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Welcome Back!!! I know I can’t be the only one that wants so much through-out the year but when someone asks you what you want for Christmas nothing comes to mind? It happens every single year but when the dreaded question got asked this year, I actually sat down for a while to think of some things I’ve needed and have wanted for a while. I came up with quite a few things that I’ve actually been eyeing up for ages. I think it’s good to sit down and write a list, or even better, keep a list through-out the year, so heres’ mine. 

(banner pictures:

Beauty wish list.jpg


  • Real Techniques Brow Set – This is fairly new to the UK and ever since I saw it get released in the US, I knew I wanted it. All my makeup tools are RT, apart from 2 Elf brushes so I would love the Brow Set to add to my collection.
  • Vikor&Ralph Flowerbomb Original – This is my holy grail perfume for everyday and I’ve sadly just emptied my second bottle of it (November Empties). I love this perfume so much so I knew when I was spraying the last drops of it I had to add it to my wish list.
  • Benefit Porefessional Face Primer – I received this, I think around 2 years ago for Christmas and fell in love with it. It was the first face primer I have ever used and I really tried to saviour it. It lasted me a while but I ran out ages ago. Since I’m on a student budget, I found a great alternative but there’s nothing quite like the Porefessional so I would love to have this product back in my makeup bag.
  • Tweezerman Tweezers – My sister has a pair of these tweezers and I keep stealing them because they are so good. They are seriously the best tweezers I have ever used and since I pluck my own eyebrows, some good tweezers are a  must in my makeup bag and so I thought it was about time to get a pair of my own. Even if  I don’t receive them for Christmas, I will defiantly be picking up a pair soon.
  • Morphe 12NB Palette – Since buying and LOVING my Morphe 35T palette, I knew instantly I wanted to grow my Morphe collection. I adore the shades in my 35T, however 35 shades makes for a very big palette which isn’t very convenient for traveling so when the 12NB palette caught my eye I knew I needed it. 12 gorgeous shades, a mixture of shimmers and mattes. A perfect mini palette for throwing in your makeup bag for traveling. (First Impressions: Morphe 35T Palette)

Of course being an avid reader and massive book collector, I want so many more books than the nine listed below but these nine are the ones that have been catching my eye recently and the Harry Potter books are to add to my ever-growing Harry Potter collection because who doesn’t have one of those? 

  • Username Evie and Username Regenerated by Joe Sugg – I have only read one graphic novel series and that’s the The Walking Dead ones and I think it’s about time I branch out.
  • Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo -…Because who hasn’t read this duloagy and raved about it? I need to get on this band wagon.
  • Illumine and Gemina by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff – Once again, who hasn’t read these books and not loved them? I’m just so intrigued about why everyone loves them so much and think the multimedia layout is so unique.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Orginal Screenplay by J.K.Rowling – LOVED the film and I want to see how reading the screenplay compares. Plus, who wouldn’t just by this book for the cover?
  • Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling – I received The Philosophers  Stone: Illustrated Edition last Christmas and I have a feeling for the next five years the Harry Potter illustrated editions will be on my Christmas list.
  • The Walking Dead v.12-onwards – I have up to volume 11 on my bookshelves…I haven’t even read all of the ones I own yet but I LOVE the TV show and just want to collect all the graphic novels because my obsession with this franchise is crazy!

random wish list.jpg

Bits & Bobs:

  • Instax Mini 90 – I love cameras. I already own the Instax mini 8 polaroid but I’ thinking of giving it to my sister who is about to go traveling for 3 months…without me! How dare, haha! but I would love to get a fancier one (Instax Mini 90) that looks more retro and is able to do more things.
  • Lumee phone case – Because who doesn’t want to always get the perfect selfie?
  • Monopoly: The Walking Dead edition – Who would have guessed? My favourite TV Show + my favourite board game rolled into one? I NEED THIS!
  • Lilo & Stitch (Classic 41) DVD – I also have Big Hero 6 (Classic 53) and Aladdin (Classic 31) all in the same edition on my Christmas list. Being a HUGE Disney fan, I would love to one day have the entire DVD collection in the newly released artwork. They are just gorgeous.
  • Leuchttrum 1917 – If you didn’t know I love bullet journalling and the bullet journal community seems to love the Leuchttrum and although I’ve stuck by Moleskin I would love to see what the hype is about.
  • Classic Mini Ugg, Grey – I’ve been wanting another pair of mini Uggs since receiving my brown ones. They are just perfect to throw on with any outfit and I wear my brown ones pretty much every single day in the Winter season, just never when it snows as I don’t want to ruin them.
  • Bethany Uggs, Black – These are like Uggs version of Timberlands and I personally think they are much nicer as they re a lot more feminine and I would love to add these shoes to my collection.

Now I know that is one BIG list and I will never expect to receive this all for Christmas, just one thing from this will make me very happy. I can’t believe there’s only 16 days left until the big day!!

What’s on your Christmas Wish List? Do we have any of the same items? Let’s chat in the comments.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

P.S. I edited the two flat lay images using Photoshop. The background image is from Unsplash and the items are all from Google Images. None of the images in this blog post are my own. 

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