfect night.

Tom and I also went to go and see Hacksaw Ridge in February, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have been wanting to see it since it’s first trailer got released LAST summer. I think the release date got pushed back as it was meant to come out in November. I’m so happy I finally got to go and see it though, it was incredible. It’s definitely one of those films that’s better seen on the big screen. And unfortunately, we forgot to take a selfie but in our defensive, the cinema was packed and we were lucky we even got seats as the seats we got were the last pair together. Note to self…try to avoid going to the cinema on a Friday night, unless you have pre-booked.

And the final exciting thing that happened this month was that I went to my first ever football match. Chelsea v Swansea. If you have been following me a while, you’ll know back in my October Monthly Moments, I took my dad to tour the Chelsea Stadium as he’s been a Chelsea fan since…well forever. I’m not a massive football fan but really enjoyed the stadium tour. A week or so ago, my dad asked me if I wanted to go see a home match with him and I thought why not?

I didn’t really know what to expect but ended up loving it. I always love it when my dad and I do things just the two of us and football was never something I ever thought I’d get to do with my dad so it was amazing to just see him so happy and part of that reason is because we won 3-1. GO ON BLUES!!! It was an incredible atmosphere and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much as I’ve never been a huge fan of football, especially watching it on tv.

So that’s it for February. Another month is done and dusted but bring on March as for some reason I am super motivated at the moment. I blame restarting uni. For some reason, every chance you get at a fresh start, for me it’s been starting semester two at uni, gives you a sudden surge of motivation and willingness to stay on top. Let’s just hope it continues.

But before I leave you all, there’s one last thing I want to mention and that’s that in February I actually reached 600 followers on my blog, when only in January, I reached 500. I want to thank each and everyone one of you whose decided to click that follow button and read all my blog posts. It means the world.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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