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Welcome Back!! A while back I was nominated for the Liebster Award by not just one lovely blogger but two. Thank you to Amelia from Rosetintedpics and Siobhan from SprinklesandsparklesxSprinklesandsparklesx for nominating me. You should all go check out their blogs. This award is a great way to find out more about me as well as discovering some other amazing bloggers that I love, so let’s get started. 

The Rules: 

  • Post the award on your blog ☑️
  • Acknowledge the blogger(s) that nominated you ☑️
  • Answer the questions assigned (I decided to take 5 questions from each blogger) ☑️
  • Give 10 random facts about you ☑️
  • Nominate some more deserving bloggers to keep the chain going☑️
  • Ask 10 questions for you nominees ☑️

10 Random Facts About Me: 

  • I have CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease and last October (2015) my dad donated his kidney to me so I could have a better quality of life. 
  • I love tattoos and I recently just got my first one and I’m now thinking if it’s too soon to book in for my next one? 
  • I love Country music. My dad always says to me “I never pictured you as a country girl”, but it’s one of my favourite genres of music.  
  • I love seeing West End shows. Some of my favourites are Legally Blonde, that’s no longer running, Wicked and War Horse, which is also no longer currently playing. 
  • I’m a major fan girl….for anything I love, FRIENDS, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, you name something I love, I will fangirl about it. 
  • I’ve met JLS and it was and will always be one of the best days of my life. 
  • When I text my boyfriend I spell baby…babey just because I think it looks nicer. 
  • I have olive skin tone and when I meet new people they always ask if I’m mediterranean. I’m not by the way, I’m fully English. 
  • Disney is literally my life. I have a ‘Disney Lifetime Bucket List” and on there are things such as “get my child’s very first haircut at the Main Street USA hairdressers”. I took my first steps in Disneyland Paris, my sister first crawled in Disney. My family has had many milestones in Disney, my 16th, my sisters 13th, 16th, 18th were and her 21st will be celebrated in Disney and I want my families milestones to continue in the most magical place on earth. 
  •  I do NOT like people calling me Rach. A lot of people do it and because I’m nice, I don’t tell them that I don’t like being called Rach so I’ve kind of gotten used it it over the years. However, I will always prefer being called Rachel, Rach sounds too harsh and mean. 

My Questions:

  • Why did you start blogging? – If you didn’t know before “Sitting In The Clouds” was created I had two blogs, one called “Mysterious Beauties” and one called “The Mystery Reader”, both you can still find on the interweb. I stopped blogging on those two because I took a massive break from blogging because of my illness and when I came back to blog, it felt odd to go back to my old ones. So I decided to combine both blogs into “Sitting In The Clouds”. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
  • Whats your most used app? – This is a hard one. It has to be between Instagram and the WordPress app.
  • Favourite movie? Big Hero 6, Saving Mr Banks, Captain Phillips, Aladdin…just to name a few, I couldn’t pick one.
  • Favourite celebrity? Jennifer Aniston…I’m a major Friends fan so really any actor/ess from FRIENDS. I do also love Matt Damon, the Bourne films are some of my all time favs. 
  • Any siblings? One older sister called Frances, she is 3 years older than me, she’s 20, soon to be 21 in August. 
  • Biggest achievement (to date)? Probably getting into my chosen uni, London College of Contemporary Arts. I’ll be starting this October and I’ll be studying Graphic Design and Visual Communication.
  • Favourite band? The Summer Set.
  • Reading books or watching movies? I want to say both. I love reading and I also love going to the cinema. But I read more than watch films?
  • If you had one wish, what would you wish for? To meet Walt Disney and thank him for everything….but I can’t bring the dead back to life so I would also love to meet all of the FRIENDS cast or The Walking Dead cast.
  • If you had £1000 right now, what would be the first thing you brought? A really odd one? But I really want to buy Final Cut Pro. But seeing as that’s only £250, I would probably then treat my boyfriend to a collectible comic book item. He’s always eyeing them up and when I brought him a Harley Quinn signed comic, his face was priceless and to be able to do it again would be a dream come true. Let’s just say, I would rather spend money on others than on myself. 

My Questions for YOU: 

  • If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one person to keep you company, it could be family, friends or a famous person, who would you bring and why? 
  • A zombie apocalypse has just started, grab the closet thing to you, what is it? Would you be able to survive with that item as your weapon? 
  • Your headphones are in, you’re chilling on your bed, what music is playing into your ears? 
  • You just got fired from your job and you are now able to pursue your dream job, what is it? 
  • You have over slept and only have time to either do your hair or do your makeup, which one would you prioritise?
  • If your house was on fire and your family and pets were all safe, what would be the one thing you’d save? 
  • You turn your tv on, whats the first thing you would put on to watch?
  • You only have £10 to spend on your food shop for the week, what food would you put in your basket first? 
  • Someone passes you in the street and drops a £10 note on the floor, do you tell them they’ve dropped it and give it back or keep it for yourself? 
  • If you had the option to use a time turner from Harry Potter, would you go back in time to see your parents at the same age you are now, or go ahead in time and see your grandchildren the same age you are now? 

I nominate: 

WOW!! That was one long blog post. I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless and have discovered some more about me you didn’t know and some other amazing bloggers. I hope you can go check out their blogs. 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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  1. Thank you for nominating me! Love your questions ❤ Don't know when I'll get round to answering them though because I've so many to catch up on…and yet never do award type posts! I might do a few long ones to catch up and have them as Q&A type posts haha 😆 (wow sorry for rambling, didn't mean to!)

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