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Welcome Back!! For about a year and a half now all I’ve done is repurchase the same mascara…the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it does everything I want it to for a mascara, it lengths, it volumizes, it curls, it doesn’t smudge, it has great colour and it doesn’t clump your lashes together…what more could you want in a mascara? Therefore I haven’t bothered to search for a new one….

That’s until my favourite mascara…the one I’ve repurchased about 10 times, the one where I’ve used it and repurchased it so much I can’t remember using a different one…was out of stock. However I noticed that the Lash Sensational had a different version so I picked the second best option. 

So is there a difference? and if so…which one is better? 

The Original Lash Sensational: 

  • Lengthens 
  • Volumizes 
  • Curls 
  • Intense Black colour 
  • No Smudges 
  • Great Wand with it’s shape it really helps lift your lashes and helps keep the curl all day. 


Lash Sensational Luscious (with oil blend):

  • Volumizes 
  • Lengthens 
  • Lashes feel super soft and natural because of the oil blend
  • Multiples your lashes 
  • Pointed shape wand – allows your very small inner lashes to be coated as well
  • No Smudges 
  • A wetter formulaI think this is due to the oil blend but it still doesn’t smudge.


So what’s the difference? I think both of these mascaras do a great job but each one focuses on different purpose. The orginial Lash Sensational main purpose is defiantly  curling your lashes purely because of the shape of the wand and the Lash Sensational Luscious volumizes your lashes more so but also allows your lashes to still feel natural…like you are not wearing any mascara.

But overall there isn’t too much difference between the two and if you are unsure which one to pick, choose the one which would cover your preferences better, say you want length go for the original, if you want more volume go for the Luscious one…it really just depends. 

I love both of them and I’m currently using the Luscious one as the original one has just ran out for me but I think my new holy grail mascara has changed. I do truly love the Lash Sensational and will still continue to buy it but at the moment I’m really loving the Lash Sensational Luscious and the effect it gives my lashes and the finish it gives my entire makeup look. 

So there we have it with not too much difference between the two and both of them being GREAT mascaras it just comes down to personal preference and what look you want to achieve. The original is definitely more a day time mascara as it doesn’t volumize and intensify your lashes as much as the Luscious one. 

I’m still planning on repurchasing the original along side the Luscious one as they really do finish off your makeup in different ways. 

Have you tried either mascara or both? Which one do you prefer? I would love to hear in the comments below. Haven’t tried either? Whats your go-to mascara? Although I’m not looking for a new favourite, I may be persuaded. 

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until next time…

xoxo, rachel

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13 thoughts on “Lash Sensational Mascara Comparison| Sitting In The Clouds

  1. The original one is my holy grail mascara too, I just bought another one the other day actually. I DID wonder what the difference was when I saw the other one in the store, but just stuck to the one I love. Nice to know the difference now though! 😀

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