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Welcome Back!!! I think finding a palette that caters for different purposes, in this case, blush, contour and highlight, and liking all three of those shades the same amount is hard to come by. Usually, you’ll love one shade and purely use the palette just for that one shade. Maybe you adore the blush colour but the contour shade isn’t right for your skin tone and the highlighter is just too shimmery for you. Sometimes that’s the case and us beauty lovers have to deal with that but when I came across a palette from Makeup Revolution, one of the best budget makeup brands around, that did a 3 in 1 palette I was excited to give it a shot and see how it performed.


I’ll start off my saying, everything I said in the introduction does not apply to this product. It may just be me but the fact that the contour shade in this palette is perfect for my skin tone and the blush and highlight shades compliment each other and my skin amazingly shows that sometimes price doesn’t reflect the product and sometimes the budget brands do just as good a job or even better than the high end products. 

  • The Contour Shade: It’s a matte shade which I love as I’ve never been keen with shimmer so I love the fact that it’s matte. It may just be my skin tone [they do multiple different palettes with different shades to compliment a range of different skin tones] but this palette in particular seems to match my skin perfectly. It doesn’t create a harsh contour because it’s not a super dark shade but it’s buildable which is what I love most about it, making it the perfect contour for day and night.
  • The Blush Shade: I do love all the shades in this palette, but the blush does have to be my least favourite but I still love it. It’s a great deep pink colour, perfect for the transition between summer and autumn. 
  • The Highlight Shade: Just gorgeous!!! I believe when it comes to highlight, the more shimmer the better. I love this highlight, especially when it catches the light and just gives the most gorgeous glow to your skin. 
Sculpt and Contour Kit C01 [Ultra Fair]
  • Quality: As the picture above shows, all three shades in this palette are super pigmented. Each shade is also so buttery which makes them super easily to apply onto the skin and blend out. A little goes a long way with these shades purely because of the pigmentation, especially the blush. 
  • Price: £3.50!!!!! Yes you read that right. For only £3.50 you get such amazing quality product for a great price. I still can’t believe this palette is so affordable. With the whole palette only costing £3.50, that makes each single shade just over £1.00 each…bargain. £1.00 people!!!
  • Packaging: For a budget brand I find all their packaging very sleek and stylish. I love the black with gold lettering. However, I recently went to Disney, I’m sure a ton of you know, and unfortunately during travel, this and another one of my Makeup Revolution palettes outer packaging did crack…at least the actual product didn’t smash which I guess is what the outer packaging is for…to protect the actual product and in that case, the packaging did a superb job. 


Overall, I can’t recommend this palette enough. Each shade is beautiful with amazing pigmentation. 3 in 1 palettes where each shade is just as good as one another are hard to come by so I would definitely try and get your hands on it because to be honest you can’t go wrong with £3.50. 

Makeup Revolution is such an incredible brand and I know I have only try a few things from them but I know when I pick something up from them, it will be worth it. I’m so happy I brought this product on a whim as it’s my go-to contour, highlight and blush combo at the moment and will be for a while. 

See this palette in action in my ‘go-to autumn makeup look

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xoxo, rachel 

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