September OOTW | 19th – 25th | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! Today’s blog post brings a “first ever”…everyone gasp. I’ve done outfit posts before but I’ve never done a whole week worth of outfits in one. I had this blog post in mind this past week when planning my outfits so I did try but like every girl, somedays I couldn’t be bothered with my outfit so just threw on a t-shirt and my favourite pair of jeans.

Monday saw just another week starting and another day in the office. However, on Mondays, I feel like you need to try a little harder with your outfit so people don’t think you’ve been a slob the entire weekend and lived in your pjs, which I won’t lie is usually me.


TOP: monki
SKIRT: topshop
SHOES: white vans

Tuesday saw yet another day in the office. I’m currently interning as a graphic designer so as long as we dress “smart casual” and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I push that boundary, we can get away with any outfit. 


TOP: uniqlo (I got it in Disney Springs)
JEANS: topshop
JACKET: primark
SHOES: brown vans (I love vans, could you tell?)

Wednesday. I told you I push the boundaries of “smart casual”. My favourite baseball tee from my recent trip from Disney, classic black jeans and my UGG trainers, it’s defiantly leaning towards the casual side of smart casual. But sat at a desk all day, I just want to be comfy.


TOP: disney baseball tee, mens section 
(Disney Springs – World of Disney)
JEANS: topshop
SHOES: ugg

Thursday gave me a days break from the office as I had my first hospital appointment to attend after getting back from Disney and because my brain is functionally so well, I decided to dress smarter for hospital than I did for work the day before, makes no sense at all. (a few outfit pieces have been repeated here but they create an entire different outfit, that’s why I love the basics)


TOP: monki
JEANS: topshop
JACKET: my sisters wardrobe? (its actually from
topshop and I will defiantly be picking up my own)
HEADBAND: forever 21
SHOES: white vans

I think Friday should be renamed the most casual day in the office. Another really simple outfit this day. One of my favourite t-shirts, paired with my all time favourite jeans, the Joni jeans from Topshop. 


TOP: hogwarts railways (mens section –
harry potter studios)
JEANS: topshop
SHOES: uggs

Finally it’s the weekend but I didn’t photograph Saturdays outfit because to be truthful, I was shooting all the pictures you see above and after I had done, all I wanted to do was change into my boyfriends trackies and my pj top, so that’s what I did. 

However, Sunday saw Tom and I attend FRIENDSFEST (I will have entire blog post on it). We are both major fans of the show. I was luckily enough to attend the first one held in London for a few days last year but as soon as I heard it announced for this year, I just had to get tickets again. This is what I wore…of course I had to wear FRIENDS merch


TOP: primark
JEANS: topshop
SHIRT: forever 21
SHOES: converse

What did you think? Likey, no likey? Let me know your thoughts on my first ever OOTW post. I may start doing monthly ones as I really enjoyed creating this blog post for you guys. Let me know. 

What was your favourite outfit of mine this week? I would love to hear them in the comments. My sister kindly photographed all my outfits for me and her favourite was Sunday’s outfit (she also just started her own blog, lifestyle and travel, if you’re interested, click here)

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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