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Welcome Back!!! I’m back off to Walt Disney World for the 13th time…I know crazy right?! in 13 days so I thought it was a good idea to reminisce and get excited for my upcoming trip with a Disney tag. 

1- First time you went to Disney World?

The first time I went to Walt Disney World was in the year 2000 when I was 3 years old. My parents wanted my sister and I to remember the trip…unfortunately I don’t but I still appreciate the trip nevertheless. However, my first trip to any Disney was when I was 6 weeks old to Disneyland Paris. Since then, we have gone to one Disney or another pretty much each year. As my sister and I have gotten older we have gone less and I miss it so much. 

Scan 122110001.jpg

2- Favorite park? 

Magic Kingdom all the way! Although it has most of the kiddie rides, nothing says Disney more to me than the Magic Kingdom. It’s always the first park we go to when we arrive because you can’t not feel the Disney magic in the air when you step through those gates and walk down Main Street USA with Cinderella’s castle ahead of you. 

Scan 122110015.jpg

3- Favorite land in Magic Kingdom? 

It’s a tough one because Magic Kingdom is my favourite park but if I had to choose it would probably be Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland has some of my favourite rides…Space Mountain, Astro Orbiters. It also have a special place in my heart because not only do we head straight to the Magic Kingdom on the first day of the holiday, we always head to Tomorrowland first to ride Space Mountain and Astro Orbiters first. 

Disney Easter 2008

4- Favorite Disney resort hotel?

We usually stay in Port Orleans, French Quarter as it’s one of the smaller resorts and it’s just a perfect size for us so I have to say that’s my favourite. We have also stayed in All Star’s Music once and this trip we are venturing outside our comfort size and staying in Saratoga Springs, a bigger and more deluxe resort, I can’t wait. 

5- Favorite snack?

Frozen Bananas. I also love getting the soft scoop ice-cream from the Plaza Ice-Cream Parlour on Main Street USA as they add two chocolate buttons at the top to make it look like a Mickey head…no one pays more attention to detail than Disney

6- Favorite souvenir?

My last trip to Disney I saw a teenage girl with a Stitch plush toy dressed up as Sully and from that day I spent the entire trip looking for one to buy, I finally realised they weren’t for sale. However you could buy a Stitch plush and dress him up in a Sully costume meant for Duffy so that’s what I did. Both of these added up to $50+ but it was so worth it (see him in all his glory below).


7- Favorite table service and counter service?

My favourite table service is probably Sci-Fi Diner in Hollywood Studios as I just love the theme of the restaurant so much. It’s set up like a drive-in movie… you sit in cars and watch vintage cartoons whilst you’re eating.

My favourite counter service  is probably Starring Rolls, also in Hollywood Studios. It’s a great place to catch a quick breakfast with bagels, muffins, cakes, sandwiches and it’s also great value for your Disney Dining Plan…if you are on it. 


8- Favorite ride?

Ah… so many favourites so I’m going to cheat and pick a favourite from each park. 

Magic Kingdom – Space Mountain or Phiharmagic. 

Animal Kingdom – Expedition Everest 

Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Mania!

Epcot – Test Track (especially now with it’s refurb


9- Favorite show?

Why are all these questions so hard?! It would either have to be The Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo the Musical, both in Animal Kingdom. 

10- Favorite parade or fireworks?

Fireworks – Wishes 

Parade – the Move It, Shake It, Dance and Play It Street Party.


11- Favorite pavilion in Epcot?

It has to be Japan purely because of the sweet shop and getting to try a load of different candy. 

12- What color is your magic band?

I’ve only been to Disney once with the magic bands, and I was yellow then. However, this year I’m going to be purple and I think I’ll stick with purple for future visits. 

13- Favorite character to meet?

Either Stitch, Chip ‘N’ Dale or the Mad Hatter, all these characters are hilarious to meet. However, I have had great interactions with characters such as Peter Pan, King Louie and Baloo. But to be honest, all characters are great to meet. I’m guilty of not really meeting them anymore because I’m older but when I do, it’s always a magical experience. 

14- A character you haven’t met but really want to?

BAYMAX!!!!!! He is my new favourite character and since he is a fairly new character I haven’t yet had the chance to meet him. He’s the one I’ll be hunting down the entire holiday and won’t leave until I’ve met him. 

15- Your best Disney memory(…yet)?

Is this a really cheesy thing to say?….but all my Disney trips and memories have been magical and I treasure each and every one of them. 

Scan 122110014.jpg

Disney is literally a part of me…hence the tattoo (check it out here) and I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing some of my Disney memories. I’m so excited to be heading back with my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and my parents in 13 days…and counting, it’s going to be one of the best trips yet!! 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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32 thoughts on “The Walt Disney World Tag | Sitting In The Clouds

  1. You can meet Baymax at Epcot at the expanded Character Spot in Future World. One side is Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Donald. Across the walkway is Baymax and Joy & Sadness from Inside Out.

    I have that Sully costume too, but my Duffy wears it. 😊

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  2. Love it! I’m a huge Disnerd myself and we’re heading off to the Happiest Place On Earth next July (the 8th or 9th time for me). I’ve got 3 Disney themed tattoos and am always looking for inspiration for the next. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve got a Maleficent silhouette on my ankle, a Little Mermaid inspired heart with “the seaweed is always greener” on my shoulder blade, and a huge Tim Shumate portrait of Aurora on my thigh. All done by the wonderfully talented Monica Mazur at Inky G’s in Wolverhampton.

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