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Welcome Back!!! Everyone and their mums know that Lush recently brought out their Halloween and Christmas ranges for 2016 and I couldn’t help myself when I walked past my local Lush so I popped in to sneak out the new products. Being a student, I only let myself get two items, both of which I have never tried before. One being Never Mind The Ballistics and the other being So White, both from this years Christmas range.

After shopping all day on Saturday and carrying too many bags that I could manage…typical, I decided to have a bath to relax my muscles with one of my new bath bombs. I opted for Never Mind The Ballistics. Here it is in action….


I just love the colours of this one. I know it’s part of the Christmas range but it really reminds me of summer because of the bright pinky/red and yellow.


I popped it into a half run bath and when I saw it explode yellow, I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappoint but I was just very impatient…




I was way to quick to judge this bath bomb. It turns your water a gorgeous orange colour after the bath bomb has finished fizzing and it’s just wonderful to watch fizz around your bath as all the different sunset related colours start revealing themselves.

With lime, sweet wild orange and peach this bath bomb is citrus heaven. Citrus is my go to scent and I absoultely adore the scent of this bath bomb.

I just thought Lush had picked the colours because they were bright and fun but actually, the yellow side has fresh banana and the pinky/red side has Fair-trade cocoa butter, both ingredients soften the water and your skin. I love it when a Lush products has cocoa butter in it as I think it’s a great added extra when you want to pamper yourself.

Overall, I’m so happy I picked this bath bomb up against all the others because it’s pretty much my perfect bath bomb….amazing colours, smells great, and softens my skin. I would highly recommend this bath bomb as a must this season. After all, it is limited edition so go get your hands on it.

Thanks for reading. Have you tried this bath bomb? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel

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