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Welcome Back!!! I talk about my boyfriend probably more than I should on my blog so I thought it was time to properly introduce my lovely readers to my amazing boyfriend. His name is Tom, all of his friends call him Steveo (shorten surname..don’t ask me why) but I will never ever call him that. But to be honest I barely ever call him Tom, he is always “babey” or “gorgeous” to me. I actually find it strange when Tom comes out of my mouth.

(Disclaimer…I’ve taken the best questions out of the “official” boyfriend tag video that went around Youtube years ago)


(First picture we ever took together)

Where did we meet? 
Tom: Pumphouse
Me: I’ll give him that but to expand, we met through mutal friends and Pumphouse is his drama club. They were putting on a show that my friend dragged me to. Her best friend was the drummer and his best friend was performing in it, my now boyfriend, so we all met up for drinks afterwards and let’s just say, the rest is history.

Where was our first date?
Tom: The Grocers.
Me: Another correct answer, I’m sure he will fall down soon…I hope anyway! The Grocers is a local cafe in my old town. We met up for “coffee”…we both had tea and then had a wander round my old town. It was lovely and  great way to get to know each other. I disapprove of first dates at places like cinemas, places you can’t really talk and get to know each other.

What was your first impression of me?

Tom: Beautiful.
Me: He’s so sweet.

When did you meet the family?
Tom: On our first date.
Me: Surprising he is correct. On our first date we walked A LOT and it wasn’t very warm and by that time I knew he was a massive fan of FRIENDS, just like me so I invited him back for tea and some FRIENDS and my parents just happened to be home. But to be fair, I met his family the first time I went round his so we are kind of even. I only think “meeting the parents” is a big thing when you are older and have moved out of home because it’s more effort to organise a time when your partner and parents can meet for the first time. For me, meeting the parents really isn’t that big of a deal…might just be me.

Do I have any weird obsessions, if so…what?
Tom: *thinks for ages* having a blog? (I look at him like “are you serious?” so he thinks for longer) umm…books?
Me: I’ll give him that, although I don’t think it’s weird. I’m hoping he doesn’t find it weird that I read, just the fact that I have an obsession of keeping my books perfect, no dog ears etc. I get very annoyed if any of my books get damaged.P.S. He’s so supportive of my blog it’s unreal.

How long have we been together?
Tom: 10 months
Me: Yup. I think it’s just over now. Our 1 year anniversary will be February 12th 2017.

Do you have any traditions with your gf/bf?
Tom: *thinks for ages and comes up with, “watching the walking dead?”* (I don’t think that’s really a tradition so I give him a hint)…ahhhh! taking selfies at the cinema.
Me: Yeah it’s kinda weird but before every film, apart from Fantastic Beasts, we completely forgot, we’ve taken a selfie before the films started. It’s a nice way to remember what we’ve seen together.


(Our selfie before seeing Deepwater Horizon)

What was our first road trip?
Tom: ah easy, Hundred Acre Wood.
Me: Yup, 100% correct. As soon as Tom found out I had a mini obsession with Winnie the Pooh, he took me to the place that inspired A.A.Milne. We packed a picnic and just had a wonderful day.

What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Tom: your eyes
Me: Really? You’re so cute!!

What is my favourite restaurant? 
Tom: Is it cheating to say Lagans? (Lagans is my dads restaurant, so no). Oh yeah, TGI Fridays (yes and Frankie and Benny’s) but anywhere that has a burger.
Me: I do love a good burger!!!

2016_March_Tom 21.jpg

(Tom made me this burger and I cleared my plate haha)

What do we argue about the most? 
Tom: We don’t really argue
Me: We’ve only been in a relationship for 10 months so we don’t really argue about anything. I would say we are still in our “honeymoon phase”.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? 
Tom: UH ME!!! (He said that way too loudly and quickly for my liking)
Me: If you say so babey!

If I’m watching TV, what am I watching?
Tom: I’m A Celeb (OMG YES!! What else?) Eastenders (YES! So happy he got that one), The Walking Dead (If you don’t get the last one I won’t be happy), FRIENDS.
Me: He got my four favourite tv shows. I really wasn’t expecting him to get Eastenders.

2016_September_FriendsFest_Central Perk_14.JPG

(Tom and I at FriendsFest this past September…he loves the show too)

What is one food I don’t like? 
Tom: Only one? Brussel sprouts (how did you get that one?) it’s a generic one (well that’s cheating). Mushrooms, beans? (YESS!!! How did you get that one?)
Me: Nothing really to add, I hate mushrooms and beans.

What drink do I order when we go out? 
(We’ll do alcoholic and non alcoholic)
Tom: Lemondade and Arches and Lemonade.
Me: Yup, if I’m drinking alcohol it will 100% be Arches and lemonade. However, non alcoholic it tends to be water, I can’t believe Tom didn’t get that.

What shoe size do I wear? 
Tom: 7? (he looked so unsure about that)
Me: Yes, I wear a 7 but I think he guessed and got lucky on that one

What is my favourite kind of sandwich?
Tom: Subway, Italian BMT (what bread?) ummm…herb and cheese, BOOM!!!

Me: That is my exact order in Subway and I do love a good Subway. Tom’s order is always, Spicy Italian on Hearty Italian bread, cheese and toasted. Lettuce and sweetcorn for the salad and no sauce.

2016_Feburary_Tom_First Ever Pic.jpg

(First ever polaroid we took and I’m so nice I gave it to Tom to keep although it’s my all time favourite picture we have taken)

What is one talent I have?
Tom: Makeup
Me: Aw babey, compared to others I’m not that great.

What would I eat everyday if I could?
Tom: Burgers, popcorn, bread (there’s one more than I would eat everyday and probably do, it begins with C?)….CRAYONS!!!

What’s my favourite cereal?
Tom: (lists so many that I can’t type that fast, so I give him a hint, it begins with K? lists more beginning with K)…KRAVE!!!
Me: I had to help him a lot with that one so I don’t think he actually knew. But to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever told him or actually eaten cereal in the past 10 months.

What’s my favourite music?
Tom: Country, christmas music, The Summer Set (there’s one more, I had to play him a song from the band)…Oh yeah! The Make Believe *and then he starts singing along*
Me: Although I had to help him, he did get my favourite genre, country.

2016_May_Tom_TSS 3.jpg

(Tom and I on a padelo before seeing our favourite band, The Summer Set in the evening)

What’s my favourite sports team?
Tom: Chelsea
Me: Yup but only because my dad avidly supports them.

What’s my eye colour?
(Don’t look)
Tom: Brown
Me: That was kind of an easy one.

Who is my best friend?
Tom: Amy (I give Tom a strange look and he starts laughing)…ME!!
Me: Yes, Tom is my best friend but I think if your in a relationship with someone who isn’t your best friend, you aren’t with the right person. Amy was my closest friend but we fell out at the beginning of 2016 and haven’t spoken since. We had a massive argument and then moved on with our lives.

What is something you do that I wish you didn’t? 
Tom: Smoke.
Me: Yup, I really wish he didn’t but compared to when I first met him, he has cut down so much. I know how hard it must be to quit so he’s doing it slowly and I’m so proud of how much he’s stopped already.

2016_May_Tom 17.jpg

What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday ?
Tom: a cinderella castle (yes, but what type of cake?) a cinderella chocolate castle cake, in other words I’m calling it for the 4 C’s cake.
Me: He knows me too well. Combine chocolate and Disney and you’ve made my day.


Do I play any sports?
Tom: *bursts out laughing* you don’t play any sports (what did I used to do?) gymnastics.
Me: I used to do gymnastics and did for about 3 years so not very long but who can be bothered to wake up at 9am on a Saturday anyway?

What could I spend hours doing?
Tom: snuggling me (100% true, he’s the perfect snuggle partner. What else though?) Youtube. (and what am I doing right now?)…your blog?
Me: I could spend hours, I actually do, writing blog posts, reading others blogs and taking pictures for mine. Blogging is a full time job.

If I could live anywhere, where would it be? 
Tom: apart from the obvious…Disney? (It’s not in the UK), Australia? (No, but close)..New Zealand.
Me: It’s been on my bucket list to go to New Zealand for about 4 years now but what I would do to spend at least one Christmas over there and experience Christmas in summer would be awesome.

Tom is an incredible human being and he has made my life so much better since I met him in January. I’m planning on doing a “boyfriend Q&A” with Tom as well, so if you have any more, maybe more personal questions, leave them in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and if you enjoyed this post, be sure to give it a like. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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