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Welcome Back!!! I’ve done a few flip through blog posts about my bullet journal in the past but I have never done an actual plan with me and seeing as I’ve finally found a weekly spread layout that truly works for me, I thought I’d share how I set it up each week.


I create my weekly spreads for the following week on the Friday before the week commences, which allows me to plan ahead over the weekend. I start with a blank double page spread, even if that means I have to leave a blank page to fill out at a later date. My weekly page spreads take up 2 pages and I definitely wouldn’t be able to fit everything on one page. And also it’s just nice to see everything at once, rather than flipping to and fro.


I then outline all my boxes with dots so I know where everything is going to sit on the page. My weekly spread layout doesn’t change from week to week but I like to start by dotting everything out incase I miss judge the distance of something. A dot is easier to hide than a line and I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my bullet journal.Β Once all my dots are done and I’m happy with the placements, I will then have a fun little game of dot to dot.


(As you can see, I have made a mistake which I’m so sad about but it happens sometimes)

Now my basic boxes have been outline, it’s time to fill in the rest of the lines so my weekly spread has more form and isn’t just 11 empty boxes…haha!!


My next step is to fill in all the headers. At this point I will open the calendar app in my phone to make sure I get the dates and days correct. As you can see the two biggest boxes on the right hand page are dedicated to anything university related through-out the week, deadlines, extra hours, field trips, and also a notes box for anything extra I need to remember.

I also have my water tracker and my habit tracker at the bottom right hand page.


Now it’s time for the fun bit. It’s time to start adding some colour to my weekly spread. I love using colour and colour coding my days. It really helps me plan and separate the days, not only that but it’s so much more fun to turn to my weekly spread when colour is involved.

I finally finish my weekly spread by adding the titles. I have the month, or in this case, months on the left hand page and the weekly dates on the right side.


I use all Staedler products to create my weekly spread. I outline with the classic black fineliner. The 1.0mm Fibre Tip Pens for the titles and the Ergo Soft, Triangular Coloured Pencils to colour in any of the boxes I like. I use the 0.3mm Fineliners through-out the week to write with and colour in the boxes within my trackers. This is not sponsored by Staedler, I just adore their products. And although there is a little bleed through with the Fibre Tip Pens, all the rest work great with the Moleskin notebook.

Each Friday I spend about 45mins-1 hour working on my weekly spread, getting it ready for the following week. Although my layout is fairly simple, because I’m a perfectionist, I use rulers and spend my time and never rush creating it. My bullet journal isn’t just a notebook to write all my to-do lists, it’s a major creative outlook for me as well.

If you liked seeing how I created my weekly spreads and would like to see similar “plan with me” posts in the future, please let me know. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. If you are new and have never come across my blog before, don’t hesitate to hit that follow button if you liked what you read.

Do you have a bullet journal? Do you prefer weekly or daily spreads? or both??? Let me know. I don’t use dailies so I would love to know how to use your bullet journal.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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