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Welcome Back!!! This past weekend was Tom’s, my incredible boyfriend’s, 21st birthday and I treated him to the ultimate weekend in London. It felt like a little holiday so it feels strange to be back home even though we were only away for one night. It was such an incredible weekend full of laughter, drinks and food and it’s time like these that I realise how truly lucky I am.

We started the weekend by getting the train into London, which doesn’t seem too bad but when you both have really heavy overnight bags, it felt so much worse than normal. At least we didn’t go in rush hour otherwise I would have not been able to cope. Anyway, we got the train all the way to South Kensington, where our hotel was situated for the night. We stayed in the Rembrandt and it was amazing, I recommend it if you are thinking of staying in London.

We got there for 12pm (midday) as that was our check-in time. However, because I had requested a particular room it wasn’t quite ready when we turned up which was fair enough so we look a seat in the lounge while we waited and grabbed a drink from the bar. However, it was getting close to 1pm, an hour after we had checked in, so I went to enquire as we had a lunch reservation at 2pm and we needed to get ready. The room I had requested still wasn’t ready so they offered us another room and gave us an upgrade to a “King Executive Room” as a sorry for making us wait, which was so nice of them as we weren’t annoyed about waiting but more of the fact we had dinner in an hour and we needed to make ourselves look presentable.

We then headed to our room, which was really nice and the bed was huge, it was a king, hence the name of the room. We quickly changed into our evening attire…I don’t think I’ve ever done my makeup so quickly and headed to our lunch/dinner reservation. My dad is the Executive Head Chef at Langan’s Brasserie in Green Park so months prior I got my dad to book us a table for Tom’s birthday weekend I was planning. Of course, because it was my dads restaurant, the food was incredible and he even organised Tom to get a little birthday dessert which I had no idea about which was lovely and a great surprise. Tom felt very special.

After all the food we were so stuffed but our evening was just getting started. As I’ve said countless times on my blog now, Tom is an aspiring actor and his favourite musical is Jersey Boys and when I heard it was closing in March I knew I had to get him tickets to see it again. However, I was sneaky. Tom once mentioned that he believes the best seats for musicals are in the Stalls, row D, seats 13/14 because you are close enough to feel part of the show, far enough away you aren’t cranking your neck and exactly in the middle, so of course those were the seats I got…well, close to, I got 12/13 because the others were sold already. But one seat out, I was very impressed with myself.

I had never seen Jersey Boys before and I now understand why Tom loves it so much. It is incredible and I can’t believe I’ve only just seen it because I don’t think I’ll have another chance to see it again before it closes which is such a shame. But Tom was correct with the seats, they were amazing and exactly how he said they would be. We were right there in the show but far enough away to appreciate everything and exactly in the middle. I can now appricate why those tickets were so expensive but it was worth it.

It was only around 10pm when the show had ended so the night was still young and Tom wanted to be awake for when the clock turned midnight as his birthday was the Sunday. It was completely up to him what we did as he was his birthday celebration and he opted for a drink in the hotel bar, which was fine by me, so that’s what we did.


Our original plan was to head to our favourite cocktail bar after the show but going back to the hotel and chilling in the bar, where you could actually hear each other talk and have a nice conversation and just chill on big comfy sofas ended up being so much nicer.

The clock turned 12 and it was officially Tom’s birthday and seeing as Tom is now 21 and getting old, we headed up to our room to get some sleep. However, the fun wasn’t over yet.  The offer I got for the hotel came with spa access and a full english breakfast. So on Saturday night we decided to arrange for our breakfast to come to the room so we could just chill in our pjs on the Sunday and Tom could open some cards and presents.

Room service arrived and it was amazing. Sausages, bacon, eggs, croissants, toast, pots of tea and those cute little sachets of Nutella. And once our food had settled, it was time to relax in the “spa”. I say “spa” because we didn’t get any treatments so it was basically just a hot tub and swimming pool and the pool had swimming lessons taking place so we just decided to chill in the hot tub for about half an hour before it was time to check out of the room.

This past weekend was incredible and I can’t believe it was only in London, it truly felt like we had gone abroad. Tom and I have only been going out 11 months, and although it feels like a lifetime…in a good way, we are still getting to know each other on so many different levels, so it was lovely to spend some proper quality time together after our hectic Christmas schedules with work and uni.

I will cherish the memories created this past weekend forever, as although it really hurt my bank balance, it was 100% worth every penny get to spend that time with someone I love and care about so much and allowed him to feel special and celebrate his birthday in such a wonderful way. He said it was the best birthday he’s ever had and I’m so happy I was able to make that happen for him. But seriously…21!!! Tom is OLD! Haha!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog, I’ve been getting so much love in the way of likes, comments and follows recently that it’s making me so happy. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying my content and I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

P.S. I start uni again tomorrow so my schedule will be back to normal, Mondays, Fridays and Sundays so make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date as that’s where I say if I’m not able to post some days and other blogging updates.

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