What’s In My Bag? : Plane Edition | Sitting In The Clouds


Welcome Back!!! I’m off to Disney in 4 days so the packing is just about to take over the house so I thought it would be fun to have a delve into what I’m taking with me on the plane to keep me entertained and just things I like to carry with me in my plane bag rather than my suitcase.


Bag | Walt Disney World

I much prefer having a rucksack, especially when carrying a lot of things as the weight is then more evenly spread so it doesn’t hurt my back as much. I also tend to use my plane bag as my theme park bag during the holiday so I think it’s crutial to be carrying a rucksack rather than a shoulder bag or handbag. And besides, how fricken cute is my rucksack!!!

I absolutely love cuddly toys, especially Disney plush, so I can’t go anywhere without at least one and I can’t not go to Disney without my Stitch. 


Book | Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour – I’m planning on reading this book from front to back cover on the flight…wish me luck! 

Bullet Journal |  I’m not planning on planning whilst I’m out there, more like writing small daily entries in the afternoon when spending time by the pool 

iPad | I recently got DisneyLife, so I’m planning on downloading a few of my favourite movies and TV shows incase I’m not fancying any provided on the plane to keep my entertained for the 8 hour flight

Tangle Teezer (review here) | For some reason my hair always goes static on plane journeys so I always like to take a brush in my carry on to keep that mane tame

Sunglasses | I like to keep these handy as I’m expecting sunshine as soon as I land in the sunshine state so I don’t want to be blinded

Purse | I want to spend money in Disney, my purse has lots some money, therefore I’m taking it. I also like to buy snacks and a drink, sometimes a magazine in the airport before I board

Meds | My recent kidney transplant means I now take a lot of medication. I can’t put them in my suitcase incase it goes missing…*touch wood*, so my 2 weeks (plus more) supply are coming with me in my carry on

Headphones | One of the most essential items in my plane bag. I wouldn’t be able to go 8 hours without these. If I want to listen to music, watch films or even just block out the noise from the rest of the plane, these babies are a must 

GoPro | I’m planning on filming in the airport and on the flight so this bad boy is defiantly coming with me in my hand luggage. Plus, if I lost this camera I would be so upset, it is the most recent addition to my camera collection so it’s my little babey.

Polaroid | You never know when a good photo opportunity will arise and sometimes it’s your phone just isn’t good enough

Lip Balm | Planes are so drying for your skin and your lips so I like to have a lip balm in close range incase my lips are feeling chapped

Phone Charger | My phone will be used heavily in the taxi to the airport, in the airport waiting to board and on the flight so I really don’t want my phone to die on me

Disney is just around the corner and my household is buzzing with excitement, no one can wait any longer. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you did, make sure you give it a like so I know whether to do similar stuff in the future. I feel like a “theme park” edition of this would be fun to write, let me know. 

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until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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