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Welcome Back!!! Another month is coming to an end so another favourites post is here. I seriously can’t believe it’s December in a couple of days. Christmas is going to fly here and I’m so ready but also so not. Christmas is my favourite time of year so I can’t wait for it to be here yet it’s over so quickly so I’m trying to savour the festive activities as much as possible. Anyway, enough about Christmas. What have I been loving during the month of November? Not a lot of new things and a few rediscoveries.



  • Morphs 35T Palette: This a very recent favourite of mine but I absolutely adore it so I couldn’t not feature it. It’s just the perfect palette for autumn and winter. It enables me to stay in my comfort zone of browns but also allows me to step out of it sometimes with the option of pinks and deep purples. For only £21.00, you can’t go wrong. I rave about it in my First Impressions: Morphore 35T post.
  • Revlon Colour Burst in Sunbaked 044: I rediscovered this as I was rummaging through my old makeup bag for my brown pencil eyeliner. I spotted this and thought I’d apply it for the day not realising that it would soon be my go-to lip product for the month of November. I’ve been wearing this every single day since rediscovering it and I love it. It’s truly “my lips but better” shade for me. 
  • Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Elegant: (not going to lie, I wrote down everything that was on the outer box as I have no clue the real name). My boyfriends parents got me this after their travels which was so sweet of them and since my Flowerbomb perfume ran out this month (Empties # 5| November) I’ve been gravitating towards this one. I would say it’s a fresh floral scent but I’m not too sure, all I know is that I’ve been loving wearing it this month.



  • Converse: Most people just tend to get the regular Converse, the white or black ones. But personally, I don’t like following the crowd, so I get every colour other than black and white. I’ve been loving wearing my brown/purple Converse this month. They are a great way to spice up a plain outfit and the colour is just perfect for autumn.

Music Favourites:

  • Mike Lake: Who you ask? An amazing musician that’s who. He hasn’t posted a video in a while which makes me so upset but he says he’s got a new one coming this week or next so I can’t wait!!! Please go check him out. He does amazing covers and bathroom jams on Instagram.
  • What We Got (Mickey’s Birthday Song) – Tony Ferrari
  • Sherry – Jersey Boys

I’ve been loving my entire Country Chill playlist on Spotify as well. And I can’t forget my Christmas tunes. Santa Tell me by Ariana Grande is amazing. 

I can’t believe we’re nearly into December, where as 2016 gone?! What have you been loving this month? Are any of my favourites also yours? Let’s chat in the comments. It’s truly the best part about blogging.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I really want to reach 400 followers by the end of year, let’s try and make that happen because it would be amazing for 2016 to go out with a bang.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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