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Welcome Back!!! This tag was created by Caitlin’s Corner and I recently watched her video and it looked like a lot of fun to do and seeing as I’m really into my bullet journal at the moment, it seemed like the perfect time to answer these questions. I love doing bullet journal types of posts so let me know if you like them and if you have any suggestions of what types of ones you would like to see from me in the future. 


  • How long have you been bullet journaling?

I’ve been bullet journaling on and off for about a year now. However, since about June this year I’ve been hardcore bullet journaling, making sure I update my bullet journal everyday. I started my new bullet journal (the one above) at the start of September ready for university.

  • What makes the bullet journal system right for you?

Just the fact it’s so versatile and you can truly put your stamp on the system. I had no clue what I was doing at the beginning but I gradually figured out what worked best for me. It took me up until late September, early October to really figure out a way that the system worked best for me. When I first started I didn’t even do weekly spreads and now they are the only thing, along with a monthly glance, that I religiously make sure I do each week.


  • What notebook do you use to bullet journal and why?

I use a Moleskin dotted a5 notebook. I started off with a turquoise softcover Moleskin which I loved but starting university and knowing I was going to be traveling with my bullet journal a lot more I decided to buy a black hardcover so it was more durable and less likely to show dirt. Although I use Moleskin and think they are great notebooks for creating a bullet journal, I would love to have a Leuchtturm 1917 because that notebook is loved by the bullet journalling community. It’s actually on my Christmas wish list.


  • What’s your go-to pen?

It’s definitely the Staedtler fineliner range. I have the 20 pack of colours which I use to colour code and decorate my bullet journal but the pen I use most often with my bullet journal and any other time I’m writing in fact is the black Staedtler fineliner. I recently got a pack of 6 black Staedtler fineliners just so I knew I wouldn’t run out for a while. Sometime I will use my Papermate InkJoy fine point pens but I will always veer towards my Staedtlers more.


  • What’s your bullet journal style? (i.e. fancy? minimalist? etc?)

I would say it’s rather simple but with the use of decorative elements and colours to make the bullet journal system my own. I love using colours and colour coding each day of the week, it just makes seeing my weekly spread more fun. And personally, colour coding helps me keep more organised. 

  • What’s your favourite page to set up each month?

The only page I set up each month is my monthly view at a glance page and the first weekly spread of the month. Apart from that, I don’t preplan my weekly spreads in advance. I tend to create my weekly page spreads the Friday/the weekend before the next week is about to commence. I find this way works for me best so I don’t stress out about future events too much and focus more the current week and the tasks and deadlines I have for the week that’s happening. The only way I can roughly pre-plan is my monthly glance, which is enough for me. 


  • Where do you get inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from Instagram mainly. I follow a lot of bullet journaling and planning accounts which have amazing ideas and designs. However, I always make my collections and spreads my own, adapting them to my own needs. For example, my current weekly spread lay-out was inspired by a Instagram account, unfortunately I can’t remember which account, but I only took the idea of the boxes, each box holds different things, i.e. my water tracker, my uni notes box etc, according to my needs. 

  • What’s your bullet journal routine? (i.e. where do you plan and at what time of the day?)

On weekdays I will get home from work/uni and sit at my desk, put some Youtube videos on and make sure my bullet journal is up to date, especially with my weekly habit and water tracker. I will add any events I found out about during the day, I will add any assignments I got from university and just make sure everything I need to remember has been added either to my current week or my monthly glance. However, at the weekend, I will get up at 8am and by 9am, after I’ve read for a bit, I will get up and plan in my bullet journal and make sure next weeks spread is ready to go. I love my weekend routine of bullet journaling in the morning as it sets my day up to be great because I’ve looked in my bullet journal and know exactly what needs to be done during the day.

  • Page you’re most proud of?

I absolutely love my “movies” collection. It’s just so decorative and colourful. It’s also been a great way to track what movies I’ve seen in the cinema this year. To be honest, this double page spread is just super fun to look at. On the right is my uni timetable.


  • Number one tip for beginners?

Don’t expect to figure out the bullet journalling system and the way it works best for you straight away. Like I said above, I’ve been bullet journalling for about a year now and only very recently have I truly figured out how the system works best for me. It takes time but once you get the hang of it, it truly an amazing way to plan and keep organised. I don’t think I will ever not use a bullet journal is some way or another.

  • Who do you tag? 

YOU!! I tag anyone who wants to do this tag and I’m not sure who I follow and who follows me that uses a bullet journal. But if you do this tag be sure to leave a link in the comments. I would love to read your answers.

I really enjoyed doing that tag so I hope you enjoyed it as well and feel free to do it if you want. Do you have a bullet journal? How do you make the system work for you. Leave comments, I would love to know. 

I upload every Monday, Friday and Sunday with a few extra posts thrown in. If you liked what you read, please me sure to follow so you are notified every time I upload. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

P.S I just looked through all my old bullet journal posts and it’s crazy how much my bullet journal has changed over time and how much I’ve adapted to suit my needs at the specific time and that’s exactly why I love the bullet journal system so much. 

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9 thoughts on “The Bullet Journal Tag | Sitting In The Clouds

  1. I loved reading through this ❤ I'm getting a notebook and pens from christmas from a friend so that I can start my own bullet journal, and I'm getting so excited searching through photos to find inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember wanting to start one and waiting for my first ever moleskin to arrive in the mail, it was a long wait but when it came I got so excited and since then never looked back haha!! I hope you love it just as much as you think you will ❤ I would love to see how you fit the system around your needs when you get it ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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