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Welcome Back!!! It’s time for another recap of the month. July was full of new adventures, reading and sunshine. July saw England have a week long heatwave, it hit 35 degrees one day, sunglasses were out, suncream was applied in layers and everyone was happy.

Tom and I have finally realised that although going to the west end and seeing our favourite bands live each month is a blast and creates some amazing memories, if we want money we can’t do it every month. Therefore  July was quiet but we did do something super exciting and that was….we both got our first tattoos. I have two whole blog posts about the experience and it’s now nearly been a month and I look at my tattoo everyday and smile. Getting a tattoo was one of the most scary and nerve-wracking experiences I have had but it’s also one of the best and to have my best friend by my side with me made it all that more special. 


Tattoo Advice 

As I mentioned above the UK had a mini heatwave. It was incredible….while it lasted. Tom and I savoured the days spending them, when not at work, soaking up the sun. 


The final thing and one of the most exciting things to happen this month was that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out!!! Tom and I are both major Harry Potter fans and I preordered a copy for each of us way back in February so it was a surreal moment to have another Harry Potter book in our hands. 


We then spent the day in London shopping for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. We read Harry Potter on the train, shopped until we dropped and fuelled up on GKB. It was all around a great day. 

So July is over and some amazing memories were created. I’m so excited for August, mainly because at the end of the month I’m heading back to the most magical place on earth…19 days and counting. 

What did you get up to in July? Let me know. Also, have you read Harry Potter yet? I would love to hear your thoughts, there are such mixed reviews out there. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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