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Welcome Back!! Today I wanted to share with you my tips on getting a tattoo and my experience since it’s now been nearly 2 weeks since my tattoo and I’m happy to say I’m still in love with it and it’s healing nicely. 

Tattoos are a daunting thing and I found myself sucked into a Youtube vortex of tattoo videos night after night listening and watching others talk about their experience months before booking my tattoo. Some times it was interesting and some times it freaked me out but nevertheless I found it super helpful so I thought I’d pass my “wisdom” on. I know this post won’t be everyones “cup of tea” so if you have no interest in tattoos you probably won’t find this post very interesting. 

I will be splitting this blog post into 3 parts, before the tattoo, during the tattoo, and the aftercare. 



Tattoos are for life everyone knows that so you want to be 150% comfortable with who is doing your tattoo and where. I personally travelled over 2 hours for mine because I fell in love with an artist called Liv and her tattoo style, her Instagram portfolio was incredible. All the local tattoo places didn’t suit the tattoo style I was after and therefore I didn’t think I would be comfortable there and decided that just because it was local it wasn’t worth it. 

Tip 2/ DON’T COPY! 

I sent the image of a tattoo I found online to my chosen tattoo artist, Liv, and then she developed it with my suggestions into something original and unique. No one else will have this tattoo…unless they copy mine, and that’s what I find so incredible about them. Everyones is different. 

Tip 3/ BE 100%

Tattoos are for life so make sure this is something you will want on your body for the rest of your life. A tip I heard about and actually did was to print out the image of the tattoo you want and put it on your wall. You will then be forced to stare at in day and night. If after 6 months to a year you are still happy with the design, then go ahead with the tattoo. 


Tattoos aren’t cheap. The more you pay, usually the better the outcome so be prepared to be hand over your cash. 



My appointment was at 2pm and Liv didn’t get started on my tattoo until around 3.30/4 o clock time. Don’t get me wrong, Tom did get his tattoo before me but even his didn’t get started until 2.45. There were forms to fill in, double checking you were happy with your design and size of it, placing the stencil on and checking you were 100% happy with the placement. Then my tattoo artist went away to finalise the drawing and design. And only once all that happened, you were then tattooed. My tattoo took about 40-45mins to complete. 


I was told my so many people that the ribcage was one of the most painful places to get a tattoo and I was so brave in having my tattoo there. This made me doubt where I truly wanted it but don’t do that. If you’re getting a tattoo, get it in the place you love even if it is one of the more painful places because trust me the pain will be worth it. I’m so incredibly happy I didn’t change the place of my tattoo. 


Although my tattoo artist was fine with my boyfriend and I using numbing cream…we were thinking about it,  do check with your own tattoo artist, I suggest not using it. This is because I think, especially if this tattoo will be your first of many, you want to know what the pain is like and whether it’s something you would be able to sit through again. I’m so glad I didn’t use it even though it was painful. It allowed me to get a feel for what exactly being tattooed felt like…which is super hard to explain. 

Tip 4/ SUGAR!!!

Everyone copes with pain and nervous differently but I heard that having a big breakfast in the morning and having sugary drinks and chocolate with you would help. I did all that and took sweets with me, which I ate before my tattoo but found that I didn’t really need them until after, when I felt a little faint but like I said, everyone is different. 


When doing my research I found only a few people talking about the aftercare as more people tended to stick with talking about their experience actually getting it so I was personally more apprehensive about the aftercare steps of getting a tattoo. It’s not as bad as I thought. 


After getting the tattoo, you’ll be able to have a look at your tattoo and admire it for a while before it gets wrapped up in clingfilm for 2-4hours. After that time you are allowed to take it off. When I showed people my tattoo, they said things like “Oh, I thought you would have clingfilm on it?” or “Why isn’t it wrapped? but after that 2-4 hours, you are allowed to take it off. I’m guessing to let your skin breathe, like when you get a cut, people used to tell me not to use a plaster so your skin can breathe and heal faster. 


You don’t want to have gone through all that pain just to ruin your tattoo by not looking after it. Do what your tattoo artist tells you to do. Mine recommended Palmer’s Cocoa Butter as a moisturising cream. 


I wash mine with warm water and soap three times a day, morning, after work and before bed. I lather soap into my hands and using circular motions massage the skin where the tattoo is. I then rinse the soap off and repeat this step. I then rinse once with cold water and pat dry. Having left the tattoo to air dry for about 2-5mins, I then moisturise using the Palmer Cocoa Butter. 


The first couple of days after the tattoo, it will look and feel like it did minutes after being tattooed. About 5 days after, it will start to peel and soon start to itch…and the itching gets worse, now being just over a week and a half I can safely say it itches more. The best way I can describe the aftercare of getting a tattoo is like a bad sunburn. 


My tattoo artist said it would take around 2 weeks to fully heal and for that period keep looking after it by washing and moisturising it often. I think I will continue to moisterise it   after that time period as I just really don’t want to ruin the beautiful artwork. 

So that’s all my advice. If you have any for others,don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. I hope this has helped some of you out, even if it is just one person, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I do have another blog post all about my tattoo here

Do you have a tattoo? How did you find your experience? 

until next time, 

xoxo, rachel 

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  1. I’ve been considering a tattoo for a few months and reading this made me feel a little more at ease with the idea. I actually do have my idea of what I want hanging up at work and look at it daily (great minds!), plus my boyfriend has 3 of them, so I know the aftercare part really well. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing!

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