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Welcome Back!!! Right when I began my journey of “Sitting In The Clouds”, I rambled on in my “Fairytales Do Exist” post about the two loves in my life. One of course being Disney and the other one being FRIENDS. On Sunday my dream of visiting the Friends set came true.

In 2015, FriendsFest was announced for the first time. Tickets were cheap, tickets sold quickly but I was one of the lucky few that I was able to attend an event all about Friends for one time only to celebrate their 21st anniversary. Little did people know how big of a success it would be. So early 2016, FriendsFest announced it was coming back but BIGGER and BETTER than previous year. More venues, more tickets. I was once again lucky enough to get some for FriendsFest 2.0, one for myself and one for Tom, who is also a major Friends fan.

So here’s what we got up to this past Sunday exploring FriendsFest….


Our first stop was of course the one and only Central Perk, one of the most iconic sets from Friends, apart from Monica and Rachel’s apartment, which we’ll get to later. Unfortunately you couldn’t actually buy coffee there but you could get behind the coffee bar, sit down on the famous orange couch and get up and play guitar.



2016_September_FriendsFest_Central Perk_11.jpg


2016_September_FriendsFest_Central Perk_17.JPG

We then decided to stop off at the Chick and the Duck bar for some yummy yet very expensive cocktails. I love how each cocktail was named after something iconic in FRIENDS. Tom went for the “Bing-a-ling” and I opted for “The Geller Cup”. Both were very delicious….and very strong!



(We’re lucky the weather stayed dry for us as the event was held in a big open field with only the sets under shelter) 

Next stop, Joey and Chandlers apartment, which was on a whole other level compared to last year.



And no, Tom wasn’t bored, he’s just mimicking the face Chandler pulls in the episode where him and Joey get robbed and they are only left with a canoe. 

As I was expecting, all the food, drink and merch they had on offer was really overpriced so we didn’t end up eating at the Moondance Diner where Monica worked for a while on the show but that didn’t stop us taking pictures by the sign.


Where do you want to go next? Why not let Phoebe’s taxi take you. I wish you could have got in the actual taxi but unfortunately you couldn’t so sitting on the bumper will just have to do. 


I love this picture so much.

We were then ready to switch roles for a while. I think that “Bing-a-ling” cocktail went to Tom’s head. We visited Ross’ and Rachel’s Love Chapel from the Vegas episode and Tom wore the wedding dress. He looks kind of dashing don’t you think? 



FriendsFest also had a silent disco tent which was decorated like the New Years Eve episode where Ross and Monica do the routine.


And finally it was time to take a look inside Monica and Rachel’s apartment. This was the main event of FriendsFest so therefore you had to buy separate tickets with a specific time slot. Of course you had to queue up but before seeing the set, you had a photo op with the orange couch…once again, with umbrellas and the New York background, recreating the title screen from Friends. 






Stalking Ugly Naked Guy…he hasn’t changed much from last year.


“Richard if you’re in there, could I have my credit card back?”


“Monica bang, Rachel bang, Rachel bang, everybody bang”



The iconic door… don’t make us leave just yet.

Before we left, we had to visit the very tiny merchandise store. I of course had to buy something so I got the official FRIENDSFEST hoodie and as did Tom. I also got a Friends travel mug for uni…that’s how I justified the purchase anyway.



FRIENDSFEST thank you for being amazing once again and I hope to see you again next year. Please please please host one again next year, it needs to become an annual event. 


Did you go to FriendsFest this year? What was your experience like? Let me know.

until next time,

xoxo, rachel 

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