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Welcome Back!!! It’s that time again…time to upgrade my phone. But before I upgrade, I thought I’d share with you what’s been on my phone for the past 2 years and what apps have helped me out the most. I love these types of posts/videos as they help me discover new apps that I would have never known about before so I hope you enjoy.

(WARNING: It’s a long one)

MODEL: iPhone 5C


This case is just too cute for words. When I first got my iPhone 5C, I found it extremely difficult to find  a nice, cute phone case for my 5C as they just weren’t as popular so companies tended to avoid making cases for them. However, Skinny Dip do some amazing 5C cases at affordable prices. I’ve dropped my phone multiple times, yesterday I even dropped it on marble flooring and my phone has never smashed because of this case. I would highly recommend Skinny Dip if you’re looking for unique designs you just can’t help but fall in love with. However, unfortunately this particular case is no longer on sale. 

(Side note: they are currently rocking an amazing sale)


I just had to show you my lock screen picture because I just love it so much. It was taken on my recent trip to Disney (read all about it here) and the Disney Photographer told us to look at the ground surprised and when we saw the picture, Simba, Pumba and Timon were chilling on the ground. That’s some real Disney magic. 

(Side note: I recently updated my phone and although it took me a while to get used to the new design, I now love it. Let me know what you think of it in the comments)


My home page has the genetic layout all iPhones get when you first buy one. I like this layout, it has all the most important apps on the first page for easy access. The only difference mine has got, is the fact I have two email apps. I have the normal email app all iPhones come with which is connected to my blog email address (sittingintheclouds@outlook.com). And then I have the Outlook app for my personal emails. I prefer having my two email accounts completely separate from one another. It helps me keep track of them better. 


Another shout out to another cute background. This picture was taken on my last night at WDW and it features too of the most important men in my life….Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. And if you didn’t know…yes! I’m a “keep everything in folders” type of person. You are either one who loves folders or one who has all your apps on your home page. Which group do you come under? I would love to know. 

So let’s start with my “social” folder…


This folder is pretty self-explanatory. It just has all my social media apps in and it’s by far my most opened folder. However, my most used apps within this folder are either WordPress or Instagram. I really love the WordPress app, I much prefer using it to read blog posts than the computer for some reason. It’s so easy to use and navigate. If you have a WordPress account and don’t have their app, I highly recommend you check it out. 

(Side note: all the apps above are free of charge from the App Store)

Feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram! 



My “extras” folder just holds all my apps that don’t really have a specific place to be. My favourite apps from this folder are either DisneyLife or Big Day

  • ETSY –  (free of charge) one of my favourite shopping apps, especially when I was really into glam planning, which I’m not so much anymore. I used to get all my stickers from Etsy. 
  • UPWORD – (paid – free lite version) a great note taking app. It allows you to create folders, colour code them, put alarms on any notes you may have so you remember to do them. 
  • BIG DAY –  (paid – free lite version) an amazing countdown app that is available to put in your widget area on your phone. Allowing you to gain easy access to all your countdowns. 98 days to Christmas everyone!!!! 
  • MYKIDNEYCARE (free) –  this app just enables me to keep track of my hospital appointments, medication and anything else health related. A boring one but a real need for me. 
  • AA – (free) my car breakdown cover is with AA so having this app on my phone enables the AA to access my location when I call them up if I’m stuck somewhere. Luckily, I haven’t had to use this app yet but it’s a good one to keep on hand if I ever did need it. 
  • TODAYTIX (free) – this app is great for finding cheap theatre tickets. They also do weekly ticket lotteries on some really amazing West End shows. 
  • DISNEYWORLD (free) – this app was a life saver in Disney. With maps and directions, opening times, show times and everything else, it was an amazing app to help your Disney vacation run smoothly. 
  • SUBWAY SURFER (free) – the only game I have on my phone but its a good one. 
  • DISNEYLIFE (free) – a Disney version of Netflix. It’s £9.99 a month but you get access to a ton of Disney/Pixar films, Disney channel TV shows and Disney music. It’s my dream app!


Another self-explanatory folder and really not much to say about it. My go-to app in this folder is Spotfiy…for obvious reasons

  • SPOTIFY (free) –  I pay for Spotify Premium and its one of the best recurring payments to come out of my bank each month. 
  • SHAZAM (free) – Out in public and like a song you haven’t heard of before? Shazam is there to tell you. I don’t use this app often but when I do, it’s so useful.
  • BANDSINTOWN (free) – follow your favourite artists and the app notifies you when they are playing shows in your local area. 
  • BBC IPLAYER RADIO (free) – my car radio doesn’t have great signal so when I want to listen to Radio 1, this app is great. But most of the time I use Spotify for my car music. 


Because every girl needs a food folder on their iPhone. I don’t reach for this folder often but it’s always nice to have. 

  • COSTA (free) – Yes, I’m a Costa girl,  not Starbucks. Scanning the app is easier than getting my Costa card out of my wallet each time.
  • DOMINOS (free) – Pizza delivered to you whenever and wherever, yes please!
  • BE AT ONE (free) – my favourite London bar. If I’m in London somewhere needing a drink…don’t worry it doesn’t happen often, I can check all the locations of my favourite bar and see which one is closest. They also have their entire menu on their app as well as special offers. 

If you’ve stayed until the end I congratulate you, today’s post was a long one but I hoped you enjoyed nonetheless and maybe you’ve found some new apps to try out. Let me know your favourite apps on your phone and I’ll be sure to check them out. 

If you like to see similar posts, such as “How I edit my Instagram pics” be sure to let me know. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog and 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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16 thoughts on “What’s On My iPhone? | Sitting In The Clouds

  1. I’m also an “everything in a folder” kind of girl, although I have to admit,most of my social apps are on the home screen. Which phone are you upgrading to? if you’re getting an iPhone 6 you can get the cutest Disney phone cases on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Princess-Character-Hard-Cover-Case-Fits-iPhone-5-5c-5s-6-6s-SE-/111818680597?var=&hash=item1a08e9a915:m:mXySbm-E-lIDmQjqoeVmMtQ I have the Ariel holding the apple logo

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