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Welcome Back!!! I can safely say Autumn is upon us purely because I went shopping yesterday for my autumn wardrobe and I can safely say my wallet took a massive blow…opsie!! [expect to see a huge ass haul soon]. I got tagged by Amelia from Rosetintedpics to do this tag. You should all go say hi and follow her because not only does she have an amazing blog, she’s such a lovely person. With all that said, let’s just get into it…

Favourite Candle: I’m probably the only girl out there that doesn’t burn candles. Since I still live at home and my mum isn’t a fan of them, I tend to just stay away and not really buy them. Maybe one day I’ll get into the whole candle thing but not right now. 

Favourite Lip Product: It has to be Mac’s Velvet Teddy, not only is it a super gorgeous nude colour, perfect for autumn and all year round, it’s also the only lip product I tend to wear…apart from lip balm. I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks to be honest, I just can’t be bothered to keep it topped up through-out the day, that’s waaaaay too much effort for me.


Favourite Nail Polish: [You’ll probably see a recurring theme in this tag] Of course I love beauty and makeup and clothes, doesn’t every girl? But like some people, I also bite my nails meaning I don’t tend to wear nail polish. I have a small collection for when I have mini phases but overall, painting my nails isn’t something I put aside time to do…I don’t have that much patience. However, if I ever decide to wear nail polish my go-to is Essies Eternal Optimist, a beautiful pinky nude shade.


Favourite Trendy Clothing Item: Surprise surprise, I don’t stick to the trends. I have no idea what is trendy at the moment but the clothes that are are calling my name at the moment are cute cosy jumpers, ankle boots and bomber jackets. [I’ll be doing a “OOTW: First Week At Uni, so keep your eyes peeled]

img_0205[new bomber jacket I got yesterday from Primark, I’m in love already]

Favourite Comfy Clothing Item: [read above] I can’t wait to get my Parker jacket out of the wardrobe, it just keeps me so warm and cosy in the colder months. 

img_1128[Parker Jacket – Pull & Bear]

Favourite Shoes: For Autumn it’s defiantly got to be a good old pair of boots. Whether that’s some heeled ankle booties or some comfy cosy UGGS.

img_1126[New Look]img_0987-edit1.jpg[Classic Mini Uggs, Chocolate]

Favourite Accessory: This is a very recent obsession of mine but the necklace I got in WDW is now a staple in my everyday outfits. I don’t think, since getting it, I’ve left the house without it. I never used to be a necklace wearer but this piece of jewellery sums me up so much my neck now feels bare without it. I also love beanie hats for this time of year but who doesn’t?!


Halloween or Thanksgiving?  Can I say neither? I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as I’m English, although I think the idea of the day is great. And halloween…I’ve never been a huge fan of it. I’ve just sometimes get swept up into by going to house parties but I’m never keen.

Favourite Drink: I’ve been LOVING green tea at the moment. I love a good old cup of English Breakfast tea but for some reason lately I’ve been opting for green tea more often.

What’s the happiest part of Fall for YOU? This may be basic and boring but the simple idea of just throwing on your favourite jumper and jeans, put a beanie on if you’re having a bag hair day and you’re ready to leave the house. I find dressing for autumn/winter a lot easier than in the summer, especially because my style is defiantly more suited for the fall/winter months.  

I Tag: 

LucieLeanne from LucieLeannexo 
Sarah from Blonde Beauty Effect

Lexi from Drifting Lexi

Please all go check out their blogs and girlies, I can’t wait to read your answers. 

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. I recently surpassed 300 followers. I’m so incredibly happy with that number and I love each and every one of the people that follow me. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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22 thoughts on “Fall Favourites Tag | 2016 | Sitting In The Clouds

    1. It’s gorgeous! such a nice neutral shade, I always used to wear it in school when I wasn’t allowed nail polish, it’s a colour thats there but not at the same time. I’m running low, need to repurchase soon, just in case, my nail painting phrase returns hah 😛 thanks for the comment ❤

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  1. Don’t worry, I also don’t really burn candles 😀 And is that a Mickey on the necklace? Because in that case, it is AWESOME! My favorite comfy piece of clothing is actually a long Minnie Mouse Sweater that I just wear with tights around the house on the cold days 😛 ❤

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