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Welcome Back!! On this lovely Friday evening we are keeping my birthday alive once again. But today I wanted to show you guys what I received for my 19th birthday. Like every YouTuber and Blogger out there I just wanted to say…I’m not bragging in any way shape or form, I just wanted to share with you the love I felt on my 19th birthday from my friends and family. 

I’ve been dying to try out the famous Tangle Teezer and some how my sister remembered me mentioning it months ago. I’m so happy she got me one as the tonight before my birthday I was actually thinking about ordering one…luckily I didn’t

So far so good….the Tangle Teezer is living up to my expectations. If you want a full review to know whether they are worth the price, just let me know. 


The other thing my sister got me was a goals journal. This is such a cool idea and I can’t wait to fill it in. My sister knows how much I love journals, notebooks and any kind of stationary so this is like a perfect gift for me. 


(My sister also got me these amazing UFO popping candy chocolates but being the chocolate lover I am…I’ve eaten them all….sorry not sorry.)


And of course every birthday means treating yourself. I decided to finally get my first EVER Mac product in the shape of a lipstick. I’ve been eyeing up Velvet Teddy for ages as I think its the perfect nude for everyday use but I’ve never been able to justify spending £15.50 on one single lipstick. But my boyfriend and I were walking past a Mac store in London on Wednesday and I thought I would finally cave and purchase my first ever Mac product to treat myself for my birthday. 

Something you may not know about me is that I love technology….especially cameras. At the end of last year I decided to splurge and splash my cash on the GoPro Hero4 and I’m so happy I decided to get it. I mainly got it for my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World but I know this beautiful camera will come in handy much more often than just one trip. 


Therefore my parents treated me to some great accessories for my GoPro. They got me a multiple wall charger which will come in very handy as GoPro batteries are famous for dying really quickly so it’s recommended to buy a back up battery. Therefore this duo wall charger will come in super handy on holiday. 

(P.S. Sorry for using “super handy” so often in this blog post…opsie) 

My parents also got me a wrist housing bracelet thingy-ma-bob. This will come in so handy on days spent in the Disney water parks as I can place the camera onto my wrist and not have to worry about getting it out of my bag to capture moments. It will already be with me and all I’ll have to do is press record. I can’t wait to test out both of these products. 

My parents also got a GoPro touchscreen attachment because they didn’t realise I had the GoPro Hero4 which already had that feature included so I’m hoping to exchange this for a GoPro grip stick as Disney have banned extendable selfie sticks.

The final thing my parents got me was the Zara top I actually wore on my birthday. You can see my Birthday OOTD here


Now finally my boyfriend was super adorable and named a star after me….yes, an actual star, those things you see in the sky at night. It was such a thoughtful gift and it actually came with a booklet with information and when you would be able to see your very own star at night. I’m super excited to go star gazing with Tom to see it. 

Tom loves stars and constellations and wrote that “when I’m not with you I miss you more than you can imagine but now, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, all I have to do is look”. He’s too darn cute for words. 

As our first ever trip together to Walt Disney World is approaching fast…66 days to be exact, he got me a Disney money box. We are now filling it up with all our change. The only annoying thing about this money box is the only way to get your money out is to smash it. I guess it will be a fun thing to do together a couple days before our trip to see how much we managed to save. 

And finally he got a glass Stitch statue. A  while back he got me a Winnie the Pooh one so now I have my two favourite characters as glass statues. 

I also got vouchers and money. I’m so grateful for everything I received for my birthday this year. I just adore my loved ones and all the thought they put into everything they got me. 

I’m sorry this was a longer post than usual but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. If you did be sure to give it a like, it would be much appreciated. I’ll be posting one more birthday related blog post next week so be sure to follow me so you are notified when it goes up. 

until next time…

xoxo, rachel 

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  1. AW, that is so cute he named a star after you; that’s so romantic! You have a really amazing boyfriend I can tell :)! All of the things you got seem really cool!

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