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Welcome Back!!! I saw this post a while ago on someone else’s blog, unfortunately I can’t remember whose which really annoys me but just to let you know this wasn’t my own idea but thought it was a really cool concept so I wanted to try it for myself. Basically I did my makeup on only one side of my face to see the difference and how makeup can enhance your different features. I decided to also show you guys how and what makeup I applied so I guess this is also a tutorial. I’ve been really into the matte look recently, especially my eyes so the makeup I’m showing in todays blog post is my current go to. ENJOY!

(I got these pictures by filming myself applying my makeup and in post production taking screenshots, much like my “go-to autumn makeup look” post. I filmed this when the sun was setting so the lighting is dodgy in places.)



This is me bare faced before applying any makeup what so ever. If you’re wondering my bandana is from Forever 21 and my top is from Boohoo. 


I start by focusing on my eyebrows using the Freedom Eye Pomade with my Real Techniques eyebrow set. I start by combing my brow hairs with the spoolie and then go in with the angled eyebrow brush to fill them in.



eyebrows 6.jpg

It’s crazy that filling in your brows is only a recent trend and that no one used to care about them because the difference between a filled in brow and a natural brow is crazy. My filled in brow is very strong and really helps shape and frame my face. I then set them in place with my trusty Maybelline Brow Drama in dark brown.

eyebrows 12.jpg


Moving onto my base, which by the way was super hard to only cover half of my face just because I’m so used to doing the entirety of it.  I use my holy grail L’Oreal Infallible Matte foundation along with the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, both applied with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. Then a rediscovery of mine, the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to set it all in place.




After applying my entire base the difference is not that noticeable, unlike my brows but you can definitely see that my skin is more flawless and smooth with an even colour all over.

concealer 4.jpg

Next, onto contour, blush and highlight, using all shades from my trusty Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour palette (review here).


As you can see it’s very much loved.




Halfway into completing my makeup look, there are a few difference in how I’m looking. How strong my brow is, my skin tone being more even and my face having more shape are the main three things I notice when comparing either side of my face.



Moving onto the eyes, I think this is where I see the most difference in my appearance. I did a really simple eye look with only a few shades, all of them being matte. However, I decided to go all out with eyeliner because it will be the only time I won’t have to worry about my eyeliner being even..haha!! To create my eye look, I used my holy grail Morphe 35T palette (review here).





Even with only having done my transition shade, my crease is a lot more prominent. Using a slighter lighter matte brown shade next, I use a more defined eyeshadow brush to just blend everything out. I also brought this shade down to my lower lash line.



To deepen up my crease, I next go in with the only dark matte brown shade there is in the palette. Then to complete the look, I went in with a small eyeshadow brush to apply a matte dusky pink in the inner third.

eyeshadow 14.jpg




I then highlight my brow bone with the shimmery pink shade next to the matte pink shade. Then it’s time to apply eyeliner. I use the Collection Fast Stoke eyeliner as I love how black the colour is. It also stays all day and I find it really easy to create a straight liner.



To finish off the eyes I apply my holy grail mascara, Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious. I can’t say enough good things about this mascara, I just love it so much.




And that right there is why I love this mascara so much. It’s time to finish off the entire makeup look and apply some lippy. For this look I went with a “my lips but better” shade because when do I not? which is currently the Rimmel Colour Burst in Sunbaked.


DRUMROLL for the final look and to see the true power of makeup….




Overall, I think the biggest differences were the eyebrows and mascara. However, because I prefer natural looking makeup compared to bold and bright colours, I think the power of makeup for me is just enhancing my features rather than covering them up or trying to change who I am. But looking at the pictures it’s crazy what makeup can actually do to your overall appearance. I really feel like my face has a stronger, more angular shape to it when I have makeup on and this can only be down to the contour.

That’s it for another blog post. If you enjoyed it let me know either by liking it or commenting below. Although these types of blog posts take an entire day more or less to do, from setting up, filming it, editing and choosing the pictures, then to actually writing the blog post, I always love how they turn out so I would love your feedback.

Feel free to do a similar blog post to see how the power of makeup can change the way you look and if you do decide to do your own blog post, be sure to link me to it, I would love to read them.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog, and until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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